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Found 39 results

  1. hi i am interested in adding an elephant nose fish into my aquarium, but i am unsure of their behavior, and some of their unusual requirements and just want to make sure that i would be able to care for one. in my aquarium i have a variety of small catfish, 9 rummy nose tetras, a pair of blue rams, a pair of angels (very peaceful), and a small group of discus. The lights are dim for 6 hours and reasonably intense for the next 6 hours. the tank is heavily planted and has several pieces of wood for cover. as far as maintenance they should be ok, i change my water every 2 days for my discus anyway, the tank is approx 300 liters. also the substrate is soil, is this ok for elephant nose fish? also will they elephant nose fish have territorial or aggression issues with the other tank mates? I know that this is an odd question, but resources online about elephant nose fish seem very limited, thanks. sorry again if this is a stupid post. here is a pic of an elephant nose just in case anyone is unsure what they are.
  2. Hi, one of my rummy nose tetras seems to have developed a swollen stomach over the past day, any thoughts on what it could be? It is in a shoal of about 6. I attached a picture but its not great quality, they move so fast!
  3. Recent trip to the Amazon landed a nice sized bristle nose. Hand caught from the pontoon
  4. Just wondering How you measure ( I know with a Ruler or Tape Measure ) Peppermint Bristle Nose or any Bristle Nose is it from the tip of the snout to tip of the Bottom Fin on there tail or where there spots end before the tail
  5. Ok so iv had common bristles before but only females, first albinos iv had, iv now got 2 male albino 8-12cm and 2 female albino 6cm and a female brown x albino 9cm ish the 2 male are bright yellow gold and the 2 female are very light creamy yellow are the females meant to be lighter?
  6. I have a male Bristle nose & female bristle nose but ive been looking closely are they the same type of species, and are they able to breed. They have different colours, They have a breeding log i just havnt seen them interested in ea other :S
  7. ..Hi All I am after some help on what to do next. I have a 235lt tank (130cmx60cmx30cm) with African cichlids and bristle nose pelcos in it. I have 26x 2-3cm demasoni and 5 electric yellows ranging from 3-8cm. I have 5x bristle nose pelcos. 2 males, 2 females and one unknown. The larger BN male had bread once with both females producing 130 fry. They are in a 40-50lt grow out tank. Both females laid eggs in the males cave on the same day but both batches of eggs came out of the cave due to it being to smooth for the eggs to stick. I put them in an egg tumbler in the main tank and 8 days later I had 130 fry. Now 23 days later with new caves both males are fanning eggs in there cave. The thing I want to know is what to do next. Do I move them cave and all into the grow out tank with the 1cm fry and if so do I do it now or when they hatch. If I move the dads in with the last lot of fry will they eat them or will the fry interfere with the fanning. Or do I get all the eggs into a tumbler and leave the males in the main tank so they are ready to go again when the females are ready. Or is there a better way I have not thought of. Any ideas or info will be great. Thanks
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I am just new to the fish world. I have just started my tank up. with four bristle nose and wondering what is the best thing to feed them. Once the tank has cycled properly i am looking at starting with african cichlids, any information would be greatly apreciated
  10. Hey all.. How many Bristle nose can you keep in a 4ft tank..
  11. I have found hydra in my bristle nose breeding tank. I know this is bad stuff to have so how can I get rid of it? I know I have to add salt to the tank ( worked out that there is 113L) but I'm not 100% on adding 113g, it looks like a lot to add in one hit with fish still in the tank... fry mostly. ( or those that have escaped the hydra) I was given this site to work off. How to Get Rid of Hydra in Your Tank | eHow I go have gourami but didn't want to add them to the tank. I also have a large log with an anubus on it that I can't boils due not having anything to boil it in. ( was told the only was to guarantee its gone, boil everything with salt that can be an wash the tank with salt. get rid of anything that can't be boiled) I'm also wondering if there are any meds out to help combat this thing. I've only just set up a canister filter on the tank ( had that soaking with salt for a week an the media was washed in salt.) the hydra looks like it had been in for longer than a week tho. please help as I've been trying so hard to get the tank right so my bristle nose fry can really grow an go to new homes instead of being taken down by something this nasty.
  12. Okay so in my 3ft african tank I have 7 common bn, they are appox 8cm and I can see 4 males maturing, how long until they breed and when they do what should I do? If I leave them in there will they grow up? And do I have a alright ratio. Thanks Roy
  13. Ok my male albino bn bred with my female l144 they hatched last night and are all yellow at present,anybody do this before. Hoping for l144 with pink eyes ,now that would be cool.
  14. Just wondering what tips people had to breeding bristle nose I have a male and 2 female in a 2ft tank and added 2 breeding logs about 3 weeks ago and have noticed the females going in and out a couple of times but not much else I read some where that if you do regular water changes it will trigger them to breed any advise would be great cheers Yellows
  15. I've got wot looks to b bloat in common and albino b,nose any tips or tricks meds I've lost a few any help would b great
  16. I set up a tank at the begining of the year with 10 x Electric Yellows, 5 x Demasoni and 2 x BN catfish. All of the africans look healthy but the 2 BN's have died. The BN's looked to be doing fine until I found them half eaten one morning, 1 after a month and the other after 4 months. The water quality is Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5, PH 8. The substrate is coral sand and I have some Holey rock in the tank. My theory as to why they died is either, PH is to high for the BN. Africans killed them. Starvation, I only feed once a day and in an effort not to over feed the africans get all the food before it reaches the bottom. Being a new tank with low Nitrates there is not alot of algae either. Does any one have any other ideas as to why they died, I am wondering if it is worth getting more for this tank. I have another tank with a couple of BN's that are a year old. Although they haven't grown at all they are doing well. This tank has a PH lower then 7 and some drift wood. Tank mates are Silver Dollars.
  17. Hi guys, We have had a small ammonia spike in our bristlenose tank. It's been sitting between 1-2 on the chart for the last 2 weeks. We have been doing 25% water changes EVERYDAY for 2 weeks solid and it won't budge. Here's the problem, we have a large number of 3 cm babies and now eggs/fry that are in the tank. The ammonia spike happened when we let 67 fry into the general population. Other than babies we have 4 peps, 5 longfins and a couple of neons, so we are not overstocked other than the kids. So where can we go from here. We've been told by friends not to do higher level water changes, but nothing seems to be giving. These are not false readings because the other tanks are reading fine. Please help.
  18. I have 2 BIG breeding pairs of bristle nose together. Both makes have developed white patches only on te flesh under their bristles. Girls are fine. Any ideas? Have they just been fighting?
  19. Howdy folks, I got some bristle nose from an auction last year at some school in Brisbane, they have laid some eggs & had babies! I have move the fry into a fry saver & put an air stone into it. I was wondering what I should do for a food source for them, I have put a small piece of driftwood with java moss & a piece of blanched zucchini in for them. I don't have any brine shrimp eggs to hatch, what would be another good food for these little guys to hopefully get them big enough to either sell or to let loose into my tanks.. Cheers for any input. Regards, Jonce.
  20. Hey everyone just wanted to know if any has or knows anyone selling mature peppermint Brissle nose. Thanks
  21. 4 to 5 cm commons b/n..$3.50.... 3 to 4 cm common b/n .. $2.50... Breeding size males 10 cm..$10 each.. Also have 1 and half cm babies. Going for $1.50 each.. Cheers phone number::0487319168 luke
  22. ha , got to laugh at myself as ive forgot how long it takes for bristle nose cattie eggs to hatch [ ALBINO ] // must be old age though its been along time since my fish breeding days . lol . HOPE SOMEONE CAN bring my memory back on this one .. as i found a nice big batch of eggs today .
  23. This happened to my female bristlenose about 3 weeks ago and died, now my Pep has it and I don't know what to do, most likely going to die by morning. Also fins are all damaged, Fight wounds? All other fish are fine.
  24. I feel a little ashamed, as so many of you post photos of beautiful, stunning fish... Here is my nursery tank, only bought it to house my common BN fry, only have about 17 of them... (will eventually post pics of my main tank when I get the time and money to make it something to be proud of lol (serious snail epidemic atm...) here's mum and dad (despite I think the bull got jiggy with my old albino female at some stage too, they are also the BNs in my avatar) Hope you are all having a great weekend! Courtney
  25. I have one tank with only albino b/n at the moment, breeding like crazy. I have some peppermints in another display tank and thought about having a go at breeding them too. My question is if I put the peps in with the albinos will they cross breed etc. I don't really want that to happen OR do I have to keep them entirely separate. If they can crossbreed, what are the results? saleable or flushable?????? or enjoy the different colours of b/n in my own tanks. thanks for your input garry
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