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Found 25 results

  1. QLDAF Breeders Registry (NOW OPEN) The new QLDAF Breeders Registry offers some new and unique opportunities for breeders to promote themselves. Breeder Registry members will have: - Their own individual subsection of the forum to promote themselves and advertise their fish. - The ability to moderate their section of the forum. (The ability to add stickies, lock, remove and edit posts & threads in their section, etc) - A change to their title (below their username) to identify them around the forum. ('QLDAF Registered Breeder' will appear below user name instead of 'member', 'senior member' etc) - An increase amount of messages allowed in your inbox storage (from 100 to 500) Applications for access to the breeder section are invited. We expect applicants to match the below criteria: - 100+ informative posts. We are looking to include active and helpful breeders who are regularly and currently sharing their experience and expertise for the good of the hobby. - No current infractions. - Regular supply of quality fry for sale. This does mean extra data storage and put demands on the server, and hence we will be actively asking breeder registry owners who are not active to justify their continued inclusion. Inclusion on the breeder registry is a privilege not a right and may be revoked at our discretion at any time. It is our aim that the breeder registry will be a list of well respected, highly regarded breeders in QLD and will be people that anyone should be able to deal with, with full confidence in both the fish they are purchasing and the advice they are given. Applications now open! Please send your application via PM to webmaster or via email to webmaster@qldaf.com for consideration of inclusion in the new Breeder Registry.
  2. Link for info http://mrccc.org.au/event/open-day-gerry-cook-fish-hatchery/
  3. We had our 25th and 26th off and now we are now back to work - just the 1st is the next day off. Hope everyone is enjoying their break and had a good Christmas.
  4. Hey guys, just wondering if aoa is open today, need to grab a few things.
  5. Got one of those otto pf300g canister filters and I can not open the damn thing [time for a clean I reckoned]. I've got all the clips unclipped and tried a myriad of positions and ways to open it to no avail. Bugger of a thing won't budge so I've abandoned it for now because I'm prepared to throw it against a wall [bet it still won't open LOL]. It seems a small black hole [yes, the space things] has appeared inside the canister and with it's mighty vacuum power, is keeping that canister closed. So anyway, I'll probably wait for someone to come home and they can hopefully brute force it better than me. But why won't it open? Does anyone have any ideas/tips etc? Thanks.
  6. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas brought all their wishes. Our Christmas break is over and back to work we go and look forward to helping where we can. Those still on holidays have a safe one and enjoy the family festivities that Christmas brings and offers.
  7. i have recently purchased a 6x2x2.5 tank of a fellow member here, i had given away the stand that came with it to build a new one, so i will dedicate this build on the making of it for all to see. hoping you guys can give it ago for ur self in future....................... is simple, strong and will hold a decent tank mike just dressed pine from bunnings mmmmmmmmmm the lawn
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hey all, Recently Ive noticed a few scratches on my feather fins. I read in a few places they have fairly delicate skin and it can be a burn from the heater, so I went out and bought a heater cover. Now the one that mainly hangs around the heater has seemed to get abit better but tonight I saw this on the other one. Now this wound is probably about 3cm starting at his eye and going back. It is a bit worrying to be honest as I'm not sure how it happened and what the next course of action should be. Can anyone please make some suggestions? Below is a picture of the rocks used just in case that has something to do with it. Thanks guys.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. From 11am to 4pm. Come in and say hi
  12. Tried to call a few times in the last week but no one ever answers, Does anyone know if they are shut down or anything. If so is there anywhere else to get scoria rock at a decent price around Brissy??? Yellow pages isn't much help. Might just have to wait till AOA has 25kg of noodles back in stock.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hi guys, I have a container of Sera Flora (big 50 dollar one) and I was feeding my tangs at 4.30am two days ago and forgot to put the lid on it as I was still half asleep. There appears to be moisture in the flakes now and seems a little wet so does that mean food is now cactus? Will the food be okay? Any tips for drying it out? Dumb lesson to learn but I should of been more alert Thanks, Adam
  15. Hi All, Just to let everyone know we are now open 7 days a week. Our Sunday trading hours are 9am - 3pm. Ben
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. A few months ago i purchased some elec yellow fry from a VERY VERY well known member of this forum to bring in some fresh blood . I arrived on time but was in a hell of a rush to get home due to one of my dogs getting out and running amok (the seller knew i was pushed for time ) Upon arrival i found the ten fish all ready in a white bucket ready to go , sweet i thought i can get going again quickly . In a rush i didnt bother to ask about the parent colony , just had a quick look in the bucket . A couple looked a little washed out but i just put it down to being a little stressed . Half hour latter i got home , pulled out the fish only to find that 7 out of the 10 had deformed or missing gill covers and were closer to white that yellow a apt name for them would be "ELECTRIC CREAMS " Totally ropeable by the waste of $60 i threw them in the frontie tank as feeders Well one survived ! Moral of the story ? -CHECK EVERY FISH you buy before you let the moths out of your wallet -regardles of the sellers rep and apparent well standing on the forum CHECK EVERY FISH -CHECK EVERY FISH Dont bother sending me PMs asking who the seller was as YOU know who YOU are
  18. Need something to do!!! Anyone know of any open?
  19. pretty bored and i wanna have a look at petshops bris northside cheers
  20. Hi all. If your near camira today pop in at 5 hayes ave. got a sizzle happening to be donated to the local comunity. $2 sizzle and $1 drinks or combo $2.50. Got some fish 2 sell to africans, angels and lots of plants and tetras. 10 am - 3pm today only. Cya there. :egrin::egrin:
  21. Water parameters are fine, fish is still alive although it looks to be thinning. Just wondering what could be going on? He gill flares a lot at a red jewell. I found the following on the net and it seems to be a similar situation. There's a good chance his jaw is dislocated. Anyone know how to relocate(?) fish jaws? Say "Aah" Hi, <Hello.> I have a firemouth Cichlid who for the past 2 days has had it's mouth open. Today I noticed that its open even wider and the skin right behind it's mouth looks very thin. It also isn't eating. Any thoughts? <Check closely to be sure that there is no obstruction in his mouth preventing him from closing it. Look for any visible growths or other abnormalities, as well. It is possible that his jaw is dislocated or injured, though, and there probably isn't much of anything you can do for him, aside from a trip to the vet to get the jaw relocated. Keep a close watch on your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH). If he is not alone in the tank, you may want to consider transferring him to a quarantine tank to ensure that he has the opportunity to rest without being harassed by tankmates. Try to coax him into eating with especially tasty foods like frozen bloodworms, or even small live earthworms. Perhaps stimulating him into wanting to eat will help him get his jaw back in place. It certainly wouldn't hurt to give your vet a call and ask him about dislocated fish jaws. Wishing you well, -Sabrina.> Thanks, Cheryl Found at: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebinde ... isfaqs.htm Appreciate any help!
  22. Hi All, just wondering, I'm only a beginner to keeping fish still but have noticed all my best have fish have come from private sales (ie not my LFS!), and I was just wondering if any of the bigger breeders out there ever have anything like an "open day" where newbies like me can come check out EXCELLENT QUALITY fish, at the reasonable rates breeders can offer, buy only a couple of fish (not bulk), without feeling as tho were wasting the breeders time etc. Am I asking for it all in one basket or does this already happen. Obviously I understand how busy these guys are but thought I'd check anyaway. I'm mainly talking bout African Cichlids. Thanks everyone, Jamie
  23. Abyss on the gold coast has over 300 species of marine. All my marine fish have come from abyss and i am very happy with them They also have salt and other stuff all at a very good price. Go and have a look abyss ph 55394834 or 0403736839 nikki :wink:
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