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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys what makes nitrite and nitrate go up in a fish tank
  2. Hi everybody! I've got a problem with my 4ft corydoras tank. On Sunday, after my regular weekly water change and gravel vac, I noticed my corys weren't as active as normal and later that night observed them darting to the surface constantly for air and acting sluggish. I did an emergency water change the next morning and had the old water tested at my LFS to find high ammonia levels. So since Monday i've been doing twice-daily water changes of about 50% each, and while my ammonia levels have dropped significantly, my nitrite levels have started to rise. Seeing as my tank is probably cycling at the moment, are these twice-daily water changes too much? And is there anything else I can do to try to alleviate the stress on the fish? I was using Ammo-lock and Prime initially, but switched over to Supachlor that I received in the mail today (I was worried my Prime is a bit old). I've also got Nitra-zorb in the canister filter and am adding Easy-Life to the mix as well, along with Aquasonic Bio-aid super concentrate and API Quick Start. I've also lowered the water level to get more agitation from the spray bar and powerhead that i've got attached to a 30x12x12 cm pre-filter sponge. I've had the tank for at least 9 years and some of my corys are 10+ years old, so it's not a new tank. Unfortunately though, i've suffered two fatalities so far. Anyway, thanking everyone in advance and apologies if i'm a bit all over the place, i'm pretty stressed at the moment, as I'm worried about my little buggers and want to see them hit 11+ years and beyond! Update 25/2/15: The ammonia issue is pretty much gone (the most I get is 0.5mg/L @ 26C), but my pH seems to be dropping. A day after my weekly water change it's at 6.5 and drops down to between 5.5 and 6, and i'm not sure why.
  3. i did my weekly 50% water change today. as i was vacuuming the sand, i vacuumed under a rock and straight away i smelt that 'smell'. straight away i knew it must of been of bacteria pocket. Sure enough nitrite is .5 ppm!!! ive lost 3 out of 11 rummy noses within an hour, the 8 angels are going ok, but one is breathing heavier then the others. im in the process of doing another 50% water change with prime conditioner. is there anything else i can to? I have a quarantine tank i could put them in, just wondering if i should move them into there until i get the nitrites under control. just concerned moving might be too stressful for them
  4. Hey all, Had my tank going for probably 6 weeks now. I have 10 lecky yellows 2 blue dolphins and a red tp black shark. They are all doing fine and not being effected by the water (my daily or every 2nd day water changes are probably helping) but i cannot get 0's across the board. I get Ammonia basically 0, Nitrite 0-.25 and nitrate 10. Any tips to help me improve this? He is what my sump looks like except I dont have the bio balls anymore i have the coral in the first section (Since it is underwater) and I also have the water running through filter mat. Suggestions ?
  5. Hi everyone, hoping someone can help us out. We have recently wormed our discus in their 4ft tank with fluke and tapeworm tablets, as well as adding pimafix & melafix a day later due to a couple of slightly ragged fins which the treatment normally fixes up. Tonight our discus were all facing vertical with their heads straight up, and breathing really hard. Immediately changed 50% of their water and they look a bit better. I tested their water and nitrites had increased to around .25ppm, but they were at zero a few days ago. PH and ammonia are fine, nitrate is around 10-20ppm. Does anyone know if the meds would have caused this, or the combination etc? I'm 90% sure we've wormed with pimafix & melafix in a tank before so am not sure if that would have caused a problem. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks
  6. I have a comunity tank, and i recently added some more gravel to it ( I got this gravel off a fellow member) and I boiled the gravel to kill of any disease,and rinsed the gravel numerous times before adding it to my tank. once i added it to my tank the next day I checked all my water and found that the Nitrite level was around 50ppm. so I did a 50% water change. I came back today and checked the water again and the Nitrite level is stil 50ppm. so I did a 30% water change this morning. I checked the water again just befre and compaired it to this mornings sample and its a little bit higher. what can I do to fix this problem. I dont want to stress out my fish especially my discus :s. thank you alyce
  7. Hey guys i got one as the API was not in stock so just wondering if anyone else has used this as the instructions i got are not in english haha so if anyone has used it could you please tell me what ot do cheers
  8. Hey, I have never had to age my water in a tub before but since moving to my new place and having ammonia and nitrite come out of the tap I've had no choice. So I got a 120L tub, filled it with tap water, double dosed prime and added the buffers. It's being aerated by an aqua one twin outlet pump with 2 airstones. 3 days later and tests show no difference in ammonia or nitrite. Am i doing something wrong or is it like when you use prime to detoxify ammonia, it will still show on tests but it's no longer toxic? Any help will be great, my fish need a water change but I'm to worried that I'll kill them.
  9. My test kits arrived today and have gone on a testing spree. They are both Nutrafin test kits and says Nitrite kit (0.0 - 3.3mg/L) Test Nitrate kit (0.0 - 110.0 mg/L) Test Our main 4ft tank 212Litres has nil Nitrites as it was clear. Nitrate was around 5mg/L no higher and the leaflet said that you only have to start worrying if it starts to get over 50. Our 2.5ft tank and holds 200L as it has very high sides Had approx 0.2mg/L NitrIte as it was between 0.1 & 0.3 Nitrate was around 5 as well Our small 2ft Breeding Guppy tank Had approx 0.1mg/L NitrIte as it wasn't quite clear. Nitrate was also around the 5 So I think everything is ok. Please let me know if I need to do something. I gave our 2.5ft tank a small water change not a lot but something. Jane
  10. I started a freshwater community aquarium in December. It is still in the cycling process so at this stage I have: 1 x Bristlenose Catfish 2 x Panda Corydoras 3 x Glowlight Tetras 1 x Java Fern 1 x Sword 1 x Hair Grass I have been reading some of your threads regarding pH problems with Brisbane water. Apart from having a lot of problems with pH stabilising, I am also experiencing issues with ammonia & nitrite spikes. As I am new to freshwater tropical aquariums, I have been working our local aquarium supplier since starting the cycling process. At the start the tank was filled with tap water and after one week tests showed no ammonia or nitrite, pH was okay. At this point I introduced the plants and added live bacteria (Stress Zyme). A week later the first traces of ammonia and nitrite showed up in the water tests and at this stage I needed to do ¼ water changes every 2nd day to dilute the ammonia which helped. At this stage the BN Cat and 2 corydoras were introduced to the tank. At the same time I moved to weekly w/c and after the first week water tests confirmed high ammonia & nitrite levels again as well as low pH. pH Up was added to stabilise the pH and on the supplier's advice I cut down on the food to prevent as best as possible, any detritus from decaying etc. Added to this I started using Seachem's Prime to manage the ammonia and nitrite. Last Wednesday, the water was tested again and this time the pH reading showed high acidic levels (not sure of the actual number as I wasn't there) and at the same time had the tap water tested - this showed traces of ammonia and nitrite!! That night I did a ¼ water change and used filtered water instead of tap water when refilling the tank. Tomorrow the tank and tap (this time filtered as I have a device attached to the tap) will be tested. Fingers crossed for a better result! As for as locality goes, I live in the Bracken Ridge area. Just wondering if anyone has ideas on how to keep the ammonia and nitrite under control? Any advice will be most welcome. Looks like I might have caused a chemical imbalance so have stopped adding any to the system except for the live bacteria and Prime?! Sorry my first post is so long winded
  11. My tank is approx. 5 weeks old.My nitrate, ph and amonia levels are good but my nitrite level stays at 5 ppm.How do i reduce the levels and is this a major concern for the fish?
  12. hey peoples, i have amonia, nitrite & nitrate in most my tanks i keep putting about 5 times the amount of prime in and its still there. what am i doing wrong? cheers kel
  13. Hello, I'm after some advise, i've been running a new tank for almost 3 weeks and had high nitrite levels on friday so i did a 25% water change added some stability and amtrite down .. on water testing today the nitrite level has gone down so i'm wondering what would be causing it, or is it just about giving time for the aquarium to establish itself?. Also i'd like to know what the differences are between plecos and b/nose? Cheers Terae
  14. just wondering if and what products do u guys use to remove nitrite from the water. i currently have nitr-zorb in my filter is there anything better? and can i use nitra-zorb and zeolite (i think it's called) together?
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