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  1. Just want to give a big 👍 to the The Tech Den. I've ordered a few times now and have to say I am always surprised (pleasantly) with the speed and accuracy of my orders. Generally my order turns up the next day, (last order was paid Monday morning and turned up Tuesday morning less then 24hrs !! ) always carefully packed. After years of buying and selling online (ebay business outside of fish) I can appreciate their obvious dedication to their customers and just want to say thank you! Good job guys 👍👍👍
  2. Gumtree has its decent bargains every known again I suppose... $20 got me a tank 61cmX31cmX37cm (L,W,H) Fluval U2 internal filter, two way air pump of some sort, syphon, water conditioner and some other bits and pieces like airtubing and a couple of other things. Pretty decent size for fry growout. it is the tank on the far right in the third pic.
  3. Bought some Vietnamese takeaway on Saturday night, very pleased to see they had flicked the Goldfish bowl and replaced it with a Reef tank, looks like its about 100 litres, with a rear sump. Nice I just wonder if they have too many fish for the size of the tank. Haven't keep marines for 20 years so a bit rusty, but I would suggest its overstocked. take a look. I count 8 but there may have been another clown that popped down behind some live rock.
  4. This pic is of a gunther and vagabond mix I see at one site now and then always in a Gunther school, cool colours!
  5. In my system, that's funny This little guy in the has been in the second tub for ages and I neve noticed the blue and green spots before, i would have thought the little blue ring in there would have taken it out, the three little cuties in there seem to be able to avoid it nicely!
  6. Have no idea what it or was, but its size got too much and nothing was touching it at all, it didn’t attach but it was shading to many others, so out it went. Hey if its different or I have not tried it, I will, lol.
  7. I haven’t kept the bicoloured dotty back in well over 20 years till early last year I think it was. The ones I would get off the wholesalers “back before quarantine laws were in” that i dealt with were obnoxious I always found them to be a little or a lot nasty, more so for tiny creatures like shrimp and very small fish, just generally not the best natured fish, so I hadn’t kept one for many years. Finding these guys in SEQ reef sites was extremely rare and i wouldn’t keep them, until climate change really starting kicking in with our part of the ocean from around 18 years back a little to 5 to 6 years a lot and now I see maybe 10 to 30 per year and last year I got one to get ready for a mate thinking mongrel fish!! but during that time what I had learnt about them in the 80s I remembered this and thought I would give it a try and just see! I dropped the temp for the first little nasty I got early last year and as it was from way back, the little guy became very well behaved, so well behaved I kept it, lol! The ones we get down here are more blue then purple, which is a little weird, but as with all my aquarium life, they act so much nicer with temps at the moment in my tanks at 18c to 19c, just for a couple of weeks down from 20c to 21c. You can not successfully keep these fish at such low temps with out proper bio filtration and not the silly live rock rubbish bio filtering, the stress levels from live rock life emitting toxins from the shock and the cyclers acidic reactions to this in such weak numbers more then likely will kill the fish. For me the main reason I run cool temps is cool waters keeps fish growth retarded, oxygen way up there and full adult colour at a fraction the usual size that colour happens at. Plus from what I learnt form the guy with the imperator and importers back in the late 70s and early 80s, if done right a fish that will most likely only live 15 years can be kept for a hell of a lot longer!!!! I have one in each tank and both are sweethearts, lol, pseudos sweet hearts, amazing!!
  8. It is interesting to be on a QLD based forum. Go Team! I live on one of the Southern Morton Bay Islands. Big background in horticulture & construction. Had an oyster lease for my last 6 years of full time work. Best part of oyster's is they generally do not answer back. But pond plants are my true interest in this forum. Mossie larvae eating fish interest me as well. Maybe growing aquarium plants will get me thinking. Large Sea Horse looking island is ours.
  9. If this was in Brisbane. Fish tank aquarium | Fish | Gumtree Australia Blacktown Area - Plumpton | 1077715843
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Some new fish in store... My favourite... Black Palmeri also have Blue Cochus Red Line Torpedo Barbs Corydorus Similies Yellow Cherries Rifle Shrimp Anyway here is prices and pics of all we have. All Live Fish - Pick up in store
  12. I got this 4 inch volitan to see how long it takes to grow back their facial horns. I see a ton of them small and large, being a very common fish around SEQ and it is basically finished and now a club member wants it, so it is swap time! You are not allowed to release aquarium life back into the ocean!!! I got a few nice pics the other day because it goes to its new home soon. I was trying to keep it food free for a good transit to its new home as in no ammonia in the bag for that time. Oh well, ammo lock as usual. We use to always s..t/poop them out for at least 4 days before transporting, so the water remains in good nick during transit so no pooping on the way,lol. This guts snuck under my hand while I was cleaning the filter wool in that tub and pinched one of my peppermint shrimp, now I have to get more because a part from using them for fish food, they keep any small animals down that may breed in there, pain in the butt fish,lol. Its now big belly,lol. Its best side,lol.
  13. The amount of latz and conspics is amazing me this year. This one and a keyhole were having a tiff,lol. One of the two at this site has paired up with a Meredithi, big bucks for those off spring,lol.
  14. Here are some shots of my new flame angel, an Aberrant morph. Very different and awesome! basically they lack most to all black pigment. This guys like a red hot fire cracker under the lights!
  15. This is one of my purple morphs. These ones came from very shallow waters and high nutrients so they should do well with my high nutrient system. These and the two other colour variations from the same area are already splitting, it’s going to get crowded in there.
  16. Hi guys, Just thought I would post this as they are a nice looking pair if Devils and you don't often see proven breeders up for Sale. Proven breeding pair for devils | Fish | Gumtree Australia Ipswich South - Beaudesert | 1028608135 Thanks, Beau.
  17. fluro light doesnt do him justice . cheers mark
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. took some pics today, not the best, but give you and idea,
  20. Would love this set up....and hows the lids....or lack of Apparently the fish has been raised in open top tanks since a juvie which makes it interesting(read the comments below video )....makes you wonder if its worth the risk...lucky fish or possibly "puppy trained" ?
  21. now this is a decent oranda wonder if I can find one at the local fishy store
  22. Hi guys im was looking at selling my americans and 4ft tank to down size to a 3ft tank with "nice" africans in it i tought that they just look better more color in them. if you could name some good looking ones that that get along well that would be good thanks and i want to have lots of plants in my tank so if you could name some that dont eat plants if there is any that would also be awesome.
  23. The one I have now and a few before this one were of a goodnature due to choosing the right one. This one is a male, the top spots shows you which sex. Mine are always wild caught but the principal is still thesame when buying them. The one that doesn’t hide and is not scared in any way isthe one that will have the best nature. The cowards seem to be the most aggressive, esopecaily ifthey sense your fear. The only reason I collected one a few months back was thisis my daughters fav fish, so the top tank will get it as soon as I get the redline shrimp lysmata out of that one. This pic is of the large latezonatus that a mate wanted andthen changed his mind and the trigger fighting over some mussel, the latnormally wins?
  24. A sexy marble BN and a orange spot for good measure.
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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