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Found 64 results

  1. Hi all, Hope this finds you all well. Firstly, not sure if this is the right section to post this in as I am new to the forum. Sorry in advance if it is moderators... I have a ~3 year old, really healthy Red Tiger Oscar that's ~230mm long. He is really healthy, happy, has heaps of character, great colour patterns, no worms or diseases etc. He currently lives by himself in a 4ft 189 litre tank with a 20mm rocky pebble base that he likes to rearrange a fair bit. I'm wanting to sell him to a loving home if possible. I will not be letting him go into the wild either way! Even though some idiots have already done this in Townsvilles Ross river from what I have heard... So what are they roughly worth at this age, health and length/size? Thanks for the help, info and advice in advance! Kind regards Steve
  2. Looking to buy around 20 mixed oscars @ around 50 mm. would prefer from different spawned pairs. Thanks
  3. I currently have 3 Oscars in a community tank with other assorted American cichlids. For some reason my two largest Oscars around the 30cm who were best buddies have now broken out and in random fights with scales being taken off and some superficial dmg around the mouths of each fish. There is body twitching towards each other towards each other, so I ask rough courting or a struggle for dominance?
  4. Couple photos of my tiger Oscars. Phone quality pics They are in a 6x2x2.5 with 11 silver dollars, a 12cm jag, 12cm jack Dempsey, 4 clown loaches, Albno sailfin. I do 40-50% water changes bi weekly. Regardless still full of tannins. Cheers Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
  5. Hi, A friends fish have been slowly deteriorating and have no heater. I've suggested putting a heater in and bringing the temp up slowly, but what else would you suggest to try and save these poor buggers? Any help is much appreciated!
  6. Hi. I have a pond with, among other things, a pair of roughly 3 year old oscars. Every now and then, some of the other pond mates develop a little fuzz for which I've found PondCare Melafix can be quite helpful. The concentration of this is 45.8 g/L Cajeput Oil dosed at 5-10ml per 200L. I can't remember the exact amount but I think normal tank Melafix is around 12%. Even dosing at 5ml per 200L, within seconds of adding to the water, both oscars go beserk, quite literally doing backflips, sommersults and all manner of bizare behaviour. This generally settles in 30 seconds to a minute and their back to their usual mostly coy behaviour. I'm wondering what is going on with these guys? Is it an adverse reaction or just like the concentration is a little overwealming until mixed through? I have never seen them act so intensely to other additives, including salt, peroxide and so on. The PondCare Melafix recommends treatment for 7 days but given their strong reaction I'm relucant to use it more than every 2nd or 3rd day. Has anyone come across anything similar with oscars? Thanks.
  7. i am new to oscars so dont no a huge amount about them, what do i need to know? can i have few tank mates with them? any information would be appreciated! Thanks
  8. So after nearly three years, it turns out that I don't have two male Oscars but infact have a male and female lol. They have cleared a patch in the gravel and are laying eggs tonight but the male is knocking the eggs clear as he attempts to fertalise? There is rocks in the tank, so I don't get why they didn't just lay on one lol. Im more surprised and just enjoying watching them be silly, don't really want more Oscars lol. Has anyone bred Oscars before? And did they do the same as my two?? Or are they just first timer mistakes in the fishy world??
  9. Just wondering if any of the members of this site got any when they had them available 9 or so months ago? Would be keen to see pics of what they look like now. Beau
  10. Thinking of throwing a few of my larger deformed (missed culls and too big to kill, well my hearts to big lol) Ellioti in with my 5x2x2 tank, 2 30cm Oscars a 7cm salvini a 30cm Goldspot a 5cm convict and 7 I think silver dollars who are also huge, like 10-15cm.Whatcha think?? Cant sell them (attempting to sell up, but I may not just yet...will see) so if they get eaten not the end of the world, but don't get off on watching fish kill one anther either. So is there hope for the Ellioti?? Sizes vary from 7cm to full grown.
  11. Hey I have a wild oscar that I aquired about 5-6months ago he was very shy at first until he learnt were the food came from. He was very curious when he was young but grew more snappy as he got older but he grew up with humpheads and tinanti. He is only in a 4x18x18 at the moment but he is being a such a sook in the tank if I put him in the bigger tanks he picks on the bigger fish and eats all the food till it cant fit and he just swims into it trying to eat more. I put a redhump male in there with him and they just sit at opposite ends of the tank. I was going to add in 8 silver dollars I have next to see if that helps. Has any one else had oscars that are big sooks or know a good mate for him? Any tips or funny fish stories would be great to hear.
  12. I've been growing these badboys for about 18 months now, not so cute anymore but still freakin awesome! Currently housed in a 5x2x2 with 2 goldspot plecos. Blackie is Bruce and Whitey is Rambo. Hard to get pics that do them justice, the lighting is dodgey as haha
  13. Didn't tap glass just wiggled my fingers. My two big Oscars attempting to breed and being super grumpy as always. Tank is a 5x2x2 enjoy!! HD Adult Oscars - YouTube
  14. I was down at Lake Kurwongbah on the weekend and I was in shock when two massive bright orange Oscars swam past my feet. They were chasing the small fish all over the place. I'm not sure what to do?? A: Leave them in peace as they look like they have been there for years. Or B: Try and net them and put them in a mates tank?? What does everyone think on this matter??
  15. Hey everyone im setting up and aquarium and im thinking of getting oscars. I am after aggressive fish that will grow large so i can have fun with them feeding livies. i was wondering what fish mix well with oscars or even a different species to get that will grow large amd be extremely aggressive. thanks
  16. Hey guys I have 2 oscars 3 plecos and 6 flowerhorns in a 6x2x2 that have been locking jaws for a while now also slapping each others sides and chasing each other around the tank They also chase the other fish in the tank just wondering what this means none of the fish have any bites on them Though
  17. So ive been trying to introduce my new oscars to my old ones. Well everything goes fine untill my old oscars see the new albino colour. Its like one of my old oscars literally hates the colour pink. Can they even see in colours? The newest and smallest is accepted no worries and hes tiny. I basically have three tigers and a albino. Im suprised my old oscars being rather largish accept the smallest oscar but not the inbetween size. Ideas? Suggestions? Pics are on this thread, gives a good idea of size too. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/oscars-gold-spot-pic-heavy-71509/
  18. First time without divider under constant supervision, divider on stand by. Eventully will be seperate tanks in pairs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGbPXOliS2g&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  19. I dosed my oscars for white spot yesterday, came home and they are crashng. :“( Very still breathing rapid, i turned the heater off and am atempting to cool the tank. Shoukd i water change too, what did i do wrong? Only half dosed cause i have a catfish.
  20. I now have four oscars ( I know right haha) anyway im looking at either going one big ass tank or two 6 footers with two in each. Was looking for feedback on tank size to house four and filtration to keep the tank clean. What's some good brands and how much turnover will I need? And has anyone kept four together before? Two oscars are 20-25cm and two are 4-6cm, currently seperated by a divider they can't see each other trough.
  21. So last night i saw a thread started by Craigo on some of these wild caught Oscars at Pet City. Been thinking about going back to some Americans of late and these fish have always been a soft spot for me. After viewing them though my mind was quickly made up and hey presto 4 new family members. Now they are not the best shots as i have just taken them with my phone but had to share them. Will post more as they develop to adulthood and am looking very forward to seeing the difference in them to captive bred fish.
  22. Coming up to winter now, I only have glass heaters. Last winter my oscars were 4cm, this winter they will be 25cm. They are prone to night frights even with a night light. Im assuming my heater will be rendered useless this year, its just a aqua pet 300watt from big W. Are there heaters specially designed for mental oscars? I have to in a six by eighteen by eighteen :-)
  23. went to feed my fish today(1 smaller flowerhorn 2 big oscars 1 oscar same size as flowerhorn and few plecos) and seen that the big oscars had laid eggs in the glass on the bottom after been clearing it for a few weeks, i thought they might have been a pair but i didnt know, any advice on what to do
  24. I've recently became concerned about my 6-8mm lids on my oscar tank. They tend to hit the lids every now and then, and with them beefing up rather quick as of late, id like to know if it is possible for them to crack them. Anyone had this problem? Tank itself is 12mm thick. Cheers.
  25. So today while at work noticed two of the red tiger oscars i have in a tank have laid eggs on the bottom and are hovering over the top of them. How do I Know if they are any good?? And how long do they hatch?? Do know many people know much about breeding them here. As normal I am interested to see if I can get them to swimming stage. Would be awesome. never thought id see such a thing. So far while working where I am have had both discus and oscars lay in my tanks. hopefully thats a sign im doing something right!!
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