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  1. Bought some Vietnamese takeaway on Saturday night, very pleased to see they had flicked the Goldfish bowl and replaced it with a Reef tank, looks like its about 100 litres, with a rear sump. Nice I just wonder if they have too many fish for the size of the tank. Haven't keep marines for 20 years so a bit rusty, but I would suggest its overstocked. take a look. I count 8 but there may have been another clown that popped down behind some live rock.
  2. does anyone have eds number who makes fish tanks at caboolture markets please,im in need of some lids. cheers tyler
  3. The Tech Den Xmas Special Number 6!- Bristlenose Logs! Small Bristlenose and Pleco Breeding Logs WAS $9.50 - NOW $5.95!!! That's aver 30% Off!!! Today and tomorrow only....
  4. As the title says i am after a l number expert to id this pleco for me. I purchased as l333 but on fb pleco site they dont know what it is and said its not a l333 or l066
  5. I'm looking for two different types of wafers/pellets for my plecos. Need one that is very high in wood and vegetable matter and another that is fish meal based. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers
  6. First 3 photos are of 1 adult 9cm and the other 2 photos are of my other adult 8cm can post more photo if you need thanks everyone
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Has anyone got Mike from pacific pines (goldy) phone number. (The tank builder) New phone and for some reason it didnt transfer across. Want to get some tanks built. Pm please. Cheers. John.
  9. Are aquaholics contactable by phone if so what is their phone number? I sent them an email this morning and haven't had a response. Cheers Ryan.
  10. does anyone have the ph number, i had it in my ph but lost it, cheers
  11. Does anyone have a contact number for Dfishkeeper? Trying to get ahold of some yellows today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have been able to contact him with emails, but sometimes reply can take a couple days, just wondering if anyone has a mobile number or phone number I could use to make a quick call ?? thanks guys..
  13. I bought these guys at a action and needing to know sex and type. Was sold as L397's but the one on the right I don't think it is?
  14. Do any of you know of any L numbers which suit this description? -Small, max 15cm size -Doesn't take more than 2 years to sexually mature -Not ridiculously expensive Thanks guys
  15. Hi, What is the smallest sized L number catfish? I'd like to get some L numbers but I don't have the room for anything large. Cheers
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Been growing up some l number not a breed size yet but just wanting to make sure I'm giving them good food and make sure there healthy for when there start to breed. So any tips would be Appreciated
  18. Hi, I'm chasing Ozzy_Oscar's phone number, I would like to contact him about the marine tank he is selling, but can't seem to get hold of him. If someone could please pm me his number I would be most grateful. Thanks
  19. just wondering anyone who is breeding L numbers what substrate you use? thanks al
  20. Hello all I throught I would share with everyone my first mouthfully Orange Bemba stripped today. I only expect 3-4 maximum from 6-7cm female but I surprised that I got 7 little one now, her first or second hold were not successfully but this time she hold till the 18 days. Now is the challenge to raise up the little one. Cheers, Ryan:)
  21. as above need brents number if anyone has it cheers Gavin
  22. Hi all, so I'm new to owning L numbers, i got 4 L333 yesterday they 3cm:). i currently have them in my 3 foot tank. it is kinda planted and has guppies, endlers and heaps of cherry shrimp in it as well. my main reason for posting this is to find out can i get 4 L397 3cm and put them in same tank as well? i have been told that because both fish have different diets (L333 meat and L397 veg/wood) best not to mix as if the L397 eat to much of the food i feeding l333 (currently hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets) they will get bloated. just want to get feedback on what people think. also before anyone says get another tank that out of the question now so not never worth suggesting. Also if the L397 not a good idea to mix with the L333 cos of diet difference is there another L number that looks same that would work. All help would be greatly appreciated as i already have been told some stuff about this but it has been different for each person. Cheers Wade:)
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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