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Found 98 results

  1. Hi I've been away from fishkeeping for a number of years and have now decided to get a six foot tropical freshwater tank now that I'm living in west Brisbane. When I last had a tank, I used an undergravel filter, but from my reading, it would seem that the best option for one of these tanks is either a canister filter or a sump system. I was wondering whether anybody has opinions and whether there are any reputable places around Indooroopilly. Regards Lex
  2. Hey all.. Our urchin has been hanging out in the same spot if the tank for the last week. Yesterday it moved away and I noticed this white mossy looking stuff. Can I get an ID if what it is please google failed Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys I've just got my first 4ft tank, it's currently cycling Any tips? Also places to buy yellow tangs and blue surgeon fish cheap? Also does anyone have any spare live rock for sale? I need about another 3kgs. I'm in morayfield
  4. hello peoples, I'm new to fishkeeping as an adult. My family was into it a bit when I was young but I don't remember a lot. Have always liked aquariums and the like and was looking to get into a new hobby so I put together a basic setup. !00ltr tank, 200w light, filter, couple of ornaments and most importantly, I've 15 Ender guppies of which 4 are male. Some of the females are pregnant I believe so they should be multiplying fairly quickly I believe. Any tips, advice or anything at all appreciated. Thanks Pete
  5. Hey, Yeah I'm new to the forum. I am still extremely new to aquariums. Still trying to get my 4ft aquarium running smoothly. I took these photos before I clean the tank, so I'm a little ashamed about the cleanliness of my tank. I currently have 6 African Cichlids and 1 pleco. I want to get into breeding for hobby but I need to work on getting my tank balance good. Definitely would love advise from some experts
  6. Hello, I got my first aquarium last weekend and took a 50L tank. I am planning on getting 3-4 guppies, 1-2 red cherry shrimps and maybe 1-2 platies. Getting home I started to set it up with the included accessories (after rinsing everything with tap water). After filling up the tank and starting the internal pump/filter, I've put the included products in the water (water ager cn and salt, only the recommended dose). The water has always been clear, but I had a chlorine smell (or what I think is, smelling like a pool), even after few days. After doing some readings yesterday, I've decided to put some more water ager (as well I've changed the water pump flow direction, increased the heater temperature from 24 to 26, and added a small item in the tank). Before doing so I did a quick water test, which gave me very low nitrate/nitrite, pH of about 7.5 and GH and KH in the high. Smell is almost gone now, but the water has been cloudy since then. Any recommendations? Wait, change the part of the water, ... I was planning on introducing a first fish this weekend, not sure I'll be able to do so now. Thanks for your help. Eric
  7. I have a 8X2X2.5ft tank currently with 2x fx6 filters. I am looking at a possible near future swap to marine.i would like know can I run a chiller and skimmer inline with my filters or should I remove the fx6's?
  8. Hi I'm just getting back into having my tank up and running again. I currently have an 80l tank that has had just one lonely fish in it for ages, I think it is a buenos aired tetra. I have just added in 5 widow tetras and a sucking catfish. I'm wanting to add some more, if that is possible and would like some suggestions on good tank ages and possibly some good places to buy in Toowoomba. I would love to get a discus tank up and running someday but from what I've read that requires more time than I have at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hey guys, Anyone from the Toowoomba region that is really into planted tanks? I'm right back into the hobby but don't know anyone that is also into it. I just got my new 40l planted tank setup and seems to be going well for now. This is a link to a post about my current setup http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/44x30x35-hi-tech-aquascape-planted-shrimp-tank-comments-help-please-120914/
  10. Hello! I have a newbie question please for anyone who has a bit of spare time to read. I have had my first 3ft (120l) tank for 6 weeks. I had two mini molly's, 1 dwarf gourami and a small catfish in there for 4 weeks no probs. (I have a few live plants, add flourish excel for them, added stability for the first seven days, always use water conditioner for water changes and my filter is a Aqua One 1000.) I added four guppies two weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. Suspected Ick then cotton mouth and now bulging eyes??? Tried white spot remedy, then pimafix, don't know what to do for the weird swollen eyes. My questions are: Are the guppies the cause? Did I get a bad batch? Are guppies prone to disease? Or is the 6 week mark that time of the cycle that problems crop up? Is it my fault for something I am doing or not doing? I want to try another tank (eventually) with more aggressive fish but if I can't even manage a guppy / molly tank I am screwed...lol I had thought that if I added fish too quickly the ammonia and nitrites would still be high. I have an API testing kit. Currently - Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0 and Nitrates about 25-40 but not surprised there as found intake pipe full of brown algae. So my filter was most likely not flowing at full capacity. (Common new tank problem according to my google sources...lol. It must have been quick growing as I cleaned the filter/pipes a fortnight ago and didn't see any algae.) Usually nitrates are 10-20. I flushed it all out and cleaned pipes. I did a 20% water change and will do another in the morning. Anyway thanks for reading my long winded post. Can anyone shed light on my problems? I really want to make this work. I am just a little disheartened here at all the problems cropping up. Would love pointers even if they are harsh..... smile emoticon Thanks again. Criss
  11. .I'm hamish, just thought I would make my first post. Recently acquired 8 juvenile ps Flavus from a reputable breeder and wanting to work on the species to get better line going. My first definite male is already showing good colours and distinct, clear and thick bars. Lets hope I can get a few females from the bunch to start some breeding in the next couple of months. I also have a male and female red terror I am trying to pair but she's a fair bit bigger and beating the male to hell and back. Causing a bit of a headache haha. Don't really know what else to say so I will leave it there. Cheers!
  12. Im new to the whole shrimp side of aquariums, I have come from over 15yrs experience in running marine aquariums and have shifted to a freshwater shrimp aquarium. My current tank is a 37 litre all in one tank, with activated charcoal, ceramic noodles, sponge, and also purigen, it has a 18w power compact light (1mth old) and also a 100w heater set at 25 degrees, this is a planted aquarium with HC, Java Fern and Ambrullia plants, with some golden vine, I currently have 4 bristlenose about 4cm long with one albino one just a bit smaller, have 7 endler guppies and 20 fry which I will get rid of once they become bigger. My questions are, im wanting to get some taiwas bees panda and KK, although, when I do searches on mishlins, CRS, KK, Pandas, and Taiwan bees and have a look at the images I get all shrimp colours so I don’t know whats what. For example the black and white ones, are they pandas or KK’s, also I saw CRS but also come up as fire red, which are solid red with no transparencies, im also wondering how hard they are to keep, do you need a chiller (as I live in Brisbane) and what are the prices they go for, can you mix them all in one tank. Thank you for your replies and please excuse my stupid questions.
  13. Hi, I have just found this site thanks to the guys at The Tech Den, hope to pick up some tips.
  14. Hi Guys and Gals Got a question. Purchased a flame wrasse on Wednesday. dip the drip routine. Released him into the tank and that was the last I have seen of him. Been through five feeds now and no sign. checked around the tank area as I have read they like the carpet dance but no fish. How long can this fish hide before I startg dismantling my tank to make sure I don't have a dead fish? Cheers' Rob
  15. Hi everyone, Just joined the Forum and don't know what I'm doing, bare with me. Aqua one AR980 215 Litre planted Tank, Fluval Plant Substrate + Black Gravel, Large Drfitwood. Tank has been running for over a year, got it second hand. Modifications over the year modified with Aqua one Canister 1200 connected to wet/dry filtration running power head one end and a Aqua one Wave maker 1500 the other end Upgraded one Fluro bulb to Led light Ferts: Seachem Excel Seachem Iron Seachem Flourish Seachem Root Tabs Plants: Blehri Sword Ruffle Sword Felix Sword Java Moss Ludwidgia Repens Java Fern Windelov Fern Fish 3 Bristlenoses 4 Tiger Barbs 3 Moss Green Barbs 6 Serpae Tetras 3 YoYo Loaches 8 Dwarf Chain Loaches 2 Julli Catfish Anmonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Ph 7.4 I have a heavy dissolved organic waste issue, which I have been dealing with a marine poly filter for now the serpae's seem to have a fungus, and just lost one of my moss green barbs to a lesion? I have a case of BBA going through the tank. I do a 40 litre water change each week and vacumn the gravel, and take any dead leaves out. Looking at doing a 20 litre shrimp tank, I have a Blue planet classic with no filter, I am going to use a sponge filter, I think. Not sure just starting out and looking into everything. Any Feed Back would be greatly appreciated
  16. Ok hi this is my startup 1st aug 2014! 3 foot tank, 17kg very coroline live rock, 10kg red sea reef sand, 300w aqua one heater, jeboa 918 canister running just small and large foams for flow, T5 HO 90cm 2 x 39w marine (ebay)$59?, Jeboa WP10 Wavemaker? , 0-10% salinity refractometer (ebay) $17? , 1 x large power head, thermometer, I am a weekly amature reef fisherman with 4 x 30l drums for natural sea water and as a window cleaner by trade I have a di tank with tds 000 water. also my reef octopus 1000 hob skimer arived today!
  17. Hello qldafers, About to get back into aquariums after about 25 years and need some advice. Looking to buy a tank in the next few weeks around 4 or 5 foot long and 1.5 foot wide and high. My plan is to start a planted community tank. Already have some nice driftwood pieces to work around. The questions... 1. Is an aquael turbo a good internal filter? Is there a cheap but good canister around. 2. How many kg will I roughly need of substrate and what is recommended size. 3. Want Led lights but seem to expensive, can I use led floodlights? I see some at lighting illusions for $27 for 10w on special. Am looking to hood the aquarium so wondering if these will fit underneath. How many would I need for 4 footer. 4. Do people still use air pumps and air stones? Seem to not be mentioned anymore. 5. What are easy to maintain plants, moss and algae? Thanks for the help in advance.
  18. Hi, I think fish are awesome, I keep brackish fish. I have two beautiful Periophthalmus Argentilineatus aka Barred Mudskippers, also have two archer fish. Here is a picture of my muddies. First picture is my boy. Second one is both of them. https://scontent-a-hkg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t1.0-9/p180x540/1491646_10202850811775503_760365636_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-9/p180x540/10301521_10204064095066827_2463779734881554963_n.jpg
  19. Hi Been lurking around on this forum for a while and would like to say thanks for all the information, contacts, links and ideas. I have always been playing around with tanks, ponds, dams, rivers, puddles... anything with fish and water really or just water.. or maybe just mud will do! Have kept live-bearers, tetras, cichlids, catfish, discus, fighters etc. I moved up to the Gold Coast about a year ago from Tasmania and found this forum and have been reading steadily since. Just setup my first high-tech ? planted aquarium this weekend. Thanks go to beences and watfish for a stack of good plants also beences for a well priced co2 reg. Tank is a 4x1x1.5 I picked up secondhand for $50 and made my own stand and hood. Installing DIY leds only got some running so far still waiting on drivers and more lights to arrive. Made a DIY inline heater housing and inline co2 reactor I lashed out for ADA aquasoil Amazonia and thanks for a good price and speedy delivery from the The Tech Den. Anyhow below are some pics of the tank dry before water and plants and then some directly after planting and filling. Will post more pics when everything settles in and starts to grow. If anyone has any questions or comments I'll be glad to answer. Cheers
  20. Can an Oscar go with African cichlids? If not can Africans go in a 180 litre tank? I heard that Africans have a ph of 6.2 to 9.0 and Oscars have a much lower ph Thx AquaHolic010
  21. Hi Getting back into the game after a long break....2 munchkins now older and its time for this mum to focus on her interests as well. So currently have a 4ft tank sitting empty as I ponder setup and research low tech planted tanks. Researching substrate is enough to cause a brain overload let alone a CC meltdown at some of the options. one calculator suggested 9 bags of flourite sand...ouch $$ just for substrate. Not in a rush to have fish, I know it will take several weeks till I start stocking. Looking forward to joining in. Cheers Nicole
  22. Hi! I'm starting out with a 3-foot tank and am learning a lot while setting it up. I've included a couple of photos below. This will be a freshwater aquarium, with smaller species including guppies, neon tetras, and a few others. I'm having a problem with the water clarity and I'd appreciate feedback or assistance. The bottom is filled with "Serenity Aquatics Freshwater Gravels" black quartz. Initially my wife and I thought the "triple washed" promise on the bag would be sufficient, but after adding a little water we found the dark grey clouds were a problem. We drained the water, washed the gravel and tried again. After again seeing some grey water, we tried again, this time washing small amounts of gravel in a white ice-cream container until the water ran clear with each batch. Now we have a full tank, and the water is still "foggy" and not clear. It isn't coloured or tinted, it just appears to have a slightly white fog in the water. There aren't any particles visible to the naked eye. We have added some "API Tap Water Conditioner" as well as some "Seachem Stability" solution for new tanks. After 2 days with 2 sponge filters running, the water remained unchanged. On the 3rd day, we were told an internal filter would be better at picking up particulates so we added one (Resun 700L/h) too. We're planning to replace the sponge filters with the internal one, but for now we have both systems running to try to clear the water. We were also advised to try some "Accu-Clear" which has now been added on 2 consecutive days. Now on day 4, the water remains foggy. Chemistry tests are all okay (pH 7.2, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate at Nil) but the water doesn't seem to be getting any clearer at all. 1. Is the gravel the most likely cause of the foggy water? 2. Has anyone had a similar experience with the Serenity Aquatics black gravel? 3. Should I consider replacing the water yet again, or do I just need wait and see? I realise it's early days, and I need to run the tank for a bit longer before buying & adding fish, but I don't want to wait another week and then have to start from scratch again. p.s. On a side note, does anyone have some photography tips for Aquariums? These two are just snaps from my phone, but if someone has some tips for better pics that'd be great!
  23. I'm new to the hobby and am buying a 180 litre fish tank, I'm going to put an Oscar fish and sail fin pleco in it any other tank mate suggestions welcomed. Question 1: What filtration should I use? Question 2: Is 180 litres big enough for 1 Oscar 1 Sail fin pleco and a few other cichlids/fish? Question 3: What is the best temp for an Oscar? Question 4: How many disease's should I be aware of and how do I cure them? Off topic: Can Guppies go with Blue Rams? Those are all my questions atm if I have anymore I will post another thread Thx AquaHolic010
  24. Hi everyone Im a mad Goldfish and Koi aquarist, at the moment I have some Comets, Fantails, Orandas - calico redcap and white, Ranchu Pearl scales and Ryukins and Butterfly telescopes some of which where pandas and now are white!!. The Goldfish are kept in a 3 ft, 6 ft and two outdoor ponds. Most of my fish are three years old, for some reason I don't have much sucess in keeping large imported Black Orandas they all live for approximately 6 monthes or so then suddenly die whilst all the other goldies are eating and behaving normally water parameters are all good I do water changes twice a week and feed the goldies Hikari pellets, greens and peas. My Background is I was an Aquarist for 11 years at Sydney Aquarium , now a train driver !!!
  25. Hi everyone, I am new to keeping Oscars (sort of) I am taking over the care of our Oscar because I got sick of having to remind the OH to feed, clean etc - I had absolutely no idea about keeping fish, let alone an Oscar! It went from me wanting the tank and stand replaced with a cabinet style as our bub is just starting to crawl and I didn't want her to find and play with all the electrical cords under the stand, long story short, now I am going to take over the care of our beloved Freddy, many hours spent reading up on Oscars, caring, feeding, filter systems, diseases etc etc Aaaargh head ache! lol I now realise the OH has absolutely no idea about caring for Oscars either Hmmm!!! Anyway, I am confidant I have learned enough to get poor Fred sorted out and happy again and I am going to our local aquatics store tomorrow, although I am doing a complete tank swap tomorrow since I have found a cabinet and tank we need, one that I can lock up and little miss can't get into. Thankfully it is the minimum size I read that is recommended for 1 Oscar (55 Gallons) Ideally I would prefer to get a larger tank for him but for now this will have to do. I am about to go for a look through all the different topics but if anyone knows of anything on setting up a new tank, as far as cycling goes, for an Oscar, or has any tips, it would be much appreciated. Everything else as far as filters, testing etc I pretty much have it covered, I am confidant I can carry out all the necessary testing. But, still a little fuzzy on 'cycling' or can't really find any straight answers, planning to ask at the aquatic store while I am there also. Getting PH levels right is the easy part, but not sure exactly what to do as far as the initial cycling of ammonium nitrate, nitrite... I read about using gold fish and that cycling can take several weeks ?? but unfortunately I do not have the space or spare tank to wait that long. I will have 2 canister filters running in the tank aswell as a heater of course, will that be enough for the initial cycling of the water and what is the minimum amout of time to wait before I can put Fred in his new tank and is there anything I need to add to the water to help things along?... any help appreciated. P.s - He only has Gravel on the bottom as we know that; pretty tank set ups + Oscars = Total inhalation haha. Plus he has a little crab ornament that he loves to push around so we leave that in there as his 'toy' and I change his back ground every now and then to give him something new to look at. Edit: Thanks in advance :-)
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