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Found 26 results

  1. Hi all, Happy new year guys! I am not a robot. My partner and I have decided to keep some fish here in brisbane. I have kept aquatic animals (fish/amphibians) for awhile back in another tropical country so I am quite familiar with the basics of this hobby. However I need some help picking out a fish (or a few) that is extremely hardy and low maintenance. We are committed to caring for the fishes but would like to avoid extra steps that we may stuff up along the way (partner will be very upset if they die). We are not partial to the looks but it would be an added bonus if they were colorful/cute/not-too-small-or-large. We intend to be getting a small tank so any fish that are happy in groups of <5 would be fine. If there are a few choices among the recommendations we do not mind getting a couple species. Thanks in advance for any advice offered! Looking forward to more interaction on this forum in the future.
  2. Underwater footage of Australian native species (and some feral) from North Pine River upstream from Lake Samsonvale, Crimson spot rainbows, Pacific blue eyes, bass, turtles and more.
  3. Hey, I live in Albany Creek and my 3 foot cichlid tank looks so plain so I am looking to but a cool looking rock feature off someone close buy... If you could drive it 2 me or I will come and pick it up ??
  4. Hey all long time since I been on here. I'm looking at setting a tank up tully fnq, I used to have cichlids when I lived in Brisbane a year and a half ago. But I'm thinking that it might be a bit different up here with the heat and everything. I'm looking at setting up a 3 or 4 foot tank with a canister filter and stock with males only. Any info from people who have had tanks in the tropics or know if anything going to be different from having a tank in bris be great. Cheers wade:dance:
  5. Anyone know where some nice fancy goldies are on the northside of Brisbane? I have visited atleast 15 petshops and can't find any really nice ones :/
  6. im wanting to buy a breeding pair of Galahs but they are in manly (south brisbane) and im in Caboolture (brisbane north/sunny coast). they are $200 and i can offer you free 10cm male peppermint bn, hoplo breeding pair, female red fin kadango and female red forrest jewel or a fee that you... i guess quote, and the $200 for the birds aswell. please send me a pm and we can work something out. Cheers Jaiden
  7. Such a great forum, probably the best certainly in Australia, active on all fronts not to mention all the fish that are traded between hobbyists, I am based near Port Macquarie and I was wondering how many ppl read this forum from my area? If you are based anywhere between say Kempsey and Forster pls post, hoping to get some idea of whether or not I can establish a bit of a network locally instead of having to venture North to get good fish all the time.
  8. does anyone know a place in north brissy where I can buy sheets of glass at a good price. I want to have a crack at making all my tanks for my new set up? thanks in advanced Pm me please
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Interested in getting a Saratoga to go in a pond the pond is around 1000l but heating during winter isn't possible due to location. Would this work? And are there other natives that would be suitable also
  11. I have been doing a fair bit of reading and heard of a large auction in Brisbane taking place on the 19th and wondering if anyone from NQLD is going to attend the auction and interested in buying for others in the area. This is just out of interest as i cant make it down myself but i really want to source some new rare BN adults. From talk with the LFS these arrangements can be a great way to strengthen ties between hobbyists up north and in the south. I realise there are expenses with heading down and would be all to happy to add to these and add a little in as a thankyou. P.s Are there people in brisbane who already buy fish from the auctions to send north for their friends on here? would be very interested to get in contact if this is the case. Kind regards clipper.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Hey Guys Im just wanting to take my daughter to have a look at some marine fish, in particular somewhere that sells bamboo sharks. (we might give a marine setup a go down the track) Wanting to know of a good marine aquarium shop around Brissy where we could window shop, northside would be great. Any idea?? Thanks.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. I returned home yesterday from Biology camp and thought I would share some photos of the unique and exquisite flora and fauna. The diversity in the flora and fauna were simply amazing. Beautiful clear first day. The rest of the trip experienced light to heavy raining. Sand/Mud flats Unknown crab - Mud/sand flats Purple shore crab -sand/mud flats
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. Gday all. Well it is comming up auction time and as mentioned in the past I would like to work out some numbers of people that would be able to come up to the auctions on the 4 of next month. If you would like to go on a road trip to this action please PM me so as to organise transport. I am after the following... Numbers of people wanting to go. People who would like to offer to drive. ( I will be driving my car) A extra note that if you wish to go in someones car I would expect petrol money to be offered to the drivers/owners of vehicals. Look forward to hearing from all those who are interested. Cheers Johno
  19. New 3FT tank with 19x Elongatus Mpanga (Thanks LilJohn) 2x Flying Fox and 5x Bristle Nose. Just sayin HI!!
  20. Hi All, I'm looking for fancy goldfish, such as ranchu, oranda, bubble eyes, pearlscale etc. Anyone know of any good dealers that sell a variety of fancy goldfish? Thanks Sod
  21. Hi from Townsville! I thought I should join the ranks of North Qlder's on here. I've just started keeping tanks again after many years out of it. I have a small tank with tetras and am in the process of setting up a saulosi species tank. By the way if anyone knows where I can get quality saulosi up here, please let me know
  22. Greetings!! I'm from North Queensland near Innisfail. I've been playing around with fish and plants for over 15 years. I had no idea that Qld Aquarium forum was available untill last night. I hope I can contribute a bit of my knowledge in here, look fwd to chat with some of you soon. cheers Jeff
  23. Anyone know where I can buy 20kg+ bags of jet black gravel, looking for something roughly the same size as the one pictured but jet black as in no grey ones ect. Prefrabley somewhere on the northside to Sunshine Coast cheers guysNatural_River_Stone_Gravels_2-3_305224840.jpg[/attachment:f7aspep0]
  24. Here are some pics of my tanks and their inhabitants over the last few years. Current 6x2 scape, harlequins, tetras and a quartet of royal whips tank7_04.jpg[/attachment:shlr017t] Previously with snakehead gudgeons I caught on holiday up north shgtank.JPG[/attachment:shlr017t] close up of the two boys shgboys.JPG[/attachment:shlr017t] before the SHG there was a jardini jardinitank.jpg[/attachment:shlr017t] and pbass fulltank.JPG[/attachment:shlr017t] jacks PICT1794.JPG[/attachment:shlr017t] phone pic of a bunch of pacu that caused vegan terror in the tank for a while pacu2.jpg[/attachment:shlr017t] one of my old dels delhezi.JPG[/attachment:shlr017t]
  25. Hi I'm mick east (easty) I have a 1000x500x600 low tec discus tank thats been going for about three months
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