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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to start breeding l numbers but im super confused with ph, kh and gh parameter atm. I know that ph needs to be 6.8, kh = 3 and gh=3 for l numbers but i have no idea how to reduce kh and gh. My current parameters are: Ph = 7.0 Kh = 7 Gh = 12.. I heard that best way to go is rain water or rodi system but i dont have both and i dont want to spend that much money for rodi system.. How do you guys lower ur ph, kh and gh? Has anyone used macropore white and gold from techden? Please let me know! Thanks! My number is 0430473566 if you can teach me on the phone will be much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Guys and Gals, It's a great day here at AOA, made even better by the arrival of our Vectra L1. As always your QLDAF 10% discount applies. Very Limited numbers available so first in best dressed. Hope you all have a great weekend. Regards Josh
  3. Hi Guys and Gals I have recently purchased some L397, L066 & L002's and am wondering what type of drift wood the eat? I am across all the other food types for them but want to make sure they get the right wood to eat. Thanks
  4. hi all was wondering if my tank is overstocked? my tank measures 48l x14w x20h and the fish I have in it are as follows, 4 black widow tetras,1 silver dollar,3 angels,2 serpae tetras,11 neons,8 rummy nose,2 red eye tetras,5 mollies,3 platys,5 peppered catfish & 2 bristle nose catfish.also was wanting to add maybe 10/15 guppies so was wondering which fish I should cull to add these?using these tank measurements how many guppies alone could I stock in this tank? any feedback will be muchly appreciated cheers craig
  5. So i am currently breeding common bn and just started peppermints, now i've made a couple mistakes breeding commons but learnt from them and got it sorted, so i've decided i'm going to build another rack 12x 2ft tanks to add to my fish room, i'll be building this in 2 weeks time, but what i thought i would do was get a topic going and learn as much as i can now about breeding L numbers as i decided if i go alright breeding the peppermints i'll start breeding L numbers also, hence the big rack. So i guess what i'm wondering is how hard are they to breed? How hard is it to raise successful batches of fry? And what does 1 need to do to get them successful? Thanks in advance guys
  6. I currently have a community tank which houses Rainbows, Corydoras, Kuhli & Clown Loaches, Fresh water Mussells. I'm completely new to Lnumbers. I no nothing about types. I'm thinking of getting some Lnumbers what would you recomend. I wouldn't want to put BN or Peppermints as the higher protein food is not that good for them. So I'm looking for some that are not high maintenance ie could live with same water conditions as the above fish. Ph is 6.6 . Temp kept at about 26 - 27. Pretty much eat the higher protein food. Also not to expensive to buy and if I breeds are easy to sell also if possible nice colour and is the some species that are seen more then others. If so I'd rather types that are out more. Looking forward to see some suggestions and if possible pics with your suggestions as I don't want to keep up with suggestions and google them up.
  7. Just wondering is there a list somewhere of what L's are available in Australia.... Thanks....
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. So heres my problem. I dont want to be running canisters any longer and also cut back on my heaters. I have a pair of L333s, 2 sub adult L387s, 9 L002s and 2 sub adult L134s as well as a colony of peps, at this point the 333s and the 002s have there own species tanks 387s are sharing with L134s and the peps are bigger than the rest so they have there own tank aswell. i know they all live in different waters but is there a way i can make this work. even if it means i run 2 sumps, all the tanks are 4x15x18 hoping to get a four 2fters for breeding tanks and include them in the system(s) let me know what your thoughts are. I also ave a room 1.3m wide and roughly 6m long (strange little storage room i guess) that ill be moving all the tanks into and building a rack and styro all around it so its contained in a little area and hopefully save on abit of heating. what would you do?
  10. I have a gold spot l001 I think. Currently I feed him sinking pellets and fresh cucumber daily, but what else do you feed them? Like carrot and brocolli, do you cook it first or what? So what do you feed your L numbers daily?
  11. Hi i was wondering if l numbers prefer strong water current or slow water current?
  12. Hey Guys and girls ok ive got a question to ask, about F numbers, This is my understanding of them i just dont know if its right F numbers are used generally to identify how far they are from the wild source F0, with 2 wilds breeding together producing F1 fry, and when 2 F1 adults are bred together they produce F2 fry, Now this is the part that im confused at, if i was to breed a wild caught fish with an F1 fish from a different unrelated bloodline what would be the resulting F number, F1 or F2
  13. hi everyone just want to know what r the rare L numbers are and L numbers worth over 300 $ thanks
  14. After some L Numbers the types with yellow lines or dots.... Does anyone know what the numbers are to some of those types.. Also ones that dont grow to big.. thanks...
  15. so just wondering what L numbers are going to be at the auctions this week. who can i buy more l's from lol. and i am not talking about 202's. i know brengun isnt coming so that leaves the 278's out
  16. can the "L" breeders out there please posts some information, links and pic's of the "L" fish. as I only deal with the JD's and off shoot some common BN (By accident) I have no idea of the following relating to these "L" fish8O 1. What is an "L" fish 2. why are they called "L" Numbers 3. How many are there 4. how they get the number 5. why are they costly (suspect rare) 6. what is the most rare of these and the most common 7. whre did they originally come from 8. how do you tell the dif between them thanks Ben:cool:
  17. Apart from my peppermints, finally bought home my two new additions last night, nice pair of L002's Tiger plecs. Thanks Mark for the great fish, they have settled in well and colored up nicely already. Already had a spare tank setup, having decided to reestablish my smaller aquaworld cube (38ish litres?) Some simple small mixed river gravel, with few choice bits driftwood including nice tunnel piece, small selection of live plants (thanks david and Mick for the awesome plants) and half round cave to give them a subtle hint lol. Filtration is the built in filter box and powerhead. Have found these to be extremely effective and have supplemented it with air sponge filter as well. Included a nice breeding pair of platys for splash of color...not certain of the variety or if they were a cross breed, but magnificant colors. Have produced one lot fry and appears they carried the colors over. My appologies with the pic, the 002's still bit camera shy. cheers alan
  18. Hi, just wondering if L numbers ever inter breed. I have some 134s and some 397s and was thinking about putting them in the same tank. I,d prefer not too though if there's any chance that they,d breed together. Cheers, Kevin.
  19. Hi guys, Some pics of my Apistogrammas, Geophagus, Corydoras and other fish taken on my new camera. Hope you guys enjoy. Please leave comments BIOTOPE TANK; F1 Geophagus Tapajos (Believe both are Females from the pic here) F1 Geophagus Tapajos F1 Geophagus Tapajos
  20. What are the issues running small Malawi fish in water set up for L numbers. Baz
  21. Ok so it is a 4 ft by 30cm x 35 high. And will be fully planted. specially made tank it has dividers so i can put pregnant females in there for fry to grow up there. Ok so i want the main fish in the tank to be Endlers but thinking of starting with a few and breeding them. would love to put some af apistos / borelli maybe a trio, Cherry Shrimp thinking about 20, Some Glass catfish unsure of number, I have a trio of LF albino BN, some khuli loach's. so if anyone has any things that are of concern with this list, also perhaps ideas on the number and anything else that would be good for hte tank
  22. I notice in the for sale section adverts for 'L' numbers... could someone please tell me what an L number is. Thanks :whoa:
  23. hey guys i am only new to the world of L numbers as the price scared me but i ventured out the other night and got myself a 4cm L202 and a 3cm L104 i get these guys for a good price and was just wondering wat other plecs can go in with these guys and wat others are around the same price as these guys any help will be appreciated and if you have any by all means please let me know cheers pete
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