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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I've just moved my new male to his home 3days ago. He has just started bubbles this morning I awoke to this. I have 4 very happy females in their own community tank. Both tanks are heated. His is a filtered, Heated, 55lt . Not sure if I can breed in his tank as he has a filter on low flow but grills for water flow... can you move him and the nest? And which girl? First time poster so any tips are welcome. This is my male tank. He is the only one and in the middle. betta-aquariums.php
  2. Hi all i recently bought a male and female betta and they are in a breeding tank at the noment seperated. The males bubble nest is on its way to completion, just needs to be a little better. But the female is startingto blow bubbles and it looks like a nest. She is a proven female as the guy showed me him and her in his breeder tank and the dad had fry. Is it normal for a female to try and make a nest as well it is no where near the size of the males.
  3. <BR><BR>Hi guys, My male betta keeps deciding that he will build a bubble nest directly over the flow of bubbles from my CO2 defuser which flow directly into his nest. He decided to get frisky with his sister and now has a batch of eggs within the nest. The question I have is should I keep my CO2 regime as is, or leave it off for the duration of the spawn (Will CO2 bubbles disturb his nest/mess with the eggs)? Cheers in advance for the input. Cudders
  4. Hello all. Do male bettas make bubble nests when there's no females around? I bought two bettas last weekend and they're next to each other in a twin tank. This morning when I turned their light on I saw this big clump of bubbles in the corner. Thoughts?
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has any tips/ideas. My male & female pearl guaramis are in a separate tank to breed, ( almost no water disturbance.) He's turned bright red and she has a fat belly & he's often 'dancing' for her, but hasn't built a BUBBLE NEST! Any ideas how I can prompt him to build one? Thanks heaps!
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