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Found 8 results

  1. Big thanks to Pete and Nathan for helping a country cousin out, to Caleb at Pet City and to Donny at AOA for the Iwagami poster Thanks guys you make the four hour trip well worth it. See you next time.......btw dining tip, The Little Red Dumpling in Sunnybank Plaza is awesome
  2. Looking for some panda moor goldfish. Any info on sellers or lfs that may have some would be muchly appreciated.
  3. I am starting a new chapter in my fishkeeping at the moment but still working with some goldfish currently and have finally cracked an elusive colour scheme when it comes to the fancy goldfish ....black and white or panda...this is only the beginnings of it coming through in what would be termed F1s but its finally shown up and its with controlled crossbreeding....so from here its locking the colour pattern down so it starts to become more prominent in offspring..fingers crossed!!..this guy should hopefully get some headgrowth coming on soon(already has small signs) and fingers crossed if some of the black stabilizes he will be a nice panda oranda....I'd love to "splash" this colour pattern on to ranchu but thats a bigger project for further down the path if I can hopefully lock it down...there were about 25% like this and i have noticed many lose the black and end up pure white.. but i remember hearing from a breeder overseas(hermanto) about the black colour fading indoors and how in turn outdoors the sunlight did the opposite and triggered the black to darken or stabilize....so maybe they need a dose of sunbaking outdoors in a little pond ?! Heres the biggest little guy...
  4. Yea ok so that kinda looks alrite........ but most of these just go tooo far.
  5. Just had to share some pics of my panda butterfly guys...as Im digging them a bit lately.... they are out there but once again grabbing/finding the good quality ones is the hard part...love to see these guys become some big champs...
  6. I have a trio of panda cories in my planted And the other day i was sitting watching the tank when this cute little baby panda swam out to say hello.Sooo cute So far have counted 4 littleuns.They are now about 10 mm long and nosing around in the sand
  7. Should I get some in? Also ordering Wild Red Fin Sterbei. Awwww... I have such a soft spot for the first cory I ever bred The CW51 will be around $159 each...
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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