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Found 15 results

  1. So this is just some feedback on the Hydra 50 and Hydra 20 filters we purchased a little while ago. I'll just try and keep this post short and sweet. Firstly, if you don't know what they are they are a filter which has a set of electronic metal plates inside them and as water flows over them they basically zap the water and kill or neutralise ammonia, nitrites, nitrates etc. I don't know the exact science behind it all, I just know it works. Here are some examples of where it has worked for us. 1. We started a new cichlid tank, placed our fish in and switched on the Hydra filter. No cycling at all, it was filled and stocked on the same day. A couple of days later we woke up and our tank looked like milk, you literally couldn't even see more than 10cm into the tank. It took us 4 days to work out that the gravel we'd been given secondhand, and washed a zillion times, was riddled with dead snail shells which caused a huge bacteria bloom. So we pulled it all out and replaced it with new stuff. Through all of that and readings of Ammonia and Nitrite completely off the charts, but our fish swam around just as happy as could be. It didn't bother them at all. We were a bit confused by the readings but it turns out that if there are high amounts of ammonia etc in the tank it may talk a few goes through the filter before it is all removed, but in the meantime it just neutralises it. 2. We started a live bearer tank, placed our fish in and switched on a Hydra filter. No cycling at all, it was filled and stocked on the same day. Has been there now for over a month, hasn't had a glitch, all fish are happy, water is crystal clear. We didn't need to add the fish in bit by bit either, we decided what we wanted, got them all on the same day and put them all in. On this tank, the Ammonia and Nitrite is never above zero and the Nitrates sit somewhere between 0 and 5 depending on the day. (we've now done this with another tank that contains cichlids and had the same results) 3. I haven't done this one but I've seen it firsthand. One Hydra filter and some salt added to a tank and left overnight, marine fish added (clowns and seahorses) and weeks later happy fish and not one issue. These filters do have to be removed if you ever need to medicate because they'll zap and neutralise the medication so we have one fully cycled normal filter ready to go at all times. So basically I think they're amazing and I would recommend them without hesitation. We almost didn't purchase one due to negative opinions on them but all of those negative opinions were from people who had never owned one and just 'thought' it wouldn't work. I'm glad we tried it for ourselves. I think Tech Den and Red Dragon Aquatics both have these.
  2. Hey would just like people's opinions what do you think is better side drilling a tank or bottom drilling?
  3. Hay everyone first pic is a smaller calvus that stays out of shells and also gets bullied buy the larger calvus pushed up to the top of the tank. 2nd picture is of the larger calvus that spends most of the time in the shell. That is your thoughts on the venting pictures. Not sure if they are from the same batch but will check at a later date. thanks josh
  4. sorry for the quailty of photos been growing these guys and hearing storys of bad ellioti just wondering what people think
  5. Well as the title says I managed to score a 4 ft tank of my neighbor for $30. It came with a really crappy stand that doesn't run its full length (about 15cm of tank hang off each side, and the stands not quite what I like.. So i've decided that its should be easy as to build a quick easy stand with some studs, screws and a bit of glue. Just a quick picture of that stand I got with it. One weird thing that I've never seen before in a tank is that the bottom is two pieces of glass joined exactly halfway along the length of the tank with silicon, its water tight and seems strong enough, just unsure as to how it would go. I don't know if I should be concerned about it. Here is a picture to illustrate. Should I be concerned about this? I figure I'm going to run a brace right under the join to try and keep it from blowing out because it wasn't supported. My main question for you all is with regards to building my stand. For supporting the tank should I run two lengths of stud glued together along the front and back of the tank? Or is a single stud strong enough to take the weight? By the way the tanks volume is about 280-300L depending on how full it is. I was also thinking of doing the legs with two studs glued together each. Is that overkill? Or completely reasonable?
  6. hey guys im buying 2 canister filters just want some opinions on these 2 for a 200L 4fter Age of Aquariums - Aquanic 1200 vs Age of Aquariums - Eheim Classic 2213 ( 250 )
  7. have a 4ft tank that was setup 3 weeks ago, tropical fish in for 1 week (mollies ) tank looks unreal from the front, water is clear and ph good, but when i look from the end of tank it looks cloudy. Any suggestions. running 1 internal filter and have live plants and only have 10 fish in it at the moment
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Guys, I have tank 7*28*24 which I got 2 foot silver arowana, 1 blood parrot and one 10"Sailfin Plec. Last week, I lost my female stingray (about 15cms). All water chemical is fine. I got her in this tank about 2 mths. From my partner point of view, he said she got attack by Silver Aro. It was happen when I was not home. However, I seached for the answer in the net. Most people said I should not keep Ray with Plec. Now, I got anoter Male Ray (about 20 cms) which I afraid to add him to the big tank. What do you think or suggest.??
  10. Ive got this phantom glass catfish at first i thought it was white spot but after 6 days of white spot treating it is still there. it only really came over night about 7 Days ago and i started treating the next morning. Can i just get your opinion on it. Is it something glass catfish get you need a special treatment. Please View It Here. Sorry It never lets me upload anymore http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee73/kevin_94_2007/P1010589.jpg Thanks Guys
  11. ive got my 6x2x2 display tank only fish in there atm are 1 Gold Severum 1 Saratoga leichardti(im trying to sell him) display american tank what will work with severums in a display community tank? thanks in advance
  12. which feeders do you think are the best? which filters do you think are the best?
  13. Hi all, I'm going to be putting a polystyrene background into my tank and now that I've cut the background to get it into the tank I will have gaps between the pieces. To prevent light getting through, should I: a) attach a plain black background to the back of the tank (am worried this may fall off over time & be difficult to fix) attach black contact (stuck on to prevent falling off) c) paint the back black (want to avoid this if possible) I do want to try to avoid permanently changing the tank however I will be siliconing the background into place. My background does also have a complicated feature to it and I'm wondering how sealed all the joins need to be before I paint it (my sealant is a bitumen based paints) Any advice appreciated :woohoo: Kristy :puppy:
  14. Figured I'd throw this one out there to create a stir. QLDAF currently looks down upon the breeding and distribution of hybrids, regardless of quality. The ultimate purpose of QLDAF having a negative stance on hybrids is to facilitate the maintenance of genuine species. Many of the species used by breeders to create hybrids are import restricted, and cross-breeding (deliberate or accidental) has a heavy negative effect on the lines that we're lucky enough to have present. Currently, we do not allow promotion or advertisement of the following species: - Flowerhorns & Similiar Hybrids (Typical trimaculatus/labiatus/citrinellum/synspilum hybrids) - Blood Parrots - Accidental Hybrids (Non-recognised "Backyard" Hybrids) I'm especially interested what people think about the following: - Aulonocara Hybrids (Dragon Blood/Peacock Hybrids) - Aquarium Strain Symphysodon (Discus) - Aquarium Strain Pterophyllum (Angelfish) - Electric Blue Jack Dempseys - "Marbled" V. fenestratus .. and just for the sake of it, opinions on non-hybrid: - Longfin/Balloon Varieties My opinions? I'm sticking to the opinion that "natural is beautiful": everything listed above does not appeal to me in the slightest. That sounds like a pretty good way to kick start a bias argument some might say, but that is my honest opinion. Regarding Hybrids, particularly Flowerhorns and other CA mutts, I firmly believe that regardless of the "control" some hybrid breeders pretend to take over the preservation of lines, somewhere along the line fish they have bred already have and will taint the limited lines of natural species that we can no longer import, such as Amphilophus and Vieja species. Blood Parrots simply disgust me, as they appeal primarily to the less-experienced market demographic who are more than likely unaware that they are essentially a deformed hybrid mess. I look at balloon varieties in the same light as a similar "market fad" for pawning off deformed specimens. I don't know what to think about the Discus and Angel situation. If I was to ever keep these specimens in the future, they would always be wild strain. While many of the colour morphs may technically be hybrids, Discus and Angelfish are still legal imports, allowing us to replenish natural lines. Unfortunately, I think most of the damage has already been done. I would like this thread to remain as constructive as possible. Any personal attacks that aren't above board or don't relate to the topic at hand will be simply removed. If enough people get involved we might just end up with a solid debate and consensus of what hobbyists truly think of much-argued dilemma. What are your thoughts? Edit: Just to clarify, this is not to form a ruleset. It's simply a discussion.
  15. Ok first off sorry the video is crap. I just stripped my yellow nad some of the fry still have sac attached so i reckon hey I bubble these guys. Problem is I dont know if the stariner has wide enough holes.. Dont seem to pass much air thru. So Question Is the air passing thru the strainer enough?? Again Horrible video..sorry hopefully you can see the bubbles...lol Cheers and thanx all in advance
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