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Found 9 results

  1. 1. Does having a sunken log in the tank help soften the water? 2. I've heard of using Liptons teabags to soften water. Is this successful? 3. Without using chemicals or bottled treatments is there a process to soften water naturally? 4. Does soft water always have a low PH? 5. I once heard that when hatching eggs away from the parents, once hatched the water level needs to be lowered so that when the fry become free swimming they can swim to the surface easier to fill their swim bladders. Fact or fiction? 6. Will water flow from a pump affect the fertilisation success, particularly in angel fish. I'm asking because the last time these angels bred there was a high fertilisation and this time there was nothing. I had moved the pump to get it out of their way once I saw they were ready to spawn and didn't want the fry getting sucked up. 7. When using brine shrimp to feed fry, is a small amount of salt water going to bother angel and Krib fry? Most of the online videos talk about washing the shrimp, but we do a 20%-30% water change every day with aged water( 3 day old tap water in a seasoned tank) and never put more than 2 tablespoons of saltwater in there with the brine shrimp. 8. Is 3 days long enough to age water coming from the taps in Brisbane? I have a 30 gallon tank which I usually use around 10 gallons from on a daily basis, and top up with tap water afterwards. There is no smell but the water is slightly green. Can anyone see a problem with that? 9. Has anyone had a problem using logs, rocks and plants from any of Brisbanes creeks? 10. Is there a community in SE Qld that is dedicated to dwarf Cichlids? 11. What are the winning numbers for this Thursdays Powerball?
  2. Hi I'm after any tips anyone has for breeding L202 plecs. I've aquired a reverse trio and am just wondering the best way to go about it. Would I be better separating one of the males and keeping 1 male and female in there own tank? Any tips anyone has in regards to peeping them to breed would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  3. Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I currently am setting up a 6x2x2 a kind of South American tank. Occupants are,1 x L134, 1 x L066, 5 x Sterbai Cory's, 5 x Julii Cory's, 2 x Gold Rameriz, 2 x Bolivian Rameriz, 2 x Neon/Electric Rameriz, 2 x Black Ghostknife. I am looking at getting some schools of larger South American Tetras. With this tank I am also stepping into DIY co2 system, which is still under construction. My other tank is a Tetra only tank 4x2x1.5. My 6x2x2 was once a native tank with Jardini Toga, Aus Bass, Tandanis and Archers. I will post some photos soon. Cheers, Muzz
  4. hey guys. I'm new to the forums. i have a fairly small knowledge with cichlids and salt so that's why i am here! needing to learn more on both sets. however planted aquariums are my favorite.
  5. Hi Everyone, So i have had a 2 foot tank for a while now, have killed many fish due to ignorance and some poor advice from a LFS. Thats all changing now. Have just bought a second hand 4 ft which came with some really awesome fish i am fast falling in love with, wanted to buy a 4ft so i could put tropicals in that and house and oscar in the 2 foot (told you .......ignorance). Anyway that plan is now scapped and due to the inherited 30cm bumble bee catfish (now named puss), 3 large clown loaches 15 - 20cm (Larry, Curly & Mo), 1 red tail shark about 15cm(Jaws....of course), and 2 convict cichlids (Fido and Rufus), i have just purchased a 6 foot tank to rehome them and give them some more space. Im not splitting these fish due to sentimental reasons, the lady who owned them, died of cancer about 6 months ago and i feel a bit of a sense of duty to keep her little family together, most of them have been together for the better part of 10 years i was told and they get along well. So now the little family is going in the 6 foot, i want to do a planted community tank in the 4 foot, but i also want a cichlid tank, i just keep seeing more and more that i want to do. I have been told by John at The Tech Den that this is a psychological conditon called Multiple Tank Sydrome Disorder "MTS". Im currently planning a fish wall in my home, with biotope cichlid tank at the top, my little family in the middle and a few breeding tanks at the bottom (breeding tanks are for "one day" nothing like planning ahead). In my planted tank Id like to do a farm scene, with little paddocks and hills underwater, with driftwood trees, im not sure ill be that good but hey im keen to give it a go! I dont really want to use CO2 yet, i think my big ideas are big enough for a newby. Gosh this stuff is just so exciting, so much info to learn about fish, plants, water, filtration, lighting, etc etc - all i seem to be able to do lately is watch the tank or read stuff on the net! The house is a mess, ah well it will all still be there in a few days i guess. I want my fish wall to be like moving art, what a challenge! Im sure im going to make plenty of mistakes along the way, but thats all part of it i guess, and im told im now in the best place for good advice. Thanks to John at the Tech Den for all your help and PK333 - i have done all the nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia testing, water changed one tank to be on the safe side and the other definately didnt need it. But I wouldnt have know had you not of told me.
  6. Well i was introduced to forum a month or so ago (thanks Assh) and i have to say i am extremely impressed with the quality of advice and the willingness of people to share it with other fish lovers... I wish i knew it existed a long time ago! I have learned a rediculous amount already! I have a real love for studying Aussie Native Predators especially, and am an avid fisherman of them also... I am a relaive newby who's tanks have grown in 18months from one inherited 2.5 ftx1x18 tank with goldfish/platy's/ swordtails inhabitants... To a 6ft x18x18 tank with rescued Barra (but attempted 'introduce a tank mate' incident ruined that relationship after 12 months...oh how much i have learned). Now been replanted and stocked with solid bunch of mixed maturity Rainbows (Doub's, utchee ck, dungal ck, station ck), Empire Gudgeons (some wicked males), Rhads.... plus random Angels and Peppermint bn's. In next 2 months should have have stocked my super wicked new 5x2x2.5 ft tank w juvie Saratoga, resident sail fin pleco/gibby and hopefully tandanus (open to suggestions for more aussie natives though...!) Sticking with the Aussie Native Predator Tank theme here... Thus difficult to eat tank mates! And in next month stock an inherited 4ft tank w juvie super red texas just for the contrast and attitude.. I have recently either built or built in all 3 tank stands so they match the Aussie native theme... See attached photo of one of them...And yes i learned even more during this process.... Now i just have to narrow down the wish list of what i want to do next....breeding/acquascaping/CO2 substrate and grafting plants and catfish...convert to sumps... and work out how to fit it into the 2 bedroom unit that i also happen to live in... you know the drill... Anyhooser thanks for hearing me ramble and i look fwd to contact with a lot more of you in the near future... Regards in tanks...Ben
  7. Hi All My name is darren, and have just turned from keeping cichlids to starting to breed them. My fish are: Labidochromis Electric Yellow Melanochromis Johanni Metriaclima Lomdardoi Metriaclima Msobo Magunga Metriaclima Pulpican Nimbochromis Venustus Pseudotropheus Crabro Red Peacock Sciaenochromis Fryeri Eletric Blue Pseudotropheus Demosoni Tropheus Duboisi Maswa Cobalt Blue As i have said that i am only starting and have a few 5 foot tanks with these fish in them and i have seen the fry in the tanks. But have never got them out and have just left them in the big tanks I have just bought a heap of 3 foot tanks which holds 162L. im thinking of putting breeding colonies of each fish into each on the 3 foot tanks, this will make it easier for me to take the holding female out to put in another tank. As im new to this is this the best way for me to go as i am turning one of my spare rooms into a fish room. Please help with advice on anything re setup of fish room and breeding of the fish i have. The more i can learn from everyone in here the better it will be for my fish. Thanks to all in advance
  8. Seems like its a repeated type of post but thought i would make this my first. Currently i have a 6 footer with several hundred guppies of every colour of the rainbow and a few plants. A 4 footer with 2 common bristlenose trios and close to 100 babies up to 4cm and a 3 footer with my baby oscar in. Not much but i live at home with mum so this is pushing the boundaries enough. I was put onto the forum by redlands pet centre, my favourite pet shop, and i must say i have gained alot of usefull information so far. Also have had help from a few people i think are members here and on petlink in the past. Hope to get to know a few more knowledgable( sorry but dont know the spelling ) people soon. Slippas
  9. hey guys my name is tosawi and im fairly new to the forum, have been keeping africans, a couple americans and have just got into breeding, i would like to thank the redlands pet centre for its friendly advice and great deals they always give me, i dont get too much free time to get online and show thanks so cheers
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