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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, i have a julli corydora , part of a 15 fish troop, and i am concerned by its behaviour. All of a sudden out of the blue it will shoot across the tank like it had been harpooned. Then it will float up like it was dead, flap vaguely on the surface till I'm about to net it out then swim back off under the wood and plants to come out again feeding and acting 'normally'. Each day after i get up expecting to find it dead... but sure enough he'll appear again until next time it happens. Anyone ever had similar? Do they have epilepsy? Is it doomed? Cheers
  2. Just a few quick questions on tank construction / shapes I will in teh near future be getting two tanks, but they need to fit around some framing. essentially the shed frame intrudes on the area the tanks will sit. The front and most of the tanks, can be a full 8 feet long 2440, the back of the tank can only be 2200 ~ 7'4" The shed frame protrudes about 10cm. My thoughts: make a 7'4" tank the full 2 foot wide, and then add side drops to each end. or could i have the front piece face a full 8 feet, so the side drops dont look added on have the tanks made at 8x2 and cut a 45degree off each of the back corners, would be about 20 x 20cm to fit. possibly the best idea??? have the tanks made at 8x2, and have a 12 x 12cm square cut out of each back corner, but will the 90deg angle in the base cause a massive weak spot and a potential place for a crack to emanate from??? I want these to look great, as they will be the centre pieces of the fish room, the bottom one will be all but 8x2x2 filled with Tropheus and petrochromis, the top one will be 8x2x18h and full of featherfins, sandsifters, and a few shellies.. Cheers
  3. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick
  4. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick (sorry i put this thread in the wrong section b4 )
  5. Is it just me or do electric blue dempseys seem to have more than their fair share of odd shaped heads ?. I understand the challenge of raising these fish but geez the original dempsey is a spectacular fish .Just a random observation . Rgds Pat.
  6. Hi guys, I have an odd shaped tank that I want to grow plants in. It's 55cm high, 50cm long and 45cm wide. I'm just wondering what commercially available lighting options i have with a tank this size? I want something that will sit across the top length ways. Is there anything available that is 50cm long or something 18" long that can extend to 20" ? I have had a bit of a look but no luck yet. Thanks in advance, Beau.
  7. Hey guys, Now I've put this in here as I'm not sure if it is an 'issue' or not just yet. I've got a 40cm sailfin pleco that I've had for over 2 years know, he's a fairly active guy who eats like a horse (so a typical sailfin plec) Now about a week ago he started a bit of an odd colour change. He began getting very blotchy and becoming a very light yellowish colour and now, has undergone a full 100% change, his entire body is at least 50-70% lighter and more yellow then he was previously. Now before everybody jumps on the bandwagon to say that its normal for a pleco to change colour - I realize this. He has been moved from a few different tanks with a range of substrates in the time I've had him (playsand, black gravel, river sand, to now black bare bottom) and he has always changed colour according to his mood and substrate. But this is different, he's been in this tank for over a year and never changed colour anything even close to this. Nothing has changed in the tank for months. He's eating normally, active like always and no signs of ill health (no heavy breathing, no sunken stomach) The other thing to note is when looking closely at him, in the yellow areas he has developed tiny black dots all over his body, these are not external (don't seem parasitic as its too uniform) and seem very much apart of this colour change. The dots are smaller then a grain of sand each and less then 2mm apart. These dots could have been there the entire time and only noticeable now that he's lighter in colour - not sure? Any suggestions, opinions or references? PH: 7.6 Amm: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 25ppm
  8. Evening everyone. I am a bit excited tonight so I thought I would share with you all. A little while ago my lovely misses bought me a beautifull male Festae, He is by far the nicest male I have ever seen & was hitting the 30cm mark when we bought him home. He had been chilling by himself & was quite shy for such a large robust fish, so being winter & not having the time to put the walls up onto my carport I was shutting down tanks left right & centre, so taking a big chance I placed 4 super green texas 3cm-6cm into the tank, (I wanted to keep them but not have another tank in the house). To our suprise he never touched them. Next week I gave away a catfish to a fellow member who was kind enough to give me 4 electric yellows & 2 venustus 4cm-8cm. All fishies lived in harmony & the festae even started eating Sera Flora:razz:. This was more of a test than anything else. To test his temprament. He never once attacked any fisies or nipped at them. Since I have owned him I searched everywhere for a girlfriend for him, no luck local. Called around every capital city with no luck, other forums. No luck anywhere. For some reason in the last months they have become the hot ticket & there are simply no big girls avaliable, so I gave up. A mate of mine mentioned 2 weeks ago that he had a pair gowing up in a community tank but would only sell as a pair. So I bought them & put them in the PBass tank. She is just 15cm & he is 12cm both fish are 10months old. So I figured they would just chill with my PBass (20cm) until they pair off. I picked them up last Friday, after the weekend & a cold water change we noticed her colours really comming on & he belly very bulging. a few days ago we noticed her tube was down. But the boy, being smaller, did not seem interested at all. Today the misses called me at work letting me know that the little girl is hassling the PBass seriously. So I have decided to take a very BIG chance. My little girl has moved in with my big boy. I have rearranged the whole tank. added lots of mangrove roots, heaps of rock & driftwood creating LOTS of getaway spots for the girlie. Instantly they started showing off to each other, amazing colours & shaking & flaring, no rough stuff but. Now they are just swimming around together, she seems to keep going back to a rock of her liking & a bit of showing off. So basicly I am hoping he is a big devo and likes the young girlies & wont turn on her. & that his placid nature will make him a good daddy & partner If anybody has any experiance breeding festae I would really appriciate any input as this is my first time breeing this species, I have breed a few americans but everyone I talk to seems to have the same story of 'oh I had a pair, but they beat the crap outa each other & 1 died.' So any help would be great. I will get some pictures tommorow night as I dont really want to disturb them tonight. Oh I have a devider ready if it all goes pair shapped. Cheers (sorry for the novel)
  9. Hi I have a 790 cm wide tank customized to suit a table. I'm hunting for 4x t5 light housing with brackets that sit on the tank edge. As hanging wouldn't be an option, I can't seem to find any aus stock that carries 30" length lighting. Is there any out there that comes with adjustable bracket that could reach that length? I woulddnt want the housing to sit on top of the tank directly but rather on a stand itself for esthetics reason. What I had found out : - Hagen glo extendable but only 2x t5 system - aqualina 600mm with brackets. The brackets look long but Im not sure if thatcan reach 31". Can someone assist to measure the length from tip of the bracket to the other end with the housing.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. heres something for yous interested in something different. sorry for the quality in some of those but you should of seen the others i took! unpostworthy. aggresive things they are, doing anything in the tank poses the risk of severve pain.. cheers mick
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