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Found 16 results

  1. Just wanted to make a post in honor of these filters. I mean seriously, how can these little filters be so good? After using a couple of the smaller models (pf600 &pf800) on a couple of smaller tanks under the house and seeing how effective they are. I recently added a pf2000 to my display tank (heavily stocked 4×3×1.5 mixed male african tank) and it has never been cleaner! It's already running a fx5 and a sunsun 2000l/hr canister that supplies my chiller so now it is well over filtered, but I can't get over how quickly the otto clears the water after feeding time. They have got to be the best value for money mechanical filtration you can buy and so so easy to clean and maintain. I'm sure most people who have experienced these filters will agree with me. My nice clear tanks
  2. I have two 2000lr otto's in my big tank just for water polishing I have big fish, if they even swim past the filters they come apart! so is there anyway to get them to hold together? they are only fairly new but its driving me nuts
  3. Ive just setup a new OTTO canister filter and it appears to have a small leak (more a weep) that looks like its coming from the air bleed valve. Is this normal? Will it stop? thanks in advance
  4. Hi All. Great price today on the OTTO PF300G External Canister Filters. Today only $99.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - OTTO PF300G Ben
  5. Deal of the Day - OTTO PF300G external canister filter. Bargain price Today only $119.00 Link - Age of Aquariums - OTTO PF300G Specs - 1200 litres per hour 22 watts 3 stage filtration 1.8m head height Air bleed valve ( very handy ) Filter media included ( Biological & Mechanical ) Quality Fittings ( hoses , Taps & Spray Bar ) Self priming Quiet and Extremely reliable Suitable for up to 400 litres Made in Taiwan Dimensions 36cm x 26cm ( H x W ) - Exceptional build quality at a good price. These units are extremely popular and well constructed. The 25mm hose combined with the 1m long spray bar kit included makes this unit great value for money. A true reliable workhorse for any aquarium / fish room. OTTO have been making these units in Taiwan for over 20 years and have a loyal following amongst hobbiests.
  6. Hi guys I just bought an otto filter from the tech den and have opened it up a little disappointed... There are no u tubes, Hose lock nuts and the intake won't even fit on the end of the long tube? I'm confused can anyone help? Looks like I'm off to burnings to get parts to make it all work
  7. Ok we said we would do some Otto specials and a good place to start. We were going to have in store special only to bring people into the store but it would not be fair to those that supported us and helped us get to where we are now so the specials are in store and online too. You still get your QLDAF discount off these prices too. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/tech-den-127/how-members-get-their-qldaf-discount-tech-den-their-aquarium-items-77517/ Otto Canister Filter 1800lph we normally have this at a cheap price of $195 Now $149 less your 10% QLDAF discount Otto Canister Filter 1200lph we normally have this at a cheap price of $175 Now $139 less your 10% QLDAF discount Otto Internal 2000lph Filter we normally have this at a cheap price of $67.95 Now $44.95 less your 10% QLDAF discount Otto Internal 1200lph Filter we normally have this at a cheap price of $53.95 Now $41.95 less your 10% QLDAF discount Otto Internal 800lph Filter we normally have this at a cheap price of $37.95 Now $27.95 less your 10% QLDAF discount Otto Internal 600lph Filter we normally have this at a cheap price of $34.00 Now $25.95 less your 10% QLDAF discount Otto Internal 400lph Filter we normally have this at a cheap price of $32.51 Now $24.95 less your 10% QLDAF discount Otto Fluid Bed Filter we normally have this at a cheap price of $84 Now $72 less your 10% QLDAF discount
  8. Hello. Just wondering if many people used the little otto internal filters. If so do u ever have any problems with them being really loud. Mine new little one is crazy loud just not sure if thats how they r or not. thanks
  9. To Welcome back the Mighty OTTO Canister we are discounting the Mighty PF450G for one day only. Link - Age of Aquariums - OTTO PF450G Usual Discounts apply So after your 10% Discount it comes down to the crazy price of $134.10 Ben
  10. I use Otto internals as air flow and cause I can in all my tanks, on top of canisters. German made built like a brick house, works fine but a few sponges getting old now ( 7 yrs old) anyone sell just the sponges?? Sponser's preferred obviously, just can't find them by myself. Cheers
  11. Hi All. We have sold OTTO external canister filters since we started back in 2000. Sales slowed down on these units in 2011 and decided to discontinue the sale of these units. The Demand for a quality non chinese made unit has increased especially in the last 12 months so we have gone back to what i know is a quality product with a good track record for reliability and performance. Link - Age of Aquariums - OTTO PF300G Link - Age of Aquariums - OTTO PF450G Priced from $179.00 for the 1200lph model up to $199.00 for 1800lph model. These units really do pump the water when compared to a chinese made unit which generally speaking exaggerate the LPH. Usual Discounts apply. Ben
  12. So i have a pfn2000 internal, and wondering if anyone has ever used something other than sponge in any of the sections? I'm thinking of adding another piece on the end and try and put macropore of something in there. Any ideas or suggestions?
  13. Currently have 800lph internal filters. My mate has a 1200lph and its soooooo much more noisy. Am wanting to know if anyone runs them and what noise level they get from them NO spray bar attached. My mates filter is OLD as, so im thinking its just age causeing the noise?
  14. Hi all- i have an otto fluid bed filter but i need the rubber seal/o ring. I've tried heaps of different seals but none work 100%. If anyone knows where to get these from i would love to know- any help is appreciated. Cheers
  15. Just seeing if anyone has one of these filters, What do you think of it? Is it worth buying? Did you need to buy extra media for it?
  16. Gidday everyone i have recently acquired a couple of otto sulo council garbage bins they hold about 250 litres i have tapped the bottom and am soakin driftwood in them to leach out tanins my question is does anyone know if the plastic these bins are made of is toxic as i am thinkin they will make good water aging bins and even possibly grow out tanks any ifo appreciated cheers hilly
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