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Found 15 results

  1. Had the day off due to rain so knocked up the trickle filter for my live shrimp breeding Ibc. They will be used as feeders for my toga and bass and for bass fishing. Had most of the gear in the garage and bought the rest of what I needed. A few containers with holes drilled, Perspex drip tray powered by a 4500lph pump. I utilized an Ibc from the four I use for collecting rainwater. Added some seeded media so just have to let things run in for a while and then I'll start adding some shrimp. Pictures are self explanatory.
  2. My outdoor fish tank pond. This fish tank was under a patio cover until about 2 and a half months ago. The patio cover was taken off to replace the old leaky gutters. The fish tank was the only item that i didnt remove and the old patio cover is also getting replaced hence why it wasnt put back up. The fish tank (5x2x2) has been an outside tank for probably 4-5 years now maybe a little longer and is stocked with about 6-7 adult peppermints, 14 clown plecos and about 40 swordyz. Anyways this tank has always been a little abused. No regular water changes, the fish didnt get daily feedings, just generally not really looked after well, but still the fish have been generally healthy. No diseases ever and only one peppermint death in the whole time its been running. Now since the tank has been getting direct sunlight for about 5-6 hours a day the tank has been completely transformed. There is a thick green algae growing on and covering everything in the tank including the glass. I completely stopped feeding all the fish about a month ago and my last water change was about 2 months ago and my last filter clean was about a month ago and i cant beleive it.................The tank is absolutely THRIVING. The fish are the healthiest they have ever been and the water is clear as. I have only given the tank water top ups and what ever rain it could catch. Just thought i would share this as the tank is about to be pulled apart and moved and transformed into a cold water native tank. My outdoor fish tank pond LOL.
  3. Hi guys, Finally relatively happy with this recent scape so time to share some pics It is the first time using Amano's 2:3 hardscape ratio and imo worked out pretty well. Also creating a lot of depth in this tank has been quite successful too. Some specs: Dimensions: 3ft x 38cm x 38cm Filtration: 450L/H power filter Lighting: natural sunlight Heating: nil Substrate: Aggregate Sand & natural river sand Hardscape: Large & small river rocks, goldvine driftwood Flora: -Microsorum pteropus 'philippine' -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf' -Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss) -Anubias nana -Anubias barteri var. nana -Vallisneria nana -Anubias afzelli -Hemianthus micranthemoides -Ludwigia repens -Ludwigia arcuata repens -Taxiphyllum sp. (peacock moss) -Bolbitis heudelotii -Subwassertang -Crypt wenditti 'green' Fauna: -Leopard endlers -'Wild' endlers -3 x M. parkisoni rainbowfish -2 x M. splendida inornata 'Flat Rock Creek' -4 x Hypseleotris compressa Some fishy pics Enjoy, John
  4. im currently working on making an outdoor set up for outside my window. any tips, info and advice will be appreciated as this if my first attempt. trying to do it on the cheap . been working on the frame for a while and should be close to finishing it. grabbed some metal frames from my fathers (nice n free ) bought some wood to reinforce the metal frames since its 3m long. currently: deciding on what type of wood to use, if i should use the ones in the picture or buy some outdoor decking - help deciding would be appreciated. attaching the 2 frames looking for tanks to fit the span, might link them (one flowing to the other) depends on what i can get my hands on. plan to do: i plan to put screening around the tanks (for aesthetics) with the back being removable. have some extra room to put foam around tanks for when it gets colder and also incorporate an easy to set up security blanket again to keep the heat in. Pictures: this is how it is now:
  5. Just been mucking around again, gotta have something fishy to do when too windy for actual fishing
  6. Hi all, I want to move my 4x2x2.5 to outdoor next to my glass door, so the tank will be outside with display view through the glass door. My room so small to put the tank in now. It already has a solid metal stand, so I need to look for an ourdoor hood to put the light inside for night view or planting. It is good to have space to cover other items such as power extension for heater and filter. I can't find any in the market, anyone has done this before? Or can give me the name of the outdoor timber, which I can buy from bunnings to do this? Also thinking of getting a big glass panel for the roof but dont know where to buy, and how to attach it on top. Pls help, thank you.
  7. Yesterday and today I spend a fair bit of my time setting up this total DIY iwagumi. Seeing as I have no room to set one (or several) up indoors yet, I thought I may as well set up one outside! Dragged an old small tank out of the shed, dug up some dirt from the garden (massaged till fine) and created a large slope. Then got some old gravel from my fish shed and capped it off, reinforcing the slope. Then, using some gorgeous blue stone with white veins (found myself) I did up this little scape. Yeah it may not be to exact iwagumi specifications but the composition looks good to me. Today I proceeded to separate hunks of hairgrass from a cpl of my hairgrass filled outdoor tanks and planted them using scizzors gently as tweezers. I do intend to get a proper tool kit asap but had issues ordering online so that was delayed. Judging by my other hairgrass tanks, this should fill out really nicely. Will move it indoors when I have the time/space, and get it running and filled with some schooling fish. Any suggestions other than cardinals and praecox (already planned to use them in other scapes). Anyway thought I would show what you can do with no fancy gear whatsoever. This setup cost me zilch considering the tank/pebbles were old/bought previously. Let me know what you think (was bloody hard to get pics as the reflection kept catching my bright red dress lol, water is still cloudy due to initial setup with dirt).
  8. Had a ball today messing around with all my plants outside, including my aquatic plants. Trimmed my favourite carpet of it that I'm growing atm right back and chucked some ferts in. Looking lush and totally fantastic imo. Just wanted to share. Grown in dirt with occassional ferts if I feel like it. Will be going into my betta macrostoma tank when my tank builder gets off his ass and builds it. I kept the clippings together as a measure of growth. I filled an entire container with them. Was pretty happy with myself.
  9. Hi everyone I am goin to build a outdoor pond 2.4x1.2x800 and I was just wondering some exotics would go living in it example... RTC... Toga Cheers Shaun
  10. Hi , I have a 3500L outdoor pond I would like to heat , it's currently around 19-20c but I want to bring it upto 27-28c Whats the cheapest running cost way to heat? I have some ponds around the same size under cover with 3-4 300W jager heaters in them.. but my power bill is getting kinda high
  11. Hi all, Since this thread was lost due to the recent transfer of servers, I will re-post for those interested. I plan to do a recent update soon so stay tuned. Dimension: 90 X 38 X 38 (130 L) Filter: JT internal filter 950L/h Substrate: Walstad method with topsoil, organic garden fertilizer, Manutec Water Garden tablet capped off with acrylic pool filter sand. Heating: none Hardscape: River Stones & Dried Dead Mangrove Branches Plants -Microsorum pteropus -Microsorum pteropus 'windelov' -Vesicularia montagnei (christmas) -Vesicularia ferriei (weeping) -Taxiphyllum barbieri (java moss) -Taxiphyllum sp. (peacock moss) -Native Fissiden -Subwassertang -Limnobium laevigatum -Hydrocotyle verticillata -Val. Gigantea -Val. Nana -Val. 'thin' -Eleocharis parvula -Riccia fluitan -Echinodorus Ozelot -Echinodorus tenellus -Bacopa sp. -Nymphaea sp. 'Yellow' -Rotala wallichii -Ludwigia inclinata -Rotala macranda -Limnophila aromatica 'Asian & Aquagreen' variety -Rotala rotundifolia -Rotala sp. 'green' -Ludwigia repens -Hygrophila polysperma -Hemianthus callitrichoides Stock: -11 x Melanotaenia duboulayi -1 x Poecilia latipinna (Sailfin Molly) -8 x Xiphophorus maculatus (Sunset, wagtail & red platies) -6 x Melanotaenia splendida inornata (Mary River) -2 x Ancistrus sp. (long-fin bristlenose) -20 x Paratya australiensis (glass shrimp) -4 x Xiphophorus hellerii (Green swordtail) -6 x Hypseleotris galii (firetail gudgeon) -5 Gulbuwangay Melanotaenia trifasciata in grow out tank *to be added into the tank soon Four Months Later Hope you guys like it and have found some inspiration through this tank Updated pictures coming soon. Cheers, John
  12. hi i live on the northside of brisbane and woke up this morning to find one of my yellows dead in my pond. i fear more will die due to the water temp. i'm asking for your help/knowledge about heating my outdoor pond. is it even possible? or am i going to have to relocate them to a tank inside. cheers for your help guys
  13. Evening all I am going to try breeding Ranchu Goldfish in my car port. I have a fair idea of what I want to do, but I have never undertaken such a venture & am looking for as much advise & knowledge as possible. Basicly it will all be done on the cheap, looking for the cheapest way to run the system. My basic idea consists of a 1500Ltr grow out for juvies, 3 250Ltr retanuglar storage drums from bunnings (allready have these running on sponge filters with fish in) & a home made sump/ wet dry filter that water pumped from grow out will have a spray bar above filter media, it will then exit the bottom of the 'sump' into container 1 which is sitting just higher than container 2 & 2 will be slightly higher than 3 so they can all just flow into each other then into the grow out & the cycle continues. Basicly I want to know if this setup will work. Is there an easier simpler way to filter it all? Is there a better design to make the whole system simpler? Any info on how I can do all this would be greatly appriciate. I have dodgy paint piccies to basily show what I am looking at doing. All help appriciated, Thanks!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Dear members. I had this letter from a friend of mine. I was wondering if you could offer advice / course of action. Given the recent continual rain we've had, I thought it may be applicable to a number of our members. Regards Peter
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