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Found 4 results

  1. My Convicts spawned! Okay so that's not anything extraordinary in and of itself, but when considering that the pair is in a community tank, with 18 other fish (13 of which are cichlids), I find it quite amazing that they still manage to defend their territory against all of these fish (well minus one Super Green Texas, it's a shy fish that huddles in the corner all the time and is pretty much ignored by everything). I found all of my cichlids (minus the SGT) huddled together on one side of the tank today, and went to check on the Convicts to see free swimming fry being protected by them. None of the others can even come close, not the aggressive Ellioti nor the Pink Firemouth. The Red Forest Jewels and Blue Cobalt runs away with their tails between their legs as well. Both of the Convicts are about 7.5cm in length, and these other fish are mostly all larger. So yeah, I do know Convicts are great parents, but did not think they were this great. XD Warding off so many larger cichlids easily.
  2. So against all odds my 14cm Texas and my 5cm Texas bred in my 8ft community tank and now i have baby fry. So my question is since they bred do you think i should transfer them to my 4ft tank so they can bred in a less stressful environment? and should i take the fry out of let the parents rear them until there a bit bigger
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Found this interesting link from cichlidforum.com showing the odds of obtaining a desired male / female ratio when purchasing anything from 2 to 7 fry. (eg it's 76% likely that you will get at least 1 male and 3 females from a group of 7 fry and so on). I know some species such as saulosi are easy to sex as fry but there are many where it's very, very difficult as fry. eg maingano, yellows, demasoni etc http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/b ... groups.php It would be good to hear people's experiences and whether they support or go against the probability stats outlined in the above article. Peter
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