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Found 23 results

  1. So I just bought my first marine tank and I have no idea what I'm doing! Haha I managed to pick up an aqua one mini reef 120. Nice looking little tank and I'm pretty excited to try my hand at marine. Can anyone point me in the right direction for information on setting up my first salt tank? Also I'm not too far from the ocean, is there any reason I can't get water direct from the source? Does anything have to be done to make sea water safe for aquarium use? And how long can I store it for water changes? Thanks guys I look forward to reading your comments.
  2. OK, I've found an Aqua One Horizon tank in the back room, measures 50cm x 20cm x 30cm, this tank with the Ista 60cm LED I have, would this be suitable for a small Iwagumi carpet display? Would the light be strong enough? Unsure of how strong the light is.
  3. hi, soz for noob question, but which classifieds forum do i use to sell a full setup, inclusive of fish and plants? not exactly "dry goods" lol
  4. Hi everyone, Trying to get my head around the effects of PH GH & KH and rift lake mixes. Ok so I understand there is heaps of links throughout the Internet for rift lake recipes but all of them are different. Some more complex then other etc etc. As a noob I have taken in some info, disregarded other info and have done my own test. I am posting this in order to learn and obtain advice from those more knowledgeable and perhaps help other novice aquarium enthusiast feel more comfortable and prepared to do the same. Why have I decided to make my own mix? Mainly cost, although not mixing or adding anything previously is cheaper again. So hence the second reason is due to the water conditions in my tank not being optimal or to a standard I feel my Malawi Cichlids deserve. While on the topic the current readings for Ph and hardness is my tank are as follows; PH 8.2 GH 120mg/l KH 70mg/l What products did I choose for my initial tests? I have a Bag of pool salt (sunray brand) that I purchased from Bunnings at $7. 1kg of bi-carb soda (McKenzies brand) $3 1kg of Epsom Salts (no brand visible) $8 I am unsure of the actual cost of the bicarb and the Epsom salts as I had my partner do the shopping and I lost the receipt, but they were around that amount. I choose to only utilise these three products because as a novice, I wanted to keep this as simple process as possible. Over time I may change the ingredients whether it be due to my own knowledge increasing or a recommendation from a trusted source. I wont change the recipe if someone simply says "pool salt is bad you shouldn't use it" or "my brothers girlfriends uncles first year apprentice said..." Ok so first of all I started by collecting a 20L sample of my tap water, I aerated it with a mild dose of prime and let it sit for over 24 hours. The results of testing my tap water are as follows; Ph 7.6 - 7.7 GH 50-60mg/l KH 50mg/l What do I know about these figures? I know that the PH, while high for tap water, is still a bit low for my tank inhabitants. I know that the water is relatively soft. What don't I know about these figures? I don't yet know how concerned I should be, if at all. I don't yet know the correct conversion for the GH and KH scale to get these amount in degrees. I don't know how accurate they are as I am only using one master test kit to obtain them and its accuracy is unknown. Anything else I don't know is simply cause I have not learnt or been told as yet. Beyond that there is probably thousands of over things I do not know about tap water that is completely irrelevant. Ok moving on I have now created a second 20L batch of tap water and primed and aerated it for just 12 hours, but I also added the following; 1 tsp Bicarb 3 tsp Epsom salts 1 tsp pool salt I tested this mixture this morning and I now have the following figures; PH 8.6 GH 340mg/l KH 140mg/l What do I know about these figures? I know that they have increased dramatically from my plain water sample. I know that the water would now be considered hard. I also believe the PH is at the higher end of the scale that my Malawi cichlids would prefer. What don't I know about these figures? I don't know if they are too high. I don't know if there is any concerns with slowly altering my tank water with water changes utilising this mix. I still don't know all the other thousand of things about tap water the may or may not be relevant. So that's is where I am at as of this morning. I look forward to any opinions or advice in regards to what I am doing that may or may not be correct. I will update this thread with my mixture results as we go along. I am always willing to learn, but unfortunately I am a physical learner so all the reading in the world generally doesn't help me. Hence I have to do it to really understand it. So I do apologise if this is frustrating for some who feel that all the information I need is floating out there in the online world. I do have another 20l batch currently awaiting testing but this time I have reduced the Epsom salt teaspoons from three to two. Why did I do this? I have no idea, curious I guess? Or perhaps I am just being tight and trying to minimise the materials used to stretch out or simplify the mixture... I don't know, but it's done and I will report the results and appreciate any discussion regarding the two mixes. Anyway I have a busy day today (working on 4wd) but thank all in advance for their input and I hope this helps me and others in the future. I already feel more comfortable with what I am doing simply by making this very post alone, so fingers crossed it works as intended. Cheers Grimace
  5. So this is probably really stupid but here goes...... When planting new plants from 3cm pots do you plant them with the furry stuff around the roots or remove it? I have never had plants before so very new experience for me. Advanced thanks for all the help
  6. Hey everyone I just got new gravel for my 4 ft tank and after a month of the fish becoming established I plan to get some large driftwood pieces, driftwood creations and plants If anyone can give me advice on making sure any plants i get are healthy and happy it'd be great
  7. Hey guys/gals Hubby bought some green terrors a little over a month ago. i didnt mind now one set have paired and spawned? if thats the right term twice now and another set have spawned once.... looking at selling one set and the spare female and keeping the original parents and then sell the fry when big enough but what i would like to know is, is there some harder to breed american/african cichlids i could try? any suggestions? i have an almost 3ft tank then another 3ft tank. thinking i am going to need one of them for larger fry. not sure where to go from here? better filters? what is a sump etc? bioballs??? omg there is so much to learn with these babies being thrown at us lol and the urge to do more now Pls help
  8. Hey guys, I have had fish for ages now but I just upgraded to an awesome 6ft tank! I have never really bothered with live plants because from the few trials I had I found fish destroying them and my tank becoming very dirty. Would anyone be able to recommend (or sell) some good easy plants to stock my 6ft tank that won't make my life hell. Much appreciated, Dave
  9. hi guys ..ive a 3foot heated tank that houses 3 x 3 cm albino catfish, 1x 5cm sailfin, 1x 6cm fancy goldfish , 1 x10cm fancy comet and 1x 9cm fancy gold fish... all r doing well and r happy. id like to add 2x clown loaches..to this tank ..or arnet they a compatible fish for the slower swimmwers..? ive a large log placed in the tank for any fish that need hiding space.. any commments good or other wood be much appreciated, ty
  10. heya all ..im really enjoying this website ..excellent knowledge base and lots of nice people to deal with. just wondering ..these big ..8ft..10ft ect tanks i see for sale , do they take much power to run.. ?.. i run 2x 3ft tanks and know a little of wats involved.. also ive just bought a group of 5 green moss barbs..4th day in .they r bothering my beautiful large fantail comet..so ive transferred them into a different tank with platties/guppies plecos / and clown loaches..r these guys going to kill all my stock , or should i kill the guy that sold them to me..lol i asked out their habits.. he said they were fine in with goldfish as long as they didnt get bored..hm ..food for thought..? ty for any replies..good or bad
  11. Hey guys just a little hello from me, im a noob when it comes to fish as i only have 5 fantails, a ryukin a albino shortfin bristlenose and a shubunkin, looking at branching into breeding the bristlenose though so will be hitting the breeders up for some peppermint bristlenose couples. If anyone has any hints and tips for other easy fish to breed im open to ideas Say hi ask anything you like im open to most topics lol lee
  12. Hi all. I've just been given a 3 foot tank and have always wanted cichlids. My questions are... Am I nuts for wanting to keep cichlids in a 3 footer? If not, what are some of the smaller types that might work well in a small tank? I'm in the Brisbane are (south) and have already noticed some cichlid breeders not too far away in the trading section. I spent the weekend washing out sand I picked up cheaply from the local landscape supplier, killed my back in the process, and now I think I've decided to go with gravel instead. I like the idea of sand but it sounds like gravel is easier to get the right mix of bacteria working. Ahh, the fun begins already Cheers 63off
  13. noob mistakes no.1 feeding feeder fish from LFS no.2 Didn't realise they have ich till 2 late no.3 putting the tempreture up 2 high losses 18 cm geo x 3 27 cm silver shark x 2 30 cm peacock bass x 1 15 cm peackcock bass x 1 16 cm clown loach x 2 This hobby is not forgiving . I am so sad i grown them all out from finger lings. (minus clown loaches)
  14. First batch of b/n!! haha! Im really happy with my stud male, so cant wait to see how these little ones grow up.
  15. Hi all, I'm a noob in every way, I have not had and aquarium b4 and it is something I have always wanted to do. So after much reading up, I have decided to go with a set up of African Cichlids. I have just brought my tank and I am on my way to starting up so i will have lots of questions for those who are willing to share their knowledge. here is my new tank... Pic from when the previous owner had it operational... right now its empty, it is 5ft x 2ft x 18in
  16. I have a pair of great beeding bristlenose that are close to the 10cm mark possibly bigger to which I will donate them to a member. To get them you must be very new to fish, not currently breeding anything, and not want them just to resell them. Post up here in 50 words or less why you deserve them or why someone you know should get them. Pick up is prefered. Lets say entries close 24th and I will decide a winner.
  17. what do i feed my jaguar cichlid(1.5inch) and my green texas(1inch) there both fairly small fish and there in my 4ft tank with my blue claw crayfish hes about 4-5inches he just hangs around on the bottom of the tank. Q1) what too feed my fish weather its fine pieces of beef heart(which i fed my devil which grew quite quick) or do i get feeders off a friend who breeds convicts and guppies or buy frozen bloodworms or just crush up pellets so the pellets fit in there mouth? Q2) my little gt keeps going near the intake pipe of my cannister filter so i had to stick a stocking over it but that now limits the ammout waste that can be picked up in the process :mad: Q3) my blue claw has killed several smaller blue claw crayfish since i have had him what are the chances he will kill my jag and gt?
  18. Hi everyone, Here are my tanks: 20L? Rummy-nose tetra, peppered cory, juli? cory, bristlenose 120L About to house P saulosi (if I can ever find some up here in Townsville!) Any comments welcome
  19. Hi all names sam, live in the Redlands. I have a 3'x2x2 tank with 4 small (3cm) cichlids and todAy learnt that monos don't go so well with peacocks and elec yellows
  20. Hey Guys and Girls, I recently bought myself a fish tank and have become addicted. I have only goldfish in the first one however I am collecting 3 more tanks this week. One tank has An Oscar in it and the other has some tropical fish (2x Golden Comets, 2x Red Platy's, 1x Blue Platy) Tank with Comets and Platy's in it- PICS- MEASUREMENTS: Aqua One Tank - 34Litre with curved glass. (36cm H, 36cm W, 23.5cm D) Aqua One Stand (72cm H, 32cm W, 22cm D) I will post some pics of the other tanks up I am hoping to get some electric blues and some electric yellows in the black tank. Not exactly a fan of the oscar but i will on sell him when i work out what i wanna do with the tanks.
  21. Hey guys. I have just recently purchased a 3ft tank (200L), Atman EF-3 (1000LPH) filter, a light and heater (don't know details). Now I have gone to Aquarama (for those of you who live in Brisbane) and had a look at all their types of fish. Ones I have chosen out are: (In order of preference) 1. Clown Loach 2. Red-Tailed Black shark / Rainbow shark 3. Electric Yellow Cichlids 4. Convicts 5. Angels 6. Discus Now I have talked to many people, including people on this forum and the aquarium guy, and everyone has told me different things. People are in aggreeance that: 1. You can only have one shark, as they are very aggressive 2. I would be better off going for a silver shark as they are the least aggressive Now some people have told me Electric Yellow Cichlids don't go with any of those fish, where as some people have told me they will go fine. I need some clarification on this matter. Next, I have filled the tank, added the necessary chemicals, added plants and let the tank sit for a week, with the heater sitting at 24 degrees celsius. Going to the aquarium with a water sample tomorrow, but have done my own pH test and it's currently sitting around 7.0 (is this good?) Is there anything else I need to do before purchasing fish? I have more questions but this has already become a long post so I will ask them further down the track. Thankyou very much!!
  22. Hi to all QLDAF! I have succesfully kept and bred fish for many years. I have also been a member of many fish forums for years as well. www.oscarfish.com www.plecofanatics.com www.monsterfishkeepers.com I have an open mind and also know many LFS owners on the north side of bris. Everything I add to threads is JUST MY OPINION! pls feel free to pm me anytime.......
  23. hey all, been sniffing around the LFSs, and getting many different opinions. id like to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about from experience please. i have a spare 4x2x2. Would like to keep a nice Moray in there, and a triggerfish, most probably clown. (loved these guys for years, and went snorkling with them alst year in fiji!) can someone please tell me exactly what i need and the process involved in setting the tank up? lets pretend i know nothing and go from the start. hopefully someone can spare the time to help me out! thanks - simon
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