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Found 12 results

  1. one of my peppermints has become a victim of some flesh eating red worm-mosquito lavae looking parasites that i have found in my fish tank. i think they came with some plants that i bought from a pet store. how do i get rid of these things and what are they? need help asap i have other fish in there.
  2. one of my peppermints has become a victim of some flesh eating red worm-mosquito lavae looking parasites that i have found in my fish tank. i think they came with some plants that i bought from a pet store. how do i get rid of these things and what are they? need help asap i have other fish in there.
  3. I know it works for treating live stock, but could the same process be successful on say a piece of timber from a creek? Like if you were to soak it for a day or two in salt you reckon it would kill all the freshwater parasites bugs snails etc to a point that it would basically be a sterile bit of wood so to speak.... Thoughts?
  4. Hi all, one of my Angels has been doing white poop for the last week or so, not eating either. I have been dosing the the tank with Waterlife Sterazin (as suggested by LFS), it doesn't seem to bee doing much, I have put 4 doses ( Day 1, 3, 5,7) into the tank. I have a BGK in the tank, so I have to be careful. No other fish seem to be affected. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Hi All, I have a number of tanks I use for display/breeding. Up until now I haven't had to many problems and have used Tetra Parasite Guard/Metronidazole. However, I need to buy some more and the price is ridiculous. It also has me thinking, if I had bloat in my 6ft/600L tank, what would you do to treat so much water? Anyone have a more cost effective, commercial way to treat for internal parasites etc? Thanks
  6. So I'm having a problem with my goldfish tank and feel like I've reached the end of the road. I don't know what else to try. 300 litre tank - four fish, one new ranchu added 3 weeks ago after a 10 day quarantine without any issues. Tank is mature, water parameters good, 2 cannister filters A week after I added the new ranchu, I woke up one morning to find my black moore bottom sitting badly - when it swam it was flashing and swimming erratically.It had been fine the day before. Looking very carefully at its tail fins I could see faint grey.white smudges and thought I was probably dealing with ick. Have not seen any spots on any of the other fish at any point. I sought advice from a former Brisbane fish vet who kindly emailed me with a treatment regime - 6 days of formalin/malachite green with a water change and redosing of the medication after three days, and increase the salt to 5g/litre over 2 days and maintain while treating and for an extra 7 days. I inadvertently put in a half dose of formalin/malachite to begin with so have treated for 3 days at half-strength and then 6 days at full strength, with water changes and a medication redose every 3 days. Also salted to 5g/litre and am now on day 10. Tank temp has been at 28-30 degrees. After 12 hours the moore was up and swimming again. The faint grey/white spots appeared and disappeared and appeared again and currently there is quite a large white smudge on it's tail. If this is ick the treatment has not worked. The other fish seem fairly ok but are going to the surface more often. No spots that I can see. So my questions are: From the history and the picture is this ick or another parasite? If it is ick how can I eradicate it? Is the formalin getting bound up by organics in my tank? I use Prime and have read that prime can reduce formalin and inactivate it? Any suggestions for a different/better treatment regime ? And lastly if anyone has a microscope and knows how to do scrapes for parasites and would let me bring my fish over I would be eternally grateful (and bring your favourite brew by way of thanks) I don't want to kill my fish with endless cycles of formalin but I don't want to lose them to ick either. If I don't do something different I think I'll end up losing all my fish. Thanks in advance, Nicola
  7. Hi guys, I have a Mbuna tank housing yellow labs, blue pindani, acei and rusty cichlids. I've noticed that some of these fish have concave bellies. I first noticed it in the smaller rustys (of which two have died), but over the last 4-5 months, most of the other fish seem to have minor concave bellies. Some of the more severely affected fish seem to have poo that has clear patches in it. The growth rate of all fish seems to be very slow as well. The behaviour of the fish are fine - they are eager to eat and have even started breeding. My water parameters are good and I routinely add epson salts, bicarb soda and aquarium salt to the aquarium. After searching around a bit, I've come to the conclusion that they may have some internal parasites. There seem to be many different approaches for treating this with varying results. I've called 3 aquarium stores in Brisbane and gotten 3 different sets of advice including feeding them more, giving them vitamins, adding garlic to their diet and treating the tank with Waterlife Sterazin. Internationally, products that seem to get the best results include API General Cure and Jungle Parasite Clear Tabs - both of which contain metronidazole and praziquantel. As far as I can tell, these products are not available in Australia. I'd appreciate any advice on this, both offering potential diagnoses and solutions. While the symptoms are slow to develop and fish are behaving normally, I'd like to get on top of it as soon as possible. Cheers, Mitch
  8. Hi all, I have been fish keeping for over 3 years now (so I am experienced but not yet an expert) and have not long acquired a blue oranda. I have noticed that every day white parasites appear and disappear in the folds of his head. I have a 1w led light which I turn on of a morning when I feed them and I leave the light on for about 4 hours while I go into town. When I arrive home the parasites are there so I turn the light off for another few hours and when I check again the parasites are gone. The parasites have not spread to my other 4 orandas and none of them have ever experienced this before. The layout of the tank also has more than enough plants and rocks to provide shelter and hiding places so I'm thinking it is not 100% because of the light being on. Just wondering if there is there something I can do to heighten his immune system and help prevent this from happening again without having to take drastic measures and separate him? Cheers in advance
  9. Can ant body help ID these egg looking things on the body of my fish and a possible cure it would be much appreciated.
  10. The other day I noticed a heap of tiny white parasite looking things in my cherry shrimp tank. They are alive and move a fair bit. And they are eating the algae on the glass. They are multiplying too Can anyone tell me what they are and how to get rid of them? I have attached a pic. Thanks
  11. Gday all, Ok I have researched reasearch and researched and yet I can not find any parasites or diseases that derive form feeding your fish Processed foods like ALgae waffers and Flake foods. The reason for my search is that another member has just lost his complete tank of cichlids and B/N's and he beleives that this is due to the introduction of new type of algae waffer into his feeding routine. The person in question origianly belived it to be gill fluke, My research has drawn me to understand that "fluke" is a parasite that has a 24hr life cycle and can only be carried either through water changes or anything that contains infected water ie river rocks, fish, weed ect. I have found some rough info that there are claims that such parasites can be transfered via frozen foods, This information was on other forums and not by any research faciclity. The symptoms of the fish as far as I am aware are " gill flaring", "lathargic fish" and "gasping". I am very keen to hear everyones thoughts on this. Cheers Johno
  12. ive been told to use levamisole on my pleco that has it been to the produce and since its for cattle its 1L for $120. im not going to use 1L of it. and heard that you can get it in powder form. just wondering if any knows were to get it. or if any1 has any and ill buy some off them thanks gary
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