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Found 14 results

  1. Morning all, just doing my usual check of wholesalers lists this morning & there is a product line on the current Aquarium Industries list I am interested in ordering If the price is good. I am looking for an individual or sponsor who may be able to obtain for me a price & quantity available, and possibly process the order for me. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Craigo.
  2. Hi, I bought air pump and filter material from BOYU australia online. Now it's a month and not received the delivery. I have sent so many email to the contact on the BOYU australia website but no reply. Payment was made through paypal and i have also sent email to them but same, no reply. BOYU don't have a contact phone number. Looks like i won't get my order. Anyone with same experience with BOYU? What other options that i can try to get my money back? Thanks in advance
  3. Some extinct examples............
  4. I just got a boy dovi at 13cm my malw Jag 15cm challenge him the dovii submitted and did flare back. But my 8.5cm texas boy keep picking on the dovii.....the next day the texas had bite marks all over him but continued to jarras the dovii, next day the dovii now swims freely around the tank (outside of the jas home) and the texas swims away from the dovii if it comes close. I guess the dovii had enough and told him what is what. Tank is back to normal. Stock also includes $$ and clownloaches, female festea, syn and grwoing out umbee. Bit over stocked but will good for a year 8x2x2 and sump.
  5. Hi All. Here is what you get, Apex Base Unit Energy Bar 6 ( 240v AU plugs ) Apex Display Module Long-life Temperature Probe Lab Grade pH Probe Special Pre order price of $699.00 ( no further discounts applicable ) Normal retail $899.00 save $200.00 We will be listing all of the additional accessories shortly onto the website. Link - Age of Aquariums - Neptune Apex AquaController Starter Kit - Pre order for delivery late November 2013 No need to pay now you can select direct deposit on the checkout and we will contact you for payment when the stock arrives. Ben
  6. I'm building a big planted cube, and need to run an inline heater and a co2 reactor inline with an FX5. Would you run the heater and the reactor after the filter, or run the heater before the filter and the reactor after? I know the reactor should be after the filter, but thought that all the equipment after the filter might effect the flow output? Interested to hear other peoples thoughts.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Just wondering what other people are running in their canister filters and in what order. I just bought a eheim 2260 and thinking about running the following in order from top to botton: filter mat, noodles, matrix, crushed coral and finally purigen. The 2260 works from top to bottom,any help would be appreciated.
  9. I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT GETTING SUM CORYS IN FROM OVERSEAS IF YOU WERE TO GET ANY WHAT WOULD THEY BE AS I MIGHT BE ABLE TO PLACE A ORDER FOR THEM THIS IS WHAT IM THINKING OF 1. C. similis 2.C. saramaccensis 3.C. sp. (C141), 4.C. sp. (C143) 5.C. sp. (Cw010) 6.C. sp. (Cw014) 7.C. sp. (Cw027) 8.C. sp. (Cw049) 9.C. weitzmani 10.C. weitzmani / ALBINO 11.C. adolfoi 12.C. caudimaculatus 13 C. Concolour 14.C. cf. arcuatus 15.C. cf. aeneus(gold) 16.C. davidsandsi 17. C. NEON GOLD .. GREEN..REDS
  10. Ok so whether you believe all this is needed or not, I'm trying to learn whether there is relevance in the order that each step of the water conditioning/filtration occurs. Ok so lets say we have all this as part of our filtration system: Prefilter Pads Miracle Mud Live rock Protein Skimmer Chiller Heater UV light Now It would make sense that all the prefilter pads go in order from most coarse to less. And I would naturally like to put them first in the filtration cycle but I noticed that mass produced sumps seem to want dirty water straight from the tank to go through this bio-filtration BEFORE anything else? I thought bio-filtration used microscopic trace elements and didn't actually need the visible detritus to work? On a more pedantic level, should the water be heated before its skimmed for Protein or after? Basically I need to know if any of this ordering matters. It may be easier if those who respond just to put the above list in the order they would do it.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hey my fish friends. As you all know you have to always spend money on your chemicals for your lovely fish. Well i think this time i do my chemical order i will look on the internet (it has to be cheaper hahha) i was wanting a couple of suggestions for what sites to look at. of course there is redlands and that is one place i am looking but i would like to know a couple more to see if there is cheaper prices around i am looking for seachem products and also a large tub of spectrum as my fishies love the stuff im looking for a couple more things but mainly i am looking for the things mentioned. so if any of you lovely people know a site that sells the brands i am looking for feel free to let me know. Thanks again guys Leon
  13. Howdies, Anyone out there make hoods to order? I'm just after a flat top one (or sloping, whatever is easiest) for a 3'. Was organising for someone to to do it but he hasn't got back to me or been on here for ages & I'm wanting something made up fairly soon. Cheers, Di
  14. Just letting you guys know there is a internet mail order fish supplies store I will not be recomending I have been waiting for 3 weeks to receive $130 worth of omega one food and still no sign they have used the same excuse twice now which is seachem have lost the order. If you require there name please pm unless the mods here allow me to put it up publically.
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