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Found 7 results

  1. Good evening all. Im looking for some information on these fish. I have a 4x18x18 tank that lives in our sun room & has had many fish call if home over the years (it was even a marine tank for a year once) but now I have a fish room that has (almost) enough space/tanks for my fishies I am looking to set this one up as a permanent feature & let it & all its inhabitants grow out. It has been empty of fish for the last few months bar some bristlenose & some plants that are loving the semi daylight they receive. Now I have decided it back to my roots roots & it will be a native tank. Rainbows, where my fish keeping journey began. I had been looking at the all super cool threadfin rainbows & some blue eyes from aqua green, but then I stumbled on a picture of Teewah Creek Rhad's. So, I am extremely interested in collecting or purchasing some of these fish for our display as Teewah beach & the whole area has a lot of family history for my Wife. Her great grandfather built one of the first houses at Teewah settlement on the beach & started the ferry at Tewantin. The house is still in the family & we are usually up there at least once a month So if anybody can help me in identifying a collection point that my wife & I might be able to take our boy too collected some fish of our tank only, it would be a great help & we will be only collecting there once, as we will be only having one rainbow tank & have no need to tell anybody else about the spot. PM would be ok as well so that it is not on the forum. Or if you have some of these fish available, please let me know. Otherwise I would like to see Pictures of your fish & tanks if you would like to share, and any specific diets or plants the fish may prefer. Thanks, Craigo.
  2. A pair of young males wild caught from Teewah Creek Tin Can Bay Im growing a few out in a pond atm and see they also have a red tail and body variation like Searys creek and Snapper creek The 2 here seem to be the most common variant
  3. Hey guys, Will be picking up some ornate catfish In a few days and was wondering how well these fish tolerate aquarium salt? I only add about 5 table spoons of API aquarium salt into the 4x2x2 every water change.
  4. Decided to turn the 2.5ft tank inside into display/photo tank, it was just housing some spare/backup honey blue eye broodstock anyway. So put in some Noosa River/Lake Cootharaba rhads, Snapper creek rhads and pacific blue eyes to have a look at. They have been in for a few days and the male rhads have started trying to show whos dominant already. There is a few big hits happening. Current list of species - 2f 3m Ornate Rainbowfish - Rhadinocentrus ornatus - Snapper Creek 2f 3m Ornate Rainbowfish - Rhadinocentrus ornatus - Noosa River/Lake Cootharaba 2f 5m Pacific Blue eye - Pseudomugil signifier - Obi Obi Creek 4 Common Bristlenose Catfish - Ancistrus cirrhosus lots of Cherry Shrimp - Paratya australiensis If anybody has a 2ft light for this tank in working order that will grow easy plants im keen to swap fish or driftwood
  5. Went for a Sunday drive to Tincan bay/Rainbowbeach and stopped at Searys Creek in the Great Sandy National Park for a swim and snorkel. Ornate rainbowfish Rhadinocentrus ornatus were abundant and in many different colour variations along with gudgeons, eels huge and small, crayfish and shrimp. Such a beautiful area. tried to get some decent video but the little buggers are so quick
  6. Hello all I have two pairs Julidochromis ornatus one pair have fry now and free swim already but wondering should I remove the other pair out? I know these guy are good parents and should be fine to leave the parents with the fry but don't know about the other pair that are not their (the fry) parents. Any help/advices are welcome Planning to feed them some grinded NLS and brime shrimp. Cheers
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