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Found 9 results

  1. I have noticed a lot of people saying to stop the Gurgling noise out of the back of your Bulk heads you should put a tee piece on them wouldn't sitting 25mm pipe from your bulk head inside 50mm pipe stop this as well as there would be air getting in around the 25mm pipe or the more air the better
  2. Hi, I have set a marine tank up and I would have a question. I just started to circulating the water and it is quite noisy. Could you suggest me any idea how could I make it more silence? The main noise is coming from the water surface where it flows into the outline pipe. I have attached a couple of pictures about the system, also I try to attach a video as well maybe hear my problem. With the noise which comes from the sump I can't do anything more I think. Or if you have any idea for it too... I'm listening. The tank is 3 foot with 2 foot sump. The pipes are 20 mm on the vertical side (back of the tank), but on the horizontal side (under the tank) and the outline elbow (on the surface) are 25 mm diameter. The sump's main pump is 3000l/h, which is working full capacity. Thanks, Jani
  3. .Hi Folks, I have a small Aquaponic system with an automatic bell siphon, which is quite loud the end of the water flowing down. I tried to seal the siphon with Styrofoam and extended the hose where the water arriving to the fish tank, but it is still noise. Do you have guys any other ideas what could I do to reduce this noise? Thank you! Jani
  4. Hi all, finally getting my sump connected together. Attempting to do a BeanAnimal overflow, without an actual overflow. Anyway my problem is that the noise of the water falling onto the biological media water level is rather loud, the pipes and pump are perfectly whisper silent so just need to fix this. And the hose that busted off creating an unwanted fountain in my room Anyhow have attached a photo of the trouble area and would like some ideas. More media I guess would be an option, but funds don't support that right now. I have a drip tray but that made just as much noise and couldn't cope with the flow-rate. Thanks in advance, Richard
  5. Does any body know how to stop the trickling noise of water running down the hoses into my sump? ive spent ages backing off taps and trying to get it right.... its driving me insane im on the verge of selling the tank lol if any one knows anything or can help id appreciate it greatly
  6. Currently have 800lph internal filters. My mate has a 1200lph and its soooooo much more noisy. Am wanting to know if anyone runs them and what noise level they get from them NO spray bar attached. My mates filter is OLD as, so im thinking its just age causeing the noise?
  7. Hey all, I was just wondering if a stand pipe makes a ton of noise if it is to big or to small for the volume of water that is travelling down it and how the noise can be reduced if it does happen. Any advise is appreciated Thanks, Regards, Ryan
  8. Gday Folks As I have previously posted on here, I recently inherited my first sump on my dream 6x2x2 display tank (when set up correctly I will post pics in appropriate thread) The issue I have is with overflow noise or gurgle. The setup is one central overflow of 100mm that goes to a double hole in the bottom of the tank and through the sump. I now know that this is not good, but as I said - I inherited this already setup. I have a constant gurgle that is going to drive me insane. Does anyone have any suggestions - someone said I should spiral some airline around the inside of the overflow to break up the flow, but I am almost desperate at this stage, to the point where I am looking longinly at my spare consiters - even though the filtration is going well at this stage. PLEASE ANYONE - ALL HELP WILL BE GREATLY RECIEVED cheers Kadango
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