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Found 3 results

  1. I posted a few days ago about my new pair of N. ornatopinnis having a shell of fry. Sadly as of today she's totally abandoned the shell and no fry are left. She's quite fat with eggs again though and is still hanging closely with her male so I'm sure they'll spawn again, but I'm looking for some suggestions on how to help this not happen again. First of all, is this common with new pairs? This is their first spawn and I'm thinking maybe she's just still working herself out. Next, the other three are still in the tank. I believe this is either M/M/F or F/F/M. They're still growing so it's hard to tell at times. None of these other ones are using shells or paired up yet, but they're still a little pushy and keep swooping the main pair. There's no hardcore aggression though, no ripped fins or any damage done. I've taken this opportunity to rearrange the tank. It's a 2x18x18; I've moved the texas holey rock into the middle of the tank now to create two distinct areas, and split up the shells in the tank to opposite corners. - Should I not bother with this and just remove the three spares? I'm pretty sure I can work another pair out of these three so I'd like to hold onto them for a while. I can easily set them up in another 2x1 tank this weekend. Thanks in advance for the help guys. Still a big learning curve here!
  2. Couldn't get any pics (badly placed shell and VERY protective parents), but definitely spotted fry in my females shell. I've had these guys THREE weeks. I wasn't sure at first when I got them that I had a pair and picked up two more from shon a few week back. Now of course the pair I do have are losing their shit completely at the other three in the tank. few questions, 1. the fry are just very small and wiggly (eyes with tails)..at what point should I look at using baby brine to feed them, or should I just grind up the same food their parents are eating? 2. The tank is 2x18; should I look at removing the other three? I'm thinking (based on sizes) that there is one other pair and a spare small male. I have tanks that I can shift around and move the other three into, spare filters and all that. I'm hoping if i *do* move them I may end up with a 2nd pair and a 'spare'. 2.a. - the spare two that look like a pair REFUSE to use shells. No interest at all, would this be because they are not the largest/dominant pair in the tank? Not enough separate 'areas' in the tank? 3. No question, just a yay! fry! =) (At least SOME of my fish are breeding....)
  3. Since there's absolutely no way that I can find to upload or embed video anymore (GREAT, really) I'll have to share links. I'm thinking the two sparring in the first two vids are actually females based on face shape, but I could be wrong: http://vimeo.com/17464347 http://vimeo.com/17464582 Here's the one I think is male, based on head and mouth shape, which is showing no aggression. http://vimeo.com/17464789 If I could get any help sexing them that'd be great. I think I'll have to observe them over the next week and try to work out who is who. The hope was getting a male and two females, if it looks like it's all wrong then I guess I'll be back to Smith's next week.
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