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Found 17 results

  1. Just curious as to where everyone thinks is the best place to buy plumbing? Hopefully going to finally install a Bean Animal overflow soon; BeanAnimal's Bar and Grill - Silent and Fail-Safe Overflow System just in case no one has seen it yet! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, I have a 5 x 2 x 2 that I need drilled. I'm looking at trying a bean animal overflow, so that would mean three holes for overflow and one hole for the return. Would also need help with siliconing in an overflow as well. If anyone knows any one that could help with this that would be great! Cheers, Richard
  3. Anyone here made a PVC overflow? Any tips? Mainly just wondering how reliable they are. Thanks
  4. Thoughts on whether this would work when connected to a canister filter? Trying to find something that will pull both from the surface as well as mid level within the tank. Canister filter will be connected via bulkhead.
  5. i have a 105L tank 30x12x18 LxWxH that i was almost about to sell but then decided to keep it and try something different. i'm going to try build a small "Acrylic" sump which will be approximately 25L 20x9x9 for something different. am unsure if acrylic would be alright to make this? and what mm should i get the acrylic? would 3mm or 4.5mm be ok? my dodgy paint shop draw up of the sump plan. and my overflow will be something like this but a bit different what sort of LPH should i be going for for a tank like this? about 300lph? i'm just going to be housing a lone fish. was thinking either Aequidens Rivulatus Gold Saum "Green Terror" or an Electric Blue Jack Dempsey but i think i'm leaning towards the Gold Saum atm. going to have a nice bit of driftwood in there and and mayb some java fern and am unsure on what gravel i should get. any tips or thoughts on this hole thing would be appreciated
  6. Hi, just want to share my DIY overflow made of 40mm pvc pipe, 5 L, 1 T. All from bunnings under $30 inc pressure cemented glue. will let it sit tonight and test drive tomorrow. Aim to pump my oscar tanks to the planted tank, which sits on a 15cm higher shelf, and overflow back. Want to know what is the maximum gallons per hours this 40mm overflow can support.
  7. hey guys i need to re sillicon one of my fish tanks as its leaking but i dont know what sort of sillicon to use can someone help please?
  8. Hi all, I use a 12/24volt irrigation solenoid on the tanks outlet available from irrigation shops,simply plug into transformer ,hence when power outage occurs solenoid closes and opens again when power is restored,no over flow ,small sump no problem.
  9. does any one no where i can get a hangon over flow box from in bris?
  10. Hi guys:) I have tried a search but can't find anything, so I thought I would just ask. We have just installed our new sump on our 6x2x2 tank. Hubby has a 50ml overflow which steps down to 30ml where the hole is in the glass (I'm sure there is a correct word but I'm female and don't know these things:) The water is very noisy as expected but we are not sure what to use to reduce this noise. In the last sump/piping we had, we used a bit of plastic chain that hung from the top down into the pipe but it proved to be useless in reducing the noise. Do any of you much more experienced sump owners have any fab ideas of what we can do (before I go crazy with the noise level)? Thanks again for all your help, we wold be so lost without you guys lately.
  11. Can someone help me out here. I bought an over-flow box some time ago. It has twin 25mm return pipes. Does anyone one what the flow rate would be? So i can match pump rate. Thank You
  12. just wondering on peoples opinion on these overflows?
  13. Alright so i wanna build a breeding setup that will use minimal pumps etc. 1. will this heat/work in the tank will probs use a large internal filter rather then powerhead as 1 intend having africans and would like something extra to pick up waste, 2. have never had an overflow before so what do i use in the circled area of the photo? to seal the drilled hole, are there water tight or will they require silicone also what hoses etc and where can i purchase it?? 3. any other suggestions are very welcome. 4. where cna i get those metal/plastic things to to stop the fish being sucked down. so let me know if you have ever had a similar system and the success rate?
  14. Hey all. Been talking about it for a while, But finally Im putting it up. This is an Overflow box I have made recently. Ive been through a couple of versions, Ive settled on this one as it is the Easiest, Most Efficient, and CHEAPEST one to make. I tend to Ramble on and on when I write stuff like this, So im just going to let the photos do the talking with a couple of Notes here and there. More than happy to answer any questions that you may have. This is not your usual Overflow Box, with a surface skimmer inside, I have made one of these but its not quite perfect yet, will post when I finish it. This box will actually take water for the bottom or middle of your tank, much like a cannister or external filter would, This has its pros and cons, you be the judge. Here we go... Materials List, 1 plastic container (tupperware or similar) I spent ages trying to find something the right size and shape for this project, Found these containers at Target for $5-6, used them on all my overflows so far. 25mm PVC pipe. You will probable use between 2-3 meters over the project. Taking into account a bit of wastage/adjustments. 2 25mm Sleeves or Joins 2 25mm Endcaps thats it :) oops. Silicon too Take your container and drill the necesarry holes, my drill bit was almost perfect size, was a snug fit, almost water tight without a seal. Try to get the pipes as close to the corners as possible, there will be a lot of pipe in this little container. Place the overflow box where it is going to be installed, and mark where you want your water level on the container. (the black texta) The stand pipes will come up to this point as they are the factor that determines the water level of the whole system. If the level in the tank drops bellow this point the syphon will stop. NOTE!!!! You must have an anti syphon hole drilled in your return!!! you should anyway but you MUST for this. drill it at the operating water level or JUST below. That way when your power shuts off, it wont flow back into sump, and then the overflow box will control how low it can drop Cut the stand pipes to this length, I usually do one at the height I need and the second is purely of emergency overflow, However I made them both the Same for this one, Up to you. I Used the sleeve Joins at this point for 2 reasons. Easier to get a good seal with the silicon, and Also it makes plumbing the box later easier. Put your pipes into position and Silicon them into place, make sure its a nice watertight seal. Silicon the Overflow Box to the outside of the tank where it is to be used. I used a piece of ply and a clamp to get even pressure. Leave the Silicon to dry/cure for 24 hours. If you haven't seen it already this is how youBend PVC. Only this time it is 25mm PVC and much longer on one end. The idea is to get it to touch the bottom of the tank, then come up and bend snuggly over the edge, and then come down and touch the bottom of the overflow box. I did this by making it longer than it needed to be and trimming it back untill it fit perfectly. Testing for size. Use a piece of airline to suck out the air and start the syphon, once started it should never break Second pipe, same deal Overflow in Action, There is room for a 3rd pipe if you need the extra flow. But im running a 2200lph pump with a max Head of 1.6M and it handles it EASILY. These pics are for the fellow Penny pinchers out there :). My DIY wet/dry filter and sump. Wet dry is a hard plastic bucket with drip trays made from the bottom 10cm of cheap buckets from bunnings, filter wool from spot light, and then a mix of BioBalls, GutterGuard. I plan to get some Matrix for the bottom of the bucket which always stays submerged. Sump is actually empty aside from heater and pump, got a couple of BN living down in there. I also run any spare sponge filters in there, in case of emergency. Hope someone finds this usefull. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers guys Jesse
  15. I am curious to know if i fit a PVC U-Pipe between to tanks, and remove all the air from the pipe, will it keep the level of the two tanks even. Pic Below. If it works, my idea is to run one canister to filter both tanks. Inlet in one tank and outlet in the other tank.
  16. Anybody know where i can get these on the Gold Coast, for reasonable price?? Need 2. Aslo i've noticed that some people angle them, but not sure how they manage that if there threaded??
  17. Put it together today, funny shape because of how it's going to sit around my tank but it fits and should work well. Will test the power of the siphon (and whether it works or not ) tomorrow as it was curing today. Basically, the thick 2" pipe sits in the tank at the back left. Because my tank is completely enclosed with a 2" gap all around, I've got the rest of it running up the left hand side of my tank towards the front (didn't want to do it at the back), hence the curve around to bend flexible tubing in through a whole in the back of my cabinet. Bad photo of the 25mm flexible tubing hose end. And the water level inlets, still need to clean them up a little. Will update the thread tomorrow or whenever I get around to it.
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