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Found 24 results

  1. Hey everybody quick simple question, I'm going to paint the back of one of my smaller tanks, does it matter what paint I use like just some cheap stuff from Bunnings should be ok hey?
  2. Hi all. Is there any particular type of paint people are using to paint there tanks? I don't want it flaking off down the track. Cheers
  3. In my current project I have the need/want to paint a pvc spray bar black to hide it (rather than bright white). I've found on the internets that Krylon Fusion works well and is aquarium safe. But I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Not at my local supercheap, bunnings or masters. I was wondering if anybody knows of somewhere on the northside where I can get a can of it? Or if there are any other suitable products that work the same, as well as aquarium safe? Also if I can find it would it be suitable for painting internal glass surfaces in a tank (e.g. a divider along the back of the tank). I have use the tank background stuff from the local pet store and it works alright, just it has a few bubbles that have developed over time. Just thinking that painting the glass might work out better. If its even tank safe.
  4. Hello all, Anyone ever painted PVC pipe with normal spray paint? I know that fusion paint works for in take but if its outside the tank it truly cant hurt painting the pipe with standard water based paint? Black pipe is expensive... cheers
  5. Aldi have chalkboard paint on sale next week, great for painting tanks and half the price of Bunnings https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/saturday-5-april-2014/saturday-detail-wk14/ps/p/chalkboard-paint-500ml-1/?pk_campaign=au_product_newsletter&pk_kwd=2014-04-01_12-45
  6. any ideas or options for painting the back of a tank?? I have seen it done on you-tubes with mat paint but paint shop guy says the only way is to use pre-prime exterior paint. other options? backing that isn't blue or black or some of those lovely pictures If any one has any ideas it would be appreciated. Thanks, MIC
  7. I have recently re-decorated my home and painted all my furniture white. The only thing to do is my 6 foot fish tank. It is a Gary Maher cabinet. I can remove the hood for painting that is not a problem but I am wondering if I can safely paint the bottom section? I was going to use a non-toxic water based paint and cover over the top of the tank with towels. I do not want to strip the tank down, but rather just paint the outside. There is enough room around the tank where it sits to safely do it without touching the glass. Have any other members done this? And suggestions? I would love to have it match my other pieces of furniture and I am a bit disinterested in the tank right now so thought a change and re-aquascape might be what I need.
  8. hey guys i wanna paint the braces on my tank black there frosted and i dont like the look of them can i paint them with normal pressure pack cans or will it make its way into the tank over time . my other options is to tint them thanks guys
  9. hey guys tomorrow i'm gonna attempt to paint the back of my tank. i've been reading around and water based (non toxic) acrylic paint seems to be the better way to go, and easy to remove. i'm painting it black, hopefully its not a glossy black cause i want it to be a bit like matt black. only thing is i'm doing it with my fish still in the tank and everything... i did get and extended roller and there's just enough room to be able to paint it while its set up. any tips or comments before i start would be appreciated . will be sure to post pics when i'm done
  10. Ok this may seem like a really stupid idea or question but i really want to know So pretty much to get the nice painted black aquarium gravel from a shop your paying a HUGE $$ price. You can get black natural gravel for about $1 a kilo but its just not as black or shiny. So i was wondering, can i buy the $1 Kilo gravel and spray paint it with a aquarium safe paint? Has anyone done this or know anything about it? Also for your inforation i need about 120KG of it and hence why i am trying to save some $$ when i can just do the hard work myself. Thanks Al
  11. hello everyone, I am about to put my 6x 4' set up together and i was wondering what colour to paint the back of the tanks and the walls. I have seen the tanks painted in breeding tanks, and thought painting the walls would help with the reproduction of my beautiful JD's. what colour should i paint them as i have seen White, Baby Blue, Black. what would work best? Also I need dividers would it be better to have couloured dividing perspex?
  12. I'm thinking about painting backs of the tanks black on my breeding stand. Wats the best type/brand of paint? Cheers wade
  13. hi everyone just wondering has anyone painted the back of there tanks just a few questions #do you use a water or oil based paint ? #what prep is involved e.g do you have to sand it or use a primer ? # do you roll brush or spray ? your experiences would be appreciated Thanks Clint
  14. I was thinking about painting the back of my tank black... But can't be bothered so i was wondering if anyone on here has used black plastic on the back of there tanks that way it can be removed and if so what would be a good way to get the plastic to stick and not come loose or have bubbles in it... Any help would be great Cheers Shaun
  15. hi all just wondering about your thoughts on have fish tanks painted. i am breeding bns at the moment and have just bought some moore tanks and they were already painted a sinful colour so i scraped all that off and the glass is pretty dodgy.dose having them painted do anything for the fish eg do they feel more safe or any thing like that? will it make them breed even better then they are now? any feed back would be very appreiciated cheers guys and girls olly
  16. Could someone please tell me the exact name and brand of a can of black paint that i can paint the background of my tank with? Also, any tips when painting? thanks
  17. guys is there anything special i need to do to the tank before i paint the back of it black??
  18. hey guys i have 2 6x2x2 tanks and want to make the back of them black.is it better for me to paint the tanks with spray paint or cover with some black cardboard or background . just wondering wat everyones opiniun would be on this cheers pete
  19. Hi Guys Just wondering if any body here has had experince in Spray painting with western java gloss stain (Cabbots brand) I am want to respray my cabinet display??Also can i use a bit of enanmel thiner in my spray gun with the stain?? Also what psi should i have my compressor on during spraying??? And any other helpful hints would be greatly appreciated??? Thanks For any help with this guys Oh, I am also using a gravity feed spray gun. Cheers !
  20. Hi everyone, I am wanting to paint my fish tanks and am wanting to know if using a latex based paint is the best option? Where is the best place to buy in Brisbane area? Has anyone got some left over from a job?
  21. hi i was wondering if anyone has painted the back of there fish tanks if so is it easy and how do you go about it as i am wanting to paint my 6x2x700 tank any help and advice would be greatly appreciated cheers Neville
  22. Gidday everyone well we have decided to insulate and line our 10mx7m garage as an office and fishroom we have decided to line it with vj pine lining boards with fibreglass batts as insulation.My question is what to paint the lining boards with that isnt toxic as all my tanks are down there now and it isnt really feasible to move them out what are your suggestions I was thinking maybe tongue oil as i would like to retain the woodgrain finish any help appreciated cheers Hilly
  23. Hi My brother is setting up a tank soon with some clown fish in a Aqua one tank, one of the all in one setups. There is a pipe running inside the tank for the filter to take up the water and at the moment it is bright orange. Would it be possible to paint this a different colour? If so what would be the correct paint to use? Thanks in advance for your help Shane
  24. most of my tanks , i have painted the backs black, with flat (matt) black paint. i have also been painting the bottoms as well i have found that when the fish dig big holes in the substrate or if you dont have any substrate, you dont get that glare and bright reflection off the bottom. i will get some pics up shortly anyone else tried this??
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