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Found 54 results

  1. Hi just want to know if Orange Spot Bristlenose will breed with a common or are they like Peps
  2. About 6 months ago i got a sailfin pleco of kev and it has grown about 15cm since then. a couple of weeks ago i noticed that he was getting a red tint on the top of his tail fin. i didnt pay much attention but now all of his fins are Orange and his body is starting to turn as well. Is this normal? Should i be concerned? Regards harrison
  3. Hey guys. i got a new mutation from my orange rilli programme. to be honest i kinda expected this to happen eventually. if the red rilli and carbon rilli could have a blue body i thought it was inevitable that any rilli programme would eventually have the same mutation. well here it is! it's finally happenned and even better. the specimen has a tiger stripe rilli pattern as well not the normal head and tail! a big thank you to ronald marcos who took these photos for me. can't wait to see it under jays lens!
  4. found a couple of these big boys while moving fish out of my ibc, been awhile since i bred any so put a trio together and next minute we have a huge log full of eggs, females aren't much smaller, these were ones i bred a couple years ago,
  5. Hi all, got some tapajos from ozmo and had to share a pic or three. Cheers mick
  6. hey everyone, i've recently set up a 10 2 foot tank stand system built specifically to house my bn pairs. I have 4 pepermint pairs 4 longfin albino pairs 1 shortfin albino pair and one orangespot trio. I have alot of experience with the other varities except the orange spots. just wondering as they look a little different to the common bristlenose family if there are infact slight differences in breeding these little guys. please and thankyou for your tips and advice =)
  7. Hi, I bought 6 of these as fry and the band on them is yellow and they are now 4-4.5cm. Does it change to orange or was I sold Ikola maybe? Thanks
  8. I want these, not a million of them though
  9. Hi everyone Just a quick query, I spotted some beautiful Orange Leleupi today at a very reputable store on the North side of Bris, Couldn't resist and bought a whole bunch with the intention of trying to get a few pairs. Once I got home and relocated them into their homes, i couldn't help but notice that the beautiful orange was now yellow. They have been in their tanks now for over 5 hours eating, and appear to be very happy. Have I been had with clever lighting or will they grow into their color? It should be noted that they are all around the 5-6 cm mark, and have been relocated from the LFS water which had a low pH, high ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates...to ph 8, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrates. Does anyone know whats going on? Cheers Yas and Will
  10. This is my new build up for my Orange Head Tapajo's Species tank. Thanks to Mr Ozmo for holding some great looking Juvi's, Big thanks to Donny and the Boys at AoA for having killer deals for filtration, also Donny for a bottle of black magic and to the missus for doin' most the cleaning of the sand and glass for me since I put my back out! Anyways this used to be my Africans but now time for something different there hope you enjoy the pics and any advise on tank mates or low maitenance plants (no co2) would be greatly appreciated! Only put water in it an hour ago so hence the $h!tty pics!!! p.s this is the above tank in the back of this picture with no water and lights on!
  11. I will be pairing this lot up and listing them for sale over the Mothers Day weekend. No holds. Females: http://youtu.be/TE-KZ1bfpoY Males: http://youtu.be/hgvTmZYu-3A There are 10 more not in these videos, as well as a second spawn of these that should be ready in June...
  12. So I have 3 discus, 2 p bloods and a orange melon. I have my tank divided and have the two p bloods on one side and the orange melon on the other side. I the last week I've noticed one of the p bloods is doing alot of shimmering right next to the divider and the orange melon is doing the same, they shimmer at each other all day and the p blood has started pecking at a rock right next to the divider.. I'm pretty new to discus but I think they wanna breed?? Just curious to wat sorta discus I would get if they did breed, should I try and get them to breed or would they just be really ugly peppered discus fry ? :confused:
  13. Not sure anyone have this orange ver. I was fall in love with this small creature ,love their color and always look cooked , LOL Now they are upsize for free , yay Can u see their eyes ?! Nolan
  14. I got a pair of adult Orange Spot Bristlenose from the last auction at Caboolture. 13cm male and 9cm female, the female had some problems not long after I got her home, she had an infection and died about 2 weeks ago. I had picked up another 4 (what I thought were sub-adult) females about 6cm. I didn't think they would breed yet but when I got home from work today I did my usual check of all caves (much to my surprise) I found the male sitting on a clutch of eggs (about 20-30). Woohoo!! This sort of thing helps you to forget about the negative stuff that can happen when keeping fish. Stoked!!! Just thought I'd share...
  15. Love my new fishies cant wait to they colour up more
  16. I just gave my orange head fry a big feed of fresh hatched BBS last night for the first time in a few weeks. the fry are just over a month old and were going strong. had a couple die early on but none since. So this morning I woke up to 5 dead bubs. Did a water change and fed crushed pellet. Got home from work this arvo to another 5 dead Now hours later there are another 2 dead. And when I think back, the last few deaths I had was when I had fed the BBS. Is it possible to get a bad batch? I know the shells are bad but I've been really careful with that. I'm pretty upset about whatever's going on. All I can say is I'm not feeding anymore of that and I hope they stop dying soon. I think I have about 40 left. I'm hoping I don't wake up to a heap more dead babies. Any thoughts?
  17. Hello all I throught I would share with everyone my first mouthfully Orange Bemba stripped today. I only expect 3-4 maximum from 6-7cm female but I surprised that I got 7 little one now, her first or second hold were not successfully but this time she hold till the 18 days. Now is the challenge to raise up the little one. Cheers, Ryan:)
  18. Hi Guys My cherries are churning out Orange coloured shrimp I will try to post some pics soon .. they are a nice Naval Orange colour .. even berried female are this colour ! not red .. I must have about 30 + at this stage .. i will try t get a pic with one of the reds next to them so you can see how diff they are !! Was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue
  19. does anybody have marble or orange spot bn for sale
  20. hey guys was interested in some peppermints, marble bn and orange spot pairs but first of all what is the cost of some of these as pairs thanks Anthony
  21. Hey guys I've Got two female orange spots that are about 8cm. Just wondering what they are worth. Cheers, Sam
  22. Wondering what the best diet for these guys would be and the frequency for maximum growth. they are nearly 8months old roughly and i have been feeding them a mixture of spectrum, spectrum thera + and hikari, also superior brand blood worms though i hear blood worms are apparently not the best and hence want to change. I feed them morning, afternoon and night. what would you recommend in their diet to best accommodate their health and growth? will post some pics tomorrow.:confused:
  23. A few months ago I lost my big male don't know how but he died. He was a breeding machine. So I had a sub dominate male and a female left and they were not doing anything together. Always at different ends of the tank. I was told that once the pair bond was broken with these guys they may not ever pair up again. But about 2 weeks ago I seen them chillin with each other. Then today I came home from work to see the females mouth just about exploding with eggs. Happy as. Just thought I'd have a rant. Cheers.
  24. Will this be ok? Looking to get two Bolivian Rams. I have: 3 x Orange Head Geos 15 x Black Phantom Tetras 6 x Sterbai Corys 7 x Pepp Bns 1 x L066 Pleco Tank is four foot... Also, are Bolivian rams bottom dwellers or will they hang around mid tank as well? (I don't want any more always on the bottom) Thanks
  25. This has puzzled me for a while... I see these around, people asking good $$$ for them. What are they, to me they look like bad quality commons (Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus). No markings no colour. Or are they some other Ancistrus sp. ?
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