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Found 17 results

  1. Today we had notification that New Life Spectrum are going to increase their pricing in the next week which will be across the entire range. If you want to beat the price increase or if you are running a little low on your favourite food it might be an ideal time to grab some before it goes up in price. With the way that the Australian Dollar is performing we are noticing a number of price increases lately so a perfect time to grab some. Here is the link to all the New Life Spectrum Food we have. New Life Spectrum
  2. I was wondering if anyone has considered using these wafers for fry to graze on? I see definite pro's with it not breaking down for 24 hours, which is basically in line with my water change schedule. But I see a problem with possible overfeeding, as it's technically a constant supply. It takes longer for a fry to work at it, so you cant really go by the usual (as much as they can eat in (x) minutes) rules? Your thoughts?
  3. .After a long wait NLS have released the Algae range which boasts 9 different types of Algae in their Algae Max. Available in 1mm and 2mm in 125g, 250g, and a 2kg bucket. They have also released 12mm and 7.5mm Algae Wafers. Also the Algae Gel in 100g Last but not least NutriCel which is ideal for inverts and Corals and a new encapsulation process. We have the whole range currently in stock and ready to go! Yes you do get your member discount off the prices as well. Here is a link to pricing and availability New Life Spectrum <<<------Click here for pricing and availability Here is a lot more details for you and a couple of youtubes as well to enjoy and worth the watch... AlgaeMax NutriCel
  4. ..A number of customers have taken us to task in regards to the recent post of AQUAmunch Thrive Advance is finally HERE (Compare to spectrum grow) http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquaholics-online-120/aquamunch-thrive-advance-finally-here-compare-spectrum-grow-115673/ There are a number of questions posed to us due to this post and I must apologise as I just do not have the answers, I wish I did but sorry I don't. One of the first questions I received was in regards to the "Stir Test" and I tried my best to look at what the test had shown, I looked at it from the data that was provided - I then looked at it from different angles, and even viewed it at to the extreme of viewing it at 400% and even at this I could not explain it - I can see see where the test showed that the New Life Spectrum had been stirred to the extent that you can see the marks on the top of the cup where it had been stirred leaving solids, as well as water to the top of the glass and where the sediment had settled on the bottom of the other glass but there was no water or anything on the top of the glass. I have no explanation on why this would be the case? When you do compare the ingredients again I was at a loss as New Life Spectrum do state that they do use Whole Herring, it is difficult to compare as the viewable reference to thrive do state that they use Fish Meal and a imported product from Europe and according to Wikkipedia, if that is any reference, they mention that fish meal in general to FishMeal from Europe, that it can include ingredients like Eel but I can not substantiate the ingredients used in fish meal to compare to. Similarly the viewable reference for plant matter I could not see any list of plants used in order to make a comparison. Whilst New Life Spectrum state the following ingredients I can not make an accurate comparison and do apologise. This is the list of ingredients contained on New Life Spectrum Growth to draw your own comparison but I am sorry I can not help. Knowing that there are various levels of Mercury contained in Fish/Fish Meal, we would be grateful if you are aware of a low cost test kit and we would be very interested to look at this further. We do abide by the rules of QLDAF in regards to :- 1.3. Naming businesses - Negative vendor verdicts and comments are unacceptable particularly in today’s litigious environment. Do not mention a store or commercial venture in a negative light. If you have a problem with a business, please take it up with them directly. If you are still not satisfied you can avail yourself of many other avenues or agencies outside of our forum (eg DeptFair Trading etc) Please do not take this as a negative to another brand - we are just saying - "We do not have the answers" and do apologise for this. Donny@ageofaquariums or Ben [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] if you have any information that may assist me with this I would be most grateful.
  5. Really keen to grab a bucket for the Tropheus to try. What sort of timeframe are we talking @ The Tech Den @ ageofaquariums
  6. 3 New NLS products came in this week being UltraRed, Nutri/Gel and Thera A Small Fish Formula 2.27kg Starting at the top NLS UltraRed - Red colour intensifier. NLS New Life Spectrum UltraRed 125g 1mm sinking. The UltraRed helps to bring out the red colour in your fish with a new higher concentrate formula. The next one seems to be pretty interesting NLS Nutri/Gel - comes in a powdered form and you just mix one part powder with 3 parts boiling water and pop it into the fridge for 20 minutes and wella you have a Gel that you can feed like a replacement to frozen food and will sink or smear it onto a tank for your fish to feed from. Would like to see a Ray having some fun with this - also read on another forum where some ingenious person mixed in a oral antibacterial and got great results. Number of things you could do if you put your mind to it. New Life Spectrum Nutri/Gel 220g comes in a powdered form and makes into a Gel Lastly the NLS Small Fish Formula Thera A in a 2.27kg bucket .5mm pellet
  7. Last week I purchased some juvie quality festae and saw this so picked it up for them to grow out on. Anyone else used this and have any reviews on it. I might photograph them as they grow and see how they turn out. Being the smallest in the batch I'd guess there's a high percentage of females.
  8. Was wondering if anyone is still buying this and where from. Are you guys not doing this product anymore? [MENTION=2383]ageofaquariums[/MENTION] I noticed it wasn't on the site for sale a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Hi Guys, I have a tank of Africans and a tank of Americans, The Africans I have been feeding NLS and the Americans I have been feeding Hikari. The Africans poop all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME... I no sooner do a gravel vacuum and there's crap everywhere. Anyway I ran out of NLS and fed them Hikari.... well I couldn't believe the difference, it's like they had a butt plug inserted and no longer need to poop.... so much cleaner!! So my question is, has anybody else experienced this? and is it ok for the fish? cheer Gary
  10. Hi guys, If any one has the NLS 2.27kg buckets empty that they dont use or will throw away could i please have them. PM me if anyone has some lying around. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Can anybody tell me where I can get my hands on NLS food on the Gold Coast. I know AOA can post me some but I'm looking to get some a bit quicker than that. Thanks
  12. Anybody know what the equivalent of the Hikari Carnivore on the Spectrum (NLS) products?
  13. Just wondering if this is possible ,i have found on line stores and they say they will ship to Aus ,but will it pass at the mail centre here. Am currently paying $58 minus the qld af discount for 600gm at Age Of Aqauriums,can buy it online for $24.00 Has anyone been successful ? I have been told need import licence ,only want to buy small quantities... Whats your thoughts on this subject...
  14. I was just wondering if the NLS Thera A is ment to be a everyday or only a few times a week kind of food? I had been feeding it one meal a day with another food in the morning and i have noticed my tank is starting to have a strong smell of garlic. I would usually have bought the normal NLS but they had sold out.
  15. Has anyone used these on fries or juvies? Some people say high protein food will lead to bloating. The specs on these are 50% protein minimum... Are these special protein? perhaps hydrolised whey
  16. Just wondering where the best place to get some NLS grow is? Or other products that are equivelant.
  17. Does anyone know where to buy NLS on brisbane norhside
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