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Found 3 results

  1. hi all i have a 240l tank, aqua one 980t, i have had an out break of white fungus, looks like cotton wool on the sides of the fish, seems to be under control now almost wiped out the entire tank. My question is i have live plants and plants on drift wood in there. Is it best to dump them all and start again or will they be ok to keep and slowly add fish again , well not for a month or so just to see if i got it all or not. thanks
  2. Hi again everyone, sadly I'm back here in the fish health section. Just yesterday I noticed that two of my Blue Rams had white spots all over their bodies and through their fins; straight away I knew it was Ich, a disease I haven't encountered before but have done plenty of research on. Now I'm the kind of person that would rather treat a problem without meds if possible, but the rate it has spread throughout my tank has me concerned.So far I've been raising the temperature to what is apparently the point where the parasite can no longer reproduce, and I am planning to slowly bring it up to 32°C which is supposedly the point at which the parasite dies; I've also added several tablespoons of Aquarium Salt which my catfish seem to be tolerating well, but I'm not noticing any changes in the spots on my fish. I come to this forum to ask any of you who have encountered this before: what method of treatment worked best for you, was the temp + salt increase effective if you tried it, and what meds are effective yet still gentle enough for my scaleless fish?Thanks.
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