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Found 108 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried apple snails in with Oscar's, I had an 8cm B/N in with them for about 4 months but woke up 1 morning to it half eaten. Any help or guidance would be appreciated, the Oscar's are around the 12cm mark (approx) Thankyou
  2. Hi everyone, Have had some dramas with HITH on both my Oscars over the last several months. The larger holes do not really seem to be getting worse, but during a black out tonight, i had the trusty iphone torch on while putting in a battery air pump and noticed just how bad it actually was so many smaller ones i had not previously noticed I'll be doing a 50% minimum water change tomorrow, removing AC from the filter (AquaOne Nautilus 2700), giving all trays a rinse out in tank water and re-testing all parameters. Last test showed: PH +/-7.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate off the fkn scales!!!! Nitrate has never dropped below 40ppm for as long as i can remember - i dont know why, and water changes don't seem to make a difference to the reading oh and they've been laying every few weeks for a little over 7mths now so i didnt think it was effecting them toooo much??) took water samples to the LFS who got the same results i did (including Nitrate) and advised to make sure I'm using town water instead of tank water. diet: Hikari Cichlid Biogold+ every day frozen blood worms once or twice a week super worms - one / two a day each I've looked over the forum, and results generally indicate to increase water changes, adjust diet, use this chemical or that etc etc so... what i need to know is what are the best treatment options for HITH? what have people tried that has actually worked? (the condies crystals one scares me a little i have to admit!!) If anyone is up to speed on HITH treatments, please point me in the right direction here!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! cheers
  3. Hi, I am looking at setting up a new Oscar tank in the next couple of months, I currently have a 4x2x2 tank, an Eheim Professional 1200 XLT Cannister Filter, a few large pieces of driftwood. I am still yet to purchase ~18kg of tahitian moon sand, a 3D Latex Background, 2 x 5cm Tiger Oscars (after completing a fishless cycle), and am currently making up my mind on either an internal power filter, or I will look at purchasing a second hand Ecotech MP40WES or MP60WES wave maker, (any thoughts on pros & cons appreciated) obviously the Ecotech wavemaker is going to be quite a deal more expensive, but i am ok with up to $250 for this. Can anyone recommend any tank mates, if I have a fresh water crab from the start how long until he gets turned into a snack? possibly a plecco? Obviously want to keep the two Tigers as the central focus of the tank. Any advice would be warmly welcomed as I've been out of the hobby for a couple of years now, previous tank 6ft Marine, and a few years prior to that was a small 4ft African Cichlid tank. Cheers, Noz
  4. Currently keep 9 Oscars. Yes I have a addiction. Few pics.
  5. Hi Guys, After having my 4 foot tank packed up in a shipping container for the past 4 years I decided to recondition it and start fresh about a month ago. I had an old 1200L/H Resun AE-806 External cannister filter which I was sceptical about using but decided it was worth a shot. I cleaned it out, adding new padding and filter media and then replaced all of the input and output tubing I let it run for a day or so. The water cleared up and the flow was average. Due to the height of my canister filter I had to put it at the end of the tank and thus run a 1.2 meter tube to the opposite end of the filter for suction. After doing this I noticed the flow pressure lowered but thought nothing of it. Then I added two oscars and 4 silver dollars and 1 gold spot sailfin pleco. The pleco only lasted a week or two before it died, it lost all its colour and had a sucken in stomach, I was feeding a mixture of algae wafers, spirulina flakes and zucchini but it wouldn't touch it. I did a amonia/ ph/ nitate and nitrite test the night before it died and it all came up normal. This was at the 3 week mark and as a safeguard I did a water change, the following days I noticed what looked like white specs growing on the glass which moved with the flow of the water and then my oscars started to get white spot. Living on a rural property means I only have access to tank water and I have made sure the temps are at 26 degrees and the water is testing normal but for some reason I keep having trouble. I was recommended to use melafix and pimafix for the white specs on the glass and after doing a course of that it was still there , so I bought some white spot medication for the fish and after 3 days they seemed happy and healthy once again. However just a week or two after medicating them I noticed my oscar had a hole in his dorsal fin and scapes on his body as well as a flesh wound on his jaw which weren't healing and he stopped being interested in feeding. Then yesterday he showed up with some white dots again. I bought a 400L/H Otto Filter to aid in cleaning because I noticed the Resun cannister filter lagging, i just checked the input and output tubes and they have black and white blobs growing inside them... Can anyone help me in fixing these ongoing issues?? I assume I need a new cannister filter perhaps?
  6. Picked him up last week he finally has come out and socializing. Thanks [MENTION=553]grokzy[/MENTION]
  7. Home to Loki Thor and Mr Gold
  8. Acquired an albino oscar from a friend a good 12months or so ago as it was a problem in his community eating its tank mates, was meant too be a feeder fish when i got it home but the misses simply wouldn't allow it so he/she has been allowed to grow too a half decent considerable size with my RTGG , As of lately the oscar seems to quite enjoy excavating large pits around the tank and then spending a fair bit of time floating about just above the pit. Haven't kept oscars since i was 11 years old, have little too no experience sexing them other than the other one has the tail fin abit longer and the other sex is more rounded.... Which gender of oscar likes too dig the holes, or is it just a behaviour that oscars do for some enrichment ? I remember as a child my pair of oscars did this behaviour but meant they were about too spawn, this oscar has never had another oscar friend, and the RTGG isn't interested in playing nicely with it either lol.
  9. 30cm Albino Red Oscar for Sale $40 please photo to follow
  10. Just looking for advice on setting up a new tank for my young oscars. Im picking up a 4 and a half ft tank monday and just wanted advice on what colour gravel and tank backing etc to promote the colour. They are only dirty old tiger oscars but I got given them as fry and have grown on me are around 15cm now. I have some really big driftwood pieces to go in. This is the first tank the missus is letting me put in the lounge room and I want it to really pop. Any advice or ideas will be great. Cheers Ryan
  11. Hi everyone. This is in regards to an ongoing problem I am having with my baby oscar. On the 2 of march this year I purchased a red oscar (my first oscar). He was the smallest of 5 that I got to choose from, and he was being bashed up by the others. So I took pity on him and bought him. He was probably not much more than 4cm when I got him. I also purchased a baby chocolate cichlid as well as as a baby severum. The plan being to eventually have a south american tank with these 3 as well as some silver dollars.. (I have bought the tank...just need more manpower to get inside of house) I thought that buy growing them up together they might get on better in the long run. Since purchasing them the chocolate cichlid and severum have almost doubled in size but my oscar has barely grown at all. He is finikey about his food. I have Hikari gold which he just spits out. I have tried garden worms (which the chocolate loves) as well as frozen blood worms and another frozen product which combines all sorts of ingredients such as peas, brine shrimp etc. which is made for cichlids. He tried this and seemed to like it first time but is now ignoring this as well. The only thing he seems to like is freeze dried brine shrimp. I have seen him poop - and it looks normal. But I am concerned as although he looks like he wants food, when it is put in tank he does not really show any real intent to want to eat. Apart from being small, he looks okay, his fins have all healed up from his bashing at the LFS and he is swimming around and chasing the little feeder fish that also live in his tank (some sort of tiny rainbow fish) it's just that he is not growing or putting on any size that concerns me. (Have I bought a dwarf oscar?) As he was being bashed in the LFS tank I was wondering if he is not eating due to the chocolate cichlid (as she is protective of her food)..so I started coaxing him down away from her and feeding him at other end..I put food in but he just swims away. I was under the impression that oscars grow fast..but mine is not...It has been 4 weeks that I have been trying to find something that he likes...What else can I try to get him to eat more?..I was wondering if because he seems to like chasing the rainbow fish if he is wanting live food??.I have these small cockroaches in my bathroom(not contaminated with insecticides) that I can try..would they be okay?
  12. Hey guys, I got an Oscar last wednesday, she's around the 25cm mark and looks thick and healthy. Now i know it's normal for some fish not to eat much if anything for a little while, whilst settling into their new home. However, this Oscar hasn't even looked like taking a bite of any food ive offered (NLS, massivore and mealworms). If it were any other fish other than an Oscar, I'd be a little more patient. But over a week for the hungry pig of a fish we call oscars is a little odd. She looks healthy, swims around the tank, looks as if she's begging for food and there is no sign of white stringy poops. The previous owner reckons it was fed Hikari Cichlid Gold, which i don't have, nor will i be buying. The other fish in the tank (4 inch oscar and 4 inch convict) are eating and look just fine. Am I being impatient or is there something i might be missing? Ammonia and Nitrite are at 0 and Nitrate tends to stay under 20ppm with 2 wc's a week. Thanks in advance
  13. Thought I would start a thread for Goldie now I know it's an albino. More a photo journal than anything else. This is him/her approx. 6cm 22-10-14 day 1 Approx. 11cm 2-12-14 6 weeks Approx. 17cm 20-1-15 14 weeks I hope you enjoy still years more pics to come
  14. .So still following the aftermath of a week away, the other juvie Albino oscar seems to be getting sick. He has began to lie on his side on top of the internal filter. The first juvie albino oscar I came home to nearly dead has been separated and in a separate tank and is recovering and thriving - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/help-fish-health-diseases-water-quality-12/injured-oscar-help-please-again-116394/ (while I was gonna the third little albino had jumped). Family was looking after them while I was gone. I got these three from the same store and had no problems for a couple of weeks by themselves. Then from the same store but two weeks after I got a normal tiger oscar of the same size. All four were fine all together for a few weeks, with the normal tiger asserting himself as leader but nothing overly aggressive. Then I left for a week and came home to what is described above ^ What happened?! Now the last healthy albino is looking sick, and I need help. What do I do? I put Melafix and aquarium salt in immediately when I saw his sores, which are on both sides.
  15. .So I was away for the week, with family looking after my fish. Four little oscars were in the quarantine tank. Midway through the week I got a message saying one had jumped out, as they mustn't have put the lid back on after feeding. Gutted but nothing I could do. Come home and see that one of the others seems to have gotten smaller (or the others bigger while he remained small), and had a concave belly. I did a water change and cleaned the filter before I left, but tested the water again, and got Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 20. So I am assuming injury to the little oscar? Thing is, I've seen no signs of aggression between them and I've been looking at them more than I care to admit, before I left and since I've come home. I've moved him into his own two foot quarantine tank now. What do you think happened? What can I do to make sure he recovers? P.S. What food is best used so he can grow and catch up in size to the slightly bigger oscars?
  16. .Hey guys, thought i might start a thread for my current project. Its a 3x2x2 G&J Maher tank, cabinet and hood purchased 2nd hand from a workmate with a custom racetrack sump to fit the cabinet. I decided to buy this setup from my mate to move the inhabitants of my 4x15x18 running off an aquaone marisys for the past 2 years to get a little more high tech and have a crack at some sps corals again. strike up date: 12/10/2014 water: RODI/salt mix lighting: 160w dim-able full spectrum bridgelux led fitting (china ebay) on 12hr timer circulation: tunze nanostream 6020 and hydor koralia nano 1200 (soon to be either jebao rw4 x2 or a maxspect gyre) skimmer: reef octopus DNW-110 (soon to be marine sources RDC-850 monster skimmer) sump: 3 chamber racetrack, 1st chamber filter sock, marine pure bio-spheres and skimmer, 2nd chamber DSB, refugium with chaeto and caulerpa, 3rd chamber chemipure blue, 300w heater and 3000lph return pump fuge lighting: 14w full spectrum led on opposite schedule to display tank top up: manual RO (soon to be smart ATO) dosing: manually dosing Aqua Vitro calcium, magnesium, iodide, trace elements and 8.4 ph buffer and testing with API reef master kit and salifert testers. (soon to be kamoer 4ch dosing pump and hanna checker test kits) Tank Stock 1x niger trigger, 1x coral beauty, 1x lawnmower blenny, 1x snowflake eel (eaten a few of my fish now resides in the refugium til i find him a new home) 4x strombus snails, 2x trochus snails, 6x turbo snails, 2x cowrie snails and about 20x glass shrimp from kings beach rock pools that escaped the triggers wrath... 1x catty, 1x favia, 2x trachy, 2x lobo, 1x toadstool, 1x colt, 1x acan, 4x zoa colonies, a few pallys and bright red mushrooms and a small green sps that started as a spec on some liverock and has grown to about a 20c piece size, i have since fragged it off the rock and am hoping better placement will boost its growth so i can ID it better. anyways pics to follow all comments and questions welcome ! old vs new
  17. .Hi I'm in the process of selling off al my fish I was wondering about my albino oscar and haw much I should ask for it? It's about 35cm + and only 3 yrs old.
  18. Hi I'm getting a baby Oscar very soon he will be about 6cm when I pick him up just wondering what tank mates will I be able to put him with. He'll be in a 180 litre. Red Devil? Jaguar? Any suggestions will help, thanks. Btw this is my first post
  19. Hi so when i got this guy his red tiger stripes were amazing!!! He was about 5cm, hes now about 10cm and the stripes are gone, slight traces of orange here and there... but he has all this white all over him, small specs, not like the camo they get occasionally, but... theyre hard to explain and also hard to capture with my camera. Anyone seen them before on an oscar? Any idea what they are?
  20. <BR><BR>Just wondering what you guys think these oscars wil end up looking like. Do they usually colour up like a standard yellowish/orange lutino, or is there a chance they will keep their platinum type colouring? Anyone else had juvies like this, if so what did they grow up like?
  21. Hi, A friends fish have been slowly deteriorating and have no heater. I've suggested putting a heater in and bringing the temp up slowly, but what else would you suggest to try and save these poor buggers? Any help is much appreciated!
  22. Hey all, managed to borrow a camera to try and get some photos. Obviously had no clue what I was doing, just clicked a few buttons and swirled a few dials to find out what worked the best. The camera is a Pentax ___ with Pentax ___ lenses. I got lucky on a few of the hundred I took, and would like some advice to help improve my luck. I am an absolute novice with cameras. Anyway the photos:
  23. Hi everyone, I am new to keeping Oscars (sort of) I am taking over the care of our Oscar because I got sick of having to remind the OH to feed, clean etc - I had absolutely no idea about keeping fish, let alone an Oscar! It went from me wanting the tank and stand replaced with a cabinet style as our bub is just starting to crawl and I didn't want her to find and play with all the electrical cords under the stand, long story short, now I am going to take over the care of our beloved Freddy, many hours spent reading up on Oscars, caring, feeding, filter systems, diseases etc etc Aaaargh head ache! lol I now realise the OH has absolutely no idea about caring for Oscars either Hmmm!!! Anyway, I am confidant I have learned enough to get poor Fred sorted out and happy again and I am going to our local aquatics store tomorrow, although I am doing a complete tank swap tomorrow since I have found a cabinet and tank we need, one that I can lock up and little miss can't get into. Thankfully it is the minimum size I read that is recommended for 1 Oscar (55 Gallons) Ideally I would prefer to get a larger tank for him but for now this will have to do. I am about to go for a look through all the different topics but if anyone knows of anything on setting up a new tank, as far as cycling goes, for an Oscar, or has any tips, it would be much appreciated. Everything else as far as filters, testing etc I pretty much have it covered, I am confidant I can carry out all the necessary testing. But, still a little fuzzy on 'cycling' or can't really find any straight answers, planning to ask at the aquatic store while I am there also. Getting PH levels right is the easy part, but not sure exactly what to do as far as the initial cycling of ammonium nitrate, nitrite... I read about using gold fish and that cycling can take several weeks ?? but unfortunately I do not have the space or spare tank to wait that long. I will have 2 canister filters running in the tank aswell as a heater of course, will that be enough for the initial cycling of the water and what is the minimum amout of time to wait before I can put Fred in his new tank and is there anything I need to add to the water to help things along?... any help appreciated. P.s - He only has Gravel on the bottom as we know that; pretty tank set ups + Oscars = Total inhalation haha. Plus he has a little crab ornament that he loves to push around so we leave that in there as his 'toy' and I change his back ground every now and then to give him something new to look at. Edit: Thanks in advance :-)
  24. Hey guys, One of my oscars is all bloated and not letting anything get out... He's lost appetite, very lethargic and clearly uncomfortable. Its been a few days like this. There have been times where he has been slightly prolapsed however that seems to have settled back in a little. I've attempted feeding it peas (de-shelled) but he isnt the remote bit interested in eating anything. I've tried capturing him to force feed, however he is a big sucker (25cm or so) and its proving to be something that is a hard task on my own as I dont want to risk hurting him further. The water in the tank was fresh at the time of noticing this, however I will do another 25% change this weekend. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for what to do, I'm really worried I'm going to lose this fish. Thanks Tim
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