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Found 14 results

  1. I've got a pair of discus eating their eggs after 2 days. They have laid 3 times, once in a community tank and twice in a separate breeding tank. I'd like to know what the best course of action is other than just letting nature take its course. I've seen online a lot of people recommend using mesh or chicken wire to protect the eggs or taking out the female on the 2nd day as she's likely to be the one eating the eggs or leaving a light on in the room. Ph is 6.5. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are 0. Temp is 29. Any advice is appreciated. Tristan
  2. FOR SALE Pairs of Halfmoon Betta from Quality Imported stock. Both parents are Mustard gas (yellow fins and blue body) $40 per pair - Sibling male and female 5 pairs on offer. Variation in young available from mustard gas to blue black butterfly. EXTRAVAGANT BETTA'S (on Facebook) Home of quality Halfmoons, Halfmoon Plakats and Wild betta. $40 per pair - Sibling male and female 5 pairs on offer.
  3. Ok I want to start a thread to help ppl. Hatch there eggs without the parents We all know some fish just will not hatch and look after there fry Severums are one of the worst I have come across So I've taken the eggs ? What's next FJ Ps this is not for me. I know how although I'm sure I will learn something
  4. I have seen several adds for Parachromis Friedrichsthalii (Freddys) for sale at small sizes yet a few people i haved pmed never have photos or own the parents, does and one have a current breeding pair. I would love some photos and like to see the quality we have in QLD. So lease share some photos:peep:
  5. On Tuesday it will be 2 weeks since daddy and mummy angelfish hooked up and laid some eggs. Now i don't know if it's sleep deprivation or what, but the last couple days when i have been trying to feed the fry and they just start attacking my hand and they are getting more and more aggressive each time. I want to take the parents out, but i worry if i intervene the might fry die. What should i do.....?
  6. hi alll, its taken a while but my two beautiful jags have made me so proud ill be even happier if they carry the term too
  7. just discovered these today.....they're spread around the tank, on the glass, on the sponge filter and on leaves. its a community tropical tank and the parent options are..... Congo tetras black widow tetras Bristlenoses Albino corys kuhli loaches & Pakistani loaches Now im pretty sure its near impossible to breed loaches so im sure theyre ruled out......as are the bristlenoses because they lay theirs in their logs right?..... I do know the congos is a school of 2 males and 3 females so would it be them? ive only had them for about 2 months.
  8. So on sunday we found around 200 egg's on a piece of driftwood with a little girl Gold saum guarding them hell for leather and the big boy on a rampage chasing absolutely everybody in the tank. We were pretty surprised considering mum is no more then 7cm and dad no more then 8-9cm and living with 4 x 12cm peacock bass and 3 pearsei. Thus we didn't expect the eggs to last long. Well low and behold, its been 3 days and we have a shed load of wrigglers. So not wanting all there hard work to be undone we thought we'd try and siphon them into a fry saver until we could set up a small fry tank this arvo. Well the stupid fry saver was useless, they were too small and every one fell straight through the netting back onto the substrate *DOH!* lol... Almost instantly mum decided to start digging a little hole and then sucking up the fry and spitting them into a crevice she had made under another log (meanwhile Dad is still on a rampage and has all 4 pbass and 3 pearsei bailed up in the corner like little girls) She spent the next 10-15 minutes locating all fry and now they are still safe and sound (still well over 150 fry). So thought I'd post as I have never seen such brilliant parenting at such a young age (with NO breeding experience from either parents). Anyone else have similar 'parenting' stories? P.S. Moral of the story: Interfering is not always the best idea!
  9. just wondering if i should remove the parents as it is there first time and worried they will eat the eggs any sugestions?
  10. Hello all I have two pairs Julidochromis ornatus one pair have fry now and free swim already but wondering should I remove the other pair out? I know these guy are good parents and should be fine to leave the parents with the fry but don't know about the other pair that are not their (the fry) parents. Any help/advices are welcome Planning to feed them some grinded NLS and brime shrimp. Cheers
  11. Hey guys and gals, I have a 2ft kribensis tank with 1 pair and about 100 fry from their last batch. The fry are about 1cm long now. The parents get along fine with the fry but they are showing signs that they might spawn again soon. Should I remove the adults or the fry? Or just leave them be? I dont want them to eat their fry in defence of their new eggs thats all. Opinions appreciated Cheers
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Just wondering when you are able to take the parents out of the tank with their fry? I have some convicts that have had some fry for now around 2 weeks and was just wanting to move the parents to another tank. so just wanted to make sure if i do it the fry will be ok. Cheers, Blake
  14. Once the babies are free swimming is it ok to put the parents back in my main tank? Do fish "fret" as such?
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