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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, I have an over abundance of Bristlenose The pics are just of my 6ft tank, I have them breeding in all of my tanks... Pricing is for Albino & Normal 3cm Shortfins $5ea. **No Albino Fry Left** Sub Adult Male Shortfins 5-7cm $10ea Sub Adult Female Shortfins 5-7cm $15ea Adult Male Shortfins $15ea ***No Adult Females Left*** ***Plenty of Sub-Adults Left *** Pickup is Redbank Plains, 4301. Can deliver for extra $$ depending on location. Thanks Tim
  2. Hey all.. I think this guy says it all..
  3. hey i hade this ell tail i posted up on Facebook about gett a new one but ever one keep say yer i have some but the are just plain old ell tail cat fish but i just wondering if mine is just normal ell tail catfish or is it a black ater ell tail or mabie a tandanus tandanus catfish plzz helppp i really want a new one
  4. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas brought all their wishes. Our Christmas break is over and back to work we go and look forward to helping where we can. Those still on holidays have a safe one and enjoy the family festivities that Christmas brings and offers.
  5. I came home to my anubis plants flower looking like this. Only one of the flowers though. is this ok ? Cheers for the help
  6. I hope every ones tanks did okay or have at least bounced back from when that cyclone hit and the subsequent weather event wiped out power to some areas earlier this year, our area lost power for nearly three days. I lost some inverts and around four fish, luckily none of my tubeworms died. My faith in our power suppliers is completely gone now and in Feb I bought my first generator and it has saved my reef life twice already, amazing that no matter what hit our area in the past, we never lost power for more then 4 hours. Since the little shopping centre was put on this power grid, we have lost power 5 times in two years, amazing! This is the top tank flourishing once again, which is mainly invert life with only five fish. This is the one below the invert tank, that is mainly fish and just some corals and many other mobile inverts. All my favourite fish and inverts that made it through so much time with out power are all fine and growing beautifully.
  7. hi all my festae is raising my red devil fry:confused: just wondering if this normal....
  8. Had a lucky day recently where I had a few fish spawning and a new JD split pr I was hoping to try out decided it was also a good day for getting jiggy with it ...And so here is the fruits of their labour...have worked with these guys before and something thats always got me curious is the % of offspring carrying different genetics...with a split to split your looking at 25% approx....now going off these pics....I would say the % looks to be much higher and might be either more "line bred" inherent or possibly this is a way to spot splits as well at a young age??????......as you can see in the pics...there is a greater ratio than 25% with the tell tale signs of young ebjd.... Just asking and open for discussion..love to hear your thoughts...:confused:
  9. Hi all I have another question for the pro's... I have 2 breeding pairs of veils one pair had eggs at the start of the week and had the other pair have there eggs a day or so ago. My question is my first pair there eggs took close to 3 days to hatch. While the other pair hatched in about 4 hours! Is this normal or what........ And i have one more quick question i have one pair that is a veil male and a long fin female what would the babies be ??? Cheers mickyd
  10. just wondering if it's normal to see a little light in the uv lamp? you can see it a little in the clear inlet/outlet pic upside down - sorry!
  11. the glass used for tanks is it hardened or just normal?
  12. hi everyone just looked in my albino longfin colony which have never bred before tank just now and noticed in 1 of the logs has easy 120 to 150 fry in it with the male very close by but ive never known a first ever batch to be this big??? so im asking is this normal?
  13. not 100% sure, but i got this guy from clayton who got him as a SGT, either way he is a nice texas love this pic,
  14. Hey guys The last week or 2 Iv noticed some of my saulosi and pulpican skimming off the sand a bit, on their side. First thing I thought is Ich but no visible signs at all. Fish look healthy and behave fine. Iv read on the net that this skimming can be normal behaviour. Is this true?? Matt.
  15. Hi all, for all of those who have successfully managed to breed the Electric blue gene I was wondering at what age can you pick the fry apart? For instance from the very start are they bright blue or do they get to a couple of cm before they get the all over electric blue colour? Thanks in advance.
  16. Is it normal for fish to loose there scails?? Jesse
  17. can anyone tell me what is the likely hood of producing ebjd's from this combination........? split jd male and normal jd female
  18. My Green Terrors have just laid eggs and they hatched yesterday. There are about 200 little tiny wrigglers in the tank that are not free swimming yet. The female keeps picking them up and moving them. The babies are in a big group mixed up with gravel as she keeps moving them. What should I do and is this normal? I'm just worried that they might get squashed or something.
  19. hey all, Got my first spawn of firefin comp fry the other day, about 35 in total. Just wondering if the colouration of some were normal? all are the goldy brown colour but there is 4 that are white/black colour (see picture below, the white ones in the background) sorry for the quality, used a camera phone cheers, Michael
  20. Today when i came home, i thought i would check on my tanks, and to my suprise i found my Sailfin pleco doing a crap. Now i know plecos do crap alot, but come on, one this big :lafhard: Just wanting to know if this is normal?
  21. ok have a tank approx 5.5 ft have had a colony of kingseizi in there(one male 3 fem)for a while have just added a flavus,neon spot,afra cobue ,the flavus and kinseizi have picked on each other alot but have seem to have soughted themselves out. but the trouble is they are always hiding never see them even when i put food in nothing but they wait till its behind rocks then eat it. the kingseizi have been doing it for a while when they were by themselves. they r all healthy swim in behind rocks all the time but u never see them. is this normal behaviour,will be setting up our 3 foot tank on weekend for female fish so i can breed them in our 2x2 tank. will things change by taking the fems out ?? can anyone recomend wat other male cichlids to stick in the 5.5 ft tank? thanks in advance Ben and Renee
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  23. Hi all, would like to check with u all about Albino zebra. I have recently bought some albino zebra and i today moved them to another tank (which is easier to see as the tank they used to be are at the bottom tier ). Have found 1 or 2 or them are quite short in length (compare to the rest) but very fat, they are ard 5cm. is this their normal shape?? The others are like normal zebra shape but not these 2 ?? Thanks
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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