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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, Oranda trio up for grabs (2m, 1f) 2 apache males & 1 red and white female Price: $130 Right hand side: Red female has always had the loopy swimming action (swim bladder) ..originally purchased to breed which she has (fertile) Pick up from Oxley or QUT if paid beforehand PM, comment or text 0435 158 916 if interested Thanks, John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDMo84oL7YE
  2. Just wanted to sare some pics of some great Oranda...these guys are from a farm in Thailand the owner(Mr Jack) specialises in these great Oranda.... Great looking fish if you ask me..
  3. I bought some orandas from a pet shop recently and my good oranda has a stringy white thing growing from its head. Is it done kind of worm? It had 1 long one on one side then it cleared up and now it's growing on both sides
  4. Hey Goldfish lovers! I picked up this Oranda on impulse today purely because he has an awesome wen (That's what it's called, yeah?). Just interested to know if this would be considered low, medium or high quality purely for interests sake. Hopefully [MENTION=3492]netty_3164[/MENTION] and [MENTION=2649]goldenswimmers[/MENTION] will come forward and give me 101 reasons why this is an awesome fish! Thanks, Finn
  5. Hi all, I have been fish keeping for over 3 years now (so I am experienced but not yet an expert) and have not long acquired a blue oranda. I have noticed that every day white parasites appear and disappear in the folds of his head. I have a 1w led light which I turn on of a morning when I feed them and I leave the light on for about 4 hours while I go into town. When I arrive home the parasites are there so I turn the light off for another few hours and when I check again the parasites are gone. The parasites have not spread to my other 4 orandas and none of them have ever experienced this before. The layout of the tank also has more than enough plants and rocks to provide shelter and hiding places so I'm thinking it is not 100% because of the light being on. Just wondering if there is there something I can do to heighten his immune system and help prevent this from happening again without having to take drastic measures and separate him? Cheers in advance
  6. I am starting a new chapter in my fishkeeping at the moment but still working with some goldfish currently and have finally cracked an elusive colour scheme when it comes to the fancy goldfish ....black and white or panda...this is only the beginnings of it coming through in what would be termed F1s but its finally shown up and its with controlled crossbreeding....so from here its locking the colour pattern down so it starts to become more prominent in offspring..fingers crossed!!..this guy should hopefully get some headgrowth coming on soon(already has small signs) and fingers crossed if some of the black stabilizes he will be a nice panda oranda....I'd love to "splash" this colour pattern on to ranchu but thats a bigger project for further down the path if I can hopefully lock it down...there were about 25% like this and i have noticed many lose the black and end up pure white.. but i remember hearing from a breeder overseas(hermanto) about the black colour fading indoors and how in turn outdoors the sunlight did the opposite and triggered the black to darken or stabilize....so maybe they need a dose of sunbaking outdoors in a little pond ?! Heres the biggest little guy...
  7. Everyone loves seeing pics right? You've all seen the side view shots of these fish, here are some top view shots I took this morning Female interesting extended nostril features Male Still young fish and here's a pic to show their size Feel free to comment/critique these fish Cheers, John
  8. Miss molly died because she was bitten by another fish and it had gotten inffected we try saving her but it was to late
  9. my awsome oranda has devlopet a hole that keeps getting bigger please help i would get a pic is that i dont know how to upload one
  10. Yo guys, Check out this jade oranda of mine that seems to be developing some black colouration. It was originally purchased with two faint black lines on the margins on its dorsal however the black colour has seemed to have popped up and darkened on other parts of its fins, wen, cheeks and body. Here's a progression pic: 6 weeks ago Today with black markings marked Interestingly, I found a thread online in which a chinese oranda like mine developed black colouration as well. Similarly, the black colouration began on the margin of the dorsals Color Changing oranda - Site for Goldfish Keepers Thoughts guys?
  11. We are doing a pond in the yard and I want to eventually breed goldfish, most likely oranda. Is there a certain depth or size we should make the pond? I want to make sure we don't do it too deep or shallow. Any other good tips for a nice pond where they are also breeding? Don't know much about breeding goldfish but I love the look of them and my hubby has always wanted an outdoor pond!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZWHOVYkc10&feature=youtu.be My oranda is having trouble swimming properly, I think it might be a gas bladder problem? He doesn't float to the surface when in his aquarium, he just swims in strange directions. He can move his tail left and right and doesn't seem to have any injuries. I haven't seen him eat any duckweed but I have been offering it.
  13. now this is a decent oranda wonder if I can find one at the local fishy store
  14. So iv decided to give Oranda Gold Hikari food a go on some nice orandas. Has anyone ever tried it before? Results?
  15. Hi Guys I have a redcap oranda that I purchased 15 months ago from the LFS. Anyway, for the last couple of months it's been swimming head first into the bottom back corner of the fishtank and staying there for hours. In fact the only time I see it is if I'm feeding it (not sure if it's a boy or girl) or if I chase it out of it's hole. When it first started doing this it took a few scales of it's side by wedging itself between the glass and some driftwood. I've since moved the driftwood and put a plant there, so now it wedges itself between the plant and glass... I do weekly water changes. Its tankmates consist of a couple of corys, two axolotls and a handful of feeder fish (gudgeons?) that haven't been eaten since they were put in there in Dec. Water parameters are: Ammonia 0 NitrIte 0 NitrAte 10 PH 7 Tank is 125l, 3 foot long with black sand substrate, a couple of decorations, driftwood and a few live plants. Filter a Eheim 2215. 2 air stones. Here is a pic of the fish: Every now and then it seems lethargic, laying on its side rather than just wedged, so I'll put him in a large mesh fry cage and feed him peas for a couple of days. He perks up, I let him out and he swims straight for that corner again. I've done this twice now in the last couple of months. Normal food for him is Hikari Lionhead. He also steals the shrimp pellets and axolotl pellets whenever he gets a chance. As a treat they all get frozen blood worms every now and again. Oh and the other day he stole a earth worm that I was trying to feed the axi. I've been told to get rid of the feeder fish but I'm having trouble catching the little buggers. Haven't worked out what to do with them once I've caught them though... Noone I know of has fish large enough to feed them too. Any thoughts or suggestions on why its choosing to stay in the corner?
  16. went for a drive yesterday and popped in to one of the petshop/aquariums and I saw a big tank with big hugh goldfishes. I knew they are sort of exotic. when I asked the staff of "why the goldfishes in this tank so expensive especially this big white beautiful white oranda goldfish" she responded " I don't know."!!! and walked off. How rude she was. I was nearly gonna make a complain but I just let it goes. I think if any shop want to sell the fish this expensive they should train their staff of how to make the sale e.g. she could say " it was imported from China or it was a rare goldfish not just I don't know. Not happy with this shop.
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