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Found 9 results

  1. FOR SALE Pairs of Halfmoon Betta from Quality Imported stock. Both parents are Mustard gas (yellow fins and blue body) $40 per pair - Sibling male and female 5 pairs on offer. Variation in young available from mustard gas to blue black butterfly. EXTRAVAGANT BETTA'S (on Facebook) Home of quality Halfmoons, Halfmoon Plakats and Wild betta. $40 per pair - Sibling male and female 5 pairs on offer.
  2. .Hi. I am new to forums and this is my first post.. I have read a lot but can't find anything on what I am researching. I have a planted tank with. 2 pairs of rams 1 breeding pair of blue turquoise discus (frequently spawning in tank) My wondering is. Would it be ok to keep two breeding pairs of discus in the community tank to start with? The intention being to setup another tank to move 1 pair to, to try to get fry then move parents back to community once fry self sufficient. once the fry are raised then try with other pair... would the the removal and reintroduction of one pair of adult discus cause problems socially in the community tank? ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Everyone loves seeing pics right? You've all seen the side view shots of these fish, here are some top view shots I took this morning Female interesting extended nostril features Male Still young fish and here's a pic to show their size Feel free to comment/critique these fish Cheers, John
  4. Bought a new pair of Royal Blue Halfmoons last week and a Platinum Blue Dragon Plakat pair yesterday. I don't have any photos yet, as I want to let them settle in first. The females are in the sorority tank and the Plakat female is busy trying to establish herself as top dog. All the other females just think she's loopy and try and ignore her. She's larger than all the others, so I am keeping a close eye on her. Here is a video of the Plakat pair in store. It doesn't really show their true colour very well. About 13 seconds in shows the males true colour for a second. The video of the Halfmoon pair doesn't come close to showing their true colour. About 12 seconds you get an idea of their true colour. If you are familiar with Royal Blue Halfmoons, you'll know what the pairs colour is like. Otherwise you can google to get an idea. The male is show quality in form and finage. It appears that I have an itch for blue bettas.
  5. Hi all, What is the most successful way of getting fish to pair up other than buying already proven breeding pairs? And is it also important to make sure that the fish are brought from different places to ensure that the babies aren't inbred? Cheers, Ben
  6. I am not after buying them at all. I just would like to know who owns a pair and who are they from. EG mine were from bob01. I just would like to know what blood lines are around. Please dont PM me i think it would be an advantage for everyone to know what blood lines are around. Think this makes sense lol Cheers
  7. As title states i have no clue why no residue on surface of the water no bloat and nothing wrong with its skin and nothing coming out its ass. I only use rain water now that goes through a purifier. bns arnt that old. 6 pairs dead in 2 days it is starting to tell me to give up on fish and do something else because i can not find a problem with the tank as there are platies and neon tetras in the tank as well. water dosnt smell and if neon tetras arnt dead that means its no a water issue as they would of been the first thing to die. so this has really got me stuped if any one has any ideas plz let me no and i must say it wouldnt be a temp issue or water
  8. looking to breed comps and calvus's just wondering if it would be better to breed them in trio's or pairs. just looking for peoples thoughts or past history. thanks
  9. hi, i am after and african breeding pair cheers,john
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