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Found 32 results

  1. Hey there Fish Friends, Just started a scape, but not 100% happy with it quite yet. Plans so far are to remove sand and add more soil. Currently using Eco-Complete and liquid ferts. with new soil, i will have grasshair carpet the whole front and right side of tank. but the left side where driftwood is looks a tad bland IMO. was thinking of adding rotala rotundifolia in the very left corner and maybe some behind the big driftwood? Opinions on that or any plants that could look good? would love to hear suggestions wanting to fill it up more. Note: Waiting for new impeller for canister, thus the internal is there. Sorry for having too much to read! Cheers, Kev.
  2. Hi, i have recently this year set up a new aquascape, but im not happy with it. i am just looking for suggestions on how to improve the physical structure and colors of the scape, also what plants people think would work well. the tank is 4 foot with strong lighting. thanks
  3. hey guys so recently a guy at work asked me my opinion. He wanted to upgrade his crappy aqua one internal filter to something that would be better, a whole lot better. so myself being a fish keeper of roughly 6 years now (i know still a n00b), i have had my fair share of experience with crappy filters due to the wrong choice, or dodgy sales people. having previously worked in the aquarium industry i am quite savvy with what is good, and what is not so good now. anywayyyy thats just a little background info. so the guy went on to tell me his stocking after i had asked (overstocked = over filter) and i got this - two 30cm fronts - four 14cm oscars - eastern shortneck turtle (10cm diameter of shell) - two 40cm plecos all of this in a 4 footer.... so i told him the dealio, and why his water quality would be crap. and it was after he had tested it. he came back the next day telling me that he had gone to a large gold coast pet store (not to be named) and had been recommended to buy an aqua one canister filter. he tells me this and i advise "if you are spending $300 on an aqua one canister filter, why not spend that money on eheim filtration." i was replied with "they are no good, **** brand" so guys favourite brand for filtration and why.
  4. Hey Everyone, I am just in need of some personal opinions on how i should continue with my fish arrangements. I have been keeping these for a little over 6 months, i have 2 ebjd's about 7cm in a 2.5foot with 2 peppermint b/n about 6cm, and also have a festae and synspillum in a 4x2x2ft both are around 10-11cm, after alot of drama with other fish in my 4ft i have narrowed it down to those 2, with a bumblebee catfish in there, and i was wondering if i should sell the festae and synspillum and move my ebjds into the 4ft with the b/n, or if i should sell the 2 americans and buy some africans and start a new tank with it, and keep ebjds where they are, or just keep it as is now. all help appreciated thanks
  5. Howdy all , just like some thoughts/opinions from other fisho's on using marinepure media and macropore water conditioner, instead charcoal and ceramic noodles . cheers
  6. .Hey guys is it good to out peas in a fresh water tropical tank ?
  7. Bio balls – your opinion? Who uses them? Who doesnt? why? To me it seems they are now a thing of the past, with so many modern media types available such as matrix, marine pure and K1. Been doing some reading on the net (so it must be true lol) to try and work out the effectiveness of bio balls/cubes. A study done by Cermedia (the manufacturer of Marinepure) claim that bioballs are as effective as an empty filter lol - study report can be found here http://www.cermedia.com/MarinePure%20Project%20Report.pdf I have some in half my sump as I got them for free but questioning there usefulness now... (other half of the sump has marine pure/coral and matrix)
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hi all, Starting to run out of tanks so looking to combine some of my breeding colonies. Just after some advice on which colonies I could combine without cross breeding or too much aggression. Colonies I wish to place 2 of together are; Electric Yellows, Electric Blues, Blue Dolphins, Flamebacks, Demasoni, Maingano, Dragons Blood Peacocks, Kingsezei, Lombardoi, Hongi. Any thoughts/opinions appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey everyone, Thought I'd share my little adventure that has kept me very busy for the last two weeks. After years of having a 1.5ft tank I have finally decided to start a real aquarium! Not much in it yet, just the rocks and wood. Depending on whether I put big fish in there, it will most liekly end up with a combo of anubias and java fern. Most of it was cheap from Gumtree apart from the new canister filter running at 1200L p/h. Repainted the stand and did some heavy cleaning, and it has come out looking pretty well! A 4fter, though quite small given it only has a capacity of 180L. The tank has been cycling for nearly a week and should get there soon. I'm not entirely sure yet what fish to put in as yet but I think I've narrowed it down to two options: 1. A general community tank with tetras, bristlenose, corys, loaches, rams, kribs, rainbows etc or 2. A few big fish ie 1 of each flowerhorn, red devil, texas and an oscar... If anyone has any opinions about the setup or more importantly that combo of big american cichlids I mentioned, it'd be highly appreciates. Thanks
  11. Minutes away from buying one just wanting some opinions.. I'm aware you have to get them calibrated or what not, but don't know what's envovled?.. is there a better alternative around the same price($95)?.. Thanks in advance
  12. So I have black gravel substrate and what used to be a heavily planted tank but I have cut back to a few crypts and drift wood Anubis and amazon swords cause I'm kind of over the plants these days... Had discus for around 2 years now and if you walk in the room they spaz out bounce off everything in the tank and hide ... Real sick of this and they should start paying for electricity and water cause I never get the privilege of seeing them...l water parameters haven't changed tank is spotless ... I spoke to a guy at AOA and he backed me on my future changes to a sandy bottom with nice drift wood and low light.... They used to have white gravel and that looked great as the blue diamons and Altum floras brought out their blues a lot better ..... He reckons this is more of their natural habitat ... Do I just stick it out and wait for them to chill the f*** out... Or sell them and get the red festae or green terrors I've always wanted ... All are beautiful fish and if I sit and wait they all come out ...but I hate a quiet tank
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hello everybody, My tank is 4ft 200 litres, well planted with a Eheim 2217 filter. My stock plan so far is this: -12 Black Phantom Tetra -12 Emperor Tetra -2 Bristlenose -2 Royal Whiptail -6 or 8 Sterbai Corydoras (not sure if 8 will be too much for bottom feeders) -Cherry Shrimp (will grow up heaps of java moss for the critters and have the tank heavily planted) What do you chumps think about this? Should I add something for the top-mid level? If so I would like it to be a species from the Americas to suit the theme and which won't absolutely obliterate the adult cherry shrimp! So far I have one tiny bristlenose and 6 phantoms (2 males 4 females), all very lively, eating and still the levels are where they should be (0 Nitrite & Ammonia, 5-10 Nitrates) Really appreciate this!
  15. Hey everyone just wondering peoples opinion on freshwater mussels in the aquarium we have some in african tanks and some in tropical water (touch of salt added with water changes) they all seem happy, some skip about do you keep mussels???
  16. Hey guys going to have a crack at doing my first sump i have attached a picture of how i think i want to go with it which i copied from JBGC,s thread and changed to suit what i was thinking. Nothing is to scale just a concept please leave comments and opinions/advice. Thanks
  17. Has anyone used one of these? http://www.guppysaquariumproducts.com.au/internal-external-filters/pro-aqua-canister-filters/1000l/h-canister-filter-with-all-filter-media/prod_250.html I'm after 2 (cheap) canister filters to donate to the school I'm working at! I'm renovating 2 4x18" aquaria to stock native fish of the gladstone area. One will get boyne river rainbows and tge other a barra. Needs to be low maintenance and easy to clean. Any suggestions welcome. Eheim 2215 me thinks.
  18. Hi all, I was wondering whether the experts think that gold comps will breed in a tank that has 12 x leptosoma utinta, 3 leleupi, 3 caudos and 3 syndontis petricola? It's a 4ft x 2ft display. I haven't settled on how many comps I should run with yet, but presently have a lot. I do have a couple of nice males, that appear to have a couple of floozies, but I loose track of everyone in tank. It's an awesome display tank, but I'm thinking of finding a balance that will enable the comps to breed. Any advice please???? Jules
  19. Hey guys building an extension to the house for more room for the fishy friends and was wanting some suggestions mainly roofing. At first was going to build the roof with the usual colourbond sheets with an insulated ceiling with the electrical work running through with light fixtures. Now this room won't have windows only a door entry, the walls will pretty much be the same as the roof in construction.. With our varied temps between winter and summer i want consider opinions with cooling and heating. Colourbond roof with whirlies for summer? Clear polycarbonate roof ( no insulated ceiling) for natural light instead of lighting (too much heat loss during winter?) Other ideas? All of the structure is in place already but the walls haven't been put up, has colourbond roofing already but this can be used elsewhere so isn't a waste if i replace... So yeah seeing what idea's you guys can throw at me before i sign the checkbook. Ideally i would like it to have ideal conditions both in summer and winter without the power bill kicking me in the nuts. Cheers Dan
  20. Hi friends I have one, soon to be four IBC's going, for growing out malawi's I know ill have to watch what speices I mix in them, but fo now im wondering what sort of stockin levels people heve managed. I want go drop fry in at 1.5 to 2cm and grow till 5 to 10 cm. I think with good filtration and weekly water changes I should be able to have about 150 fish per ibc. What to you think? What worked for you?
  21. so lately I've seen hang on filters where the filter media is replaced with plants ,substrate and fish . does anyone know how exactly this works ?
  22. YaY..... finally got one of my Dimidiochromis compressiceps holding again and she is full as. you can see the eggs easy as tumbling in her mouth. I sectioned the tank off for her and am unsure if that is the best idea :/ Very similar to one of my kapampa frontosa holding a couple of weeks ago and did the same and sectioned her off. I do notice they seem to stress out a bit with the grate and some what swim up and down it. I really don't think either fish have or liked the grate but I don't want to take the grate away in case the other fish harass them. The eye biters are nut cases. Any ways.... any ideas on what you will do? let her swim free like my kapampa or strip her? What is the ideal stripping day on a eye biter? here is a crap pic of the Dimidiochromis compressiceps holding and a pic of my kapampa frontosa holding at present
  23. Since reducing my fishy collection dramatically, I've found I've become less and less interested in doing general maintenance on my last fish-only tank. This houses my male EBJD who most of you are aware of. My problem is I feel that I'm not giving him the best home possible at the moment, I just have very little motivation. However I have had this fish for 5+ years, and cherish him greatly. But again, I don't think he has the best home with me at this time. In your opinion, would it be better to rehome him? I know I would miss him but I'm thinking if he went to a peaceful and caring home (of someone I know and trust) it would be better than him living how he is now. I mean, he is doing fine, but is not being cared for in the pristine nature I used to. Your opinions and experiences?
  24. I am setting up a new 6x2x2 to hold frontosas. I am not going down the sump path so I am chasing some info off you guys about filtration. I am waiting to hear back from a guy who is selling a 2260, so I was leaning towards that and an additional filter but unsure which one. Cheers
  25. Hi was asked to go to an upcoming auction on theGold Coast,just wondering what they are like and the positives or cons of these events ,any input would be appreciated
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