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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, quick question... I have installed a tank in a room with a few other tanks and am wanting to paint it black, was wondering if that is safe to do so while the other tanks are running? They have air pumps so was worried about contaminating them with paint fumes. The room is not particularly well ventilated. Only want to do it if it is 100% definately safe. Too much money worth of fish in other tanks to risk it haha. Was thinking there might be a non-toxic paint i could use? Thanks, tristan
  2. Get my 8x3 this week and still haven't decided on what color to paint the back off it in it will be a bare bottom tank and the bottom will be black will black background be to much
  3. .Ok so the girlfriend didn't like the varnish on the stand, which is my cue to change it, i tried using this citrus strip paint stripper followed all the instructions and left it on for extra time, and I reckon I would of had better luck drinking it. It is absolutely useless. So dose anyone have the name of a paint stripper that will move a oil bases varnish before I go grey. I don't care if it's discontinued Cold War era melt your face of just has to work!!! [MENTION=1584]Fish Junkie[/MENTION] any ideas thanks
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  5. Hi, Just ordered a 6X2X28" and can get the builder (Dennison) to apply Vinyl for me at a very reasonable price. I was just wondering what other people would recommend? I have always used water based acrylic paint on the back of my previous tanks. Let me know what you think Thanks in advance for your input, and sorry if this topic has already been covered.
  6. Hi all I am going to paint the back of my marine tank as the paper background is falling away as water gets between it and the glass what is the best type of paint Spray paint - enamel enamel - roll on acrylic - roll on and what is the best type brand what have you used and has been an epic fail I have had mixed luck over the years with the breeding tanks but over time some start to crack or peal (before i get asked - this is the outside of the tank) thanks Ben
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hi All, I am chasing black glass paint, I have been to Bunnings (no luck) and to Spotlight (again no luck). Do you have any suggestions on where I might locate black glass paint? TIA Rosieposie
  9. whats the best way to clean paint of the back of tanks? I have a heap of tanks i bought and they all have 3 sides painted and i would like them clear any help is appreciated
  10. I have a fish tank in my room. im getting my room painted in a week. what i want to know is if paint fumes affect fish? because I have the air pump in my room it means the fumes will be getting pumped into my tank. in my tank i have 5 baby discus. should i move my tank? it will be hard to move, or does anyone know if paint fumes affect fish thx aagroves
  11. Hi every1, i want to paint some tank ornaments, which is the best paint to use? what should i avoid? Cheers
  12. Hi all, Just had a mate tell me he has painted something that he was going to put into a tank. He said he used cheap bunnings paint and i said "ARE YOU CRAZY" but he recons it will be fine. Its a couple of gloss colours from spray cans. Anyone done this befor. It cant be good for the tank but he said he has done it befor. I recon its bull.
  13. Hi I have brought myself a raw 3ft Maher tank as I would like to paint it white. Can anyone please tell me what type of paint I should use and do I need to use an undercoat or primer? Thank you
  14. Hi Guy's, Im after some help on what paint I can safely use to paint the ugly green Eheim inlet strainer and pipes? Could I just use regular old black spray paint? Ie Fiddly Bits Branded? Anyone got any specific brand's I should look at getting? BTW. Would prefer to get something that bunnings stock as a mate of mine works there and I can get quite a hefty discount.
  15. Hey Guys and Gals, Just curious to know what type of black paint people use for the back of their tanks and any prepping information i may need to know. Thanks in advance!
  16. Need to paint PVC piping that will be inside the tank, can anyone recomend a brand? Will be going to the big green shed today but don't fancy reading each label of paint with two kids in toe. :perplex: Thanks in advance Shane
  17. Hi guys, Looking to paint the bottom and back of a couple of tanks. What type of safe paint for fish tanks should I use. And what colours are best? I don't like the light blue I see on many aquariums, are there any other suitable colours. Thanx
  18. Bet you're sick of me by now, right? Two questions regarding DIY stuff. Gutter Guard as an alternative to Egg Crate, the only Gutter Guard I've come across is either metal, or incredibly flimsy, I've heard that there's some more expensive rigid plastic available, but I haven't been able to find it at my local Bunnings, any ideas? Paint for tank interior, I'm looking to paint my Overflow and Spraybar's black. There's a product available from I believe the US, called Krylon Fusion, which is a spraycan safe for tank interiors and works on pretty much any surface. Any alternatives available locally or am I going to need to order some of this stuff? Cheers guys, Ryan.
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  20. Does anyone know if things painted with this stuff would be safe for use in a marine tank ?
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