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Found 21 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hi Guys, I have a couple of 10 inch male Peacock Bass is anyone willing to swap for some Blood Parrot Juvies?.. Just putting it out there... If you don't ask you dont know! cheers Gary 0409 890 910
  3. hello all --- I bought some Parrot cichlids last Saturday night at the auction held at Virginia School and would like to get in touch with the seller ---- I would like to know if you have any more and where you are located.
  4. Yahoo it has hit and in stock. Click Here for Pricing and availability 6 Colour Enhances Chili Pepper Phaffia Yeast Krill Astaxanthin Canthaxanthin Lutein With Hikari Germ - with Beneficial, Live Micro Organisms Click Here for Pricing and availability Available in 333g Mini and Medium and 600g Medium and Mini
  5. Yea ok so that kinda looks alrite........ but most of these just go tooo far.
  6. reproducing synspilum with citrinellum
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Buy Neotropical and South American Cichlids for Sale at AquariumFish.net, a Cichlid Dealer. This video shows a Blood Parrot. This fish is a hybrid of two Cichlid species, a Red Devil and a Golden Severum. This Blood Parrot was about 5" long
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. G'day all Anyone know where to buy jellybean parrots? looking for red and orange coloured one so if anyone know where to get them please let me know or if you have some for sale pm me your price. Cheers Ryan
  11. Hey Everyone, 6ft with 2 Parrot Cichlids (male and Female) What other fish would look nice and be Happy in this tank with the Parrots? Perferably 2 of every fish (Male and Female)
  12. hey guys, iv seen a few videos on youtube of yellow parrots was just wondering if these are available in australia, as i have never seen them..
  13. He's a pic of one of the fry i got off couple months back, its getting a nice size Really nice colour, im pretty sure this is a boy, as the other one appears to be a girl, will put a pic of her up soon
  14. Hey everyone, about 2 weeks ago the kkp laid, male sgt did his job... and here are the fry atm, plenty to go round Dad - Mum - Batch - Fry - The fry are in a 3 1/3ft x 2ft x 2ft tank atm.
  15. Hey Im no breeder of hybrids at all in any way not sure I even wan2 but in my community tank I'm fairly sure my marble fenny has paired up with a blood parrot ? What the ? They are swimming together and shown sings of normal breeding dug pit, protecting the pit etc Is this possible I'm guessing it is ? What do you end up with ? Or should I separate them and not let this happen? Her tube is coming down as well and advise would be great Thanks in advance Trev
  16. Guys, I have a nice male carpinti (green texas) on his own atm. I have seen some threads about crossing these with blood parrots to eventually create a "red texas". Just wondering if this is a good hybrid to have a crack at?? and if the 1st gen fry are actually a nice fish?? Breeding this guy with another female carpinti just doesnt excite me a great deal atm.
  17. Something other than fish. This is our cheeky boy Loco. He is getting pretty good at talking now and he seems to know it. He has turned into a real character.
  18. keysborough aquarium, the shop that has those stunning Platinum/panda barra in melb has these for sale atm. Firehead KK-Blood Parrot is CREATED IN MELBOURNE by one of our breeder. This specie was experimentally breed (enhanced) earlier last year. But the result was not the best due to its elongated body just like a normal KK parrot fish. THROUGH MAY TRIALS, THUS PEFECTING IT EARLY THIS YEAR (2010)IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE A BODY SHORTER AND ROUNDER THAN A 'GOLD SEVERUM'. THIS FIREHEAD BLOOD PARROT WAS CROSS BRED BY "MAN MADE" FROM A FEMALE CICHLASOMA SYNSPILLUM (FIREHEAD CICHLID) WITH A SUPER RED "HALF MIDAS-DEVIL FLOWERHORN" WITH A BIG HUMP. THIS SPECIE WILL MATURE TO A SUPER RED PURPLE-RED HEAD AND BRIGHT RED SHORT AND ROUNDER BODY PARROT. THEREFORE MAJORITY OF THEM WILL ALSO GROWING A HUMP LIKE THE FATHER FISH. YES WE HAVE PERFECTED THE GOOD OLD BLOOD KK PARROT. I shot a bloke a msg chasing pics of parents and any adults to see what these actually look like, will be interesting to see.......
  19. Check my WTB Thread in Trader, 7 Available http://www.qldaf.com/forums/hybrid-trader-29/wtb-king-kong-parrot-42037/#post251812 I thought some people might miss this as I started the thread as a WTB Cheers
  20. Hey guys, I have decided that I shall post up pictures of all my tanks and some of my ponds pretty much a tour of the fish side of my house, tell me what you all think! and which one is your favourite First up I will show you were all the magic happens, where all my fish are bred that is: at the moment I am breeding some Molly's, Rosey barbs, Chilly Rosey Barbs, Shobunken and ordinary Goldfish. next up is some of my fantails which I am breeding. I have tonnes of them and am probably gonna move the molly's in here when winter comes around: I also have a mangrove jack I tried to get a picture of him during feeding time but it was way too fast its pretty big too I will do my best to get a shot of it but for now here is its home: http://s190.photobucket.com/albums/z19/ ... 0_0104.jpg and know here is a little thing im wondering if anyone else has tried out before, at underwater world in Mooloolaba on the sunshine coast they have a car filled up with cichlids I thought of my own version/s I have got 3 boats filled up with goldfish/shobunken and are all breeding like crazy: time for all my tanks ahha, I guess we will start with my original mangrove jack turn goldfish turn second community tank : its main fish are Frontosa: An overgrown feeder goldfish: Acei: Electric Blue: and lots of other stuff.. next up is my main community tank I didn't bother taking pictures of all the fish individually so here is the only picture of it, I will go through the fish also: Main Fish: Tonnes of Electric Yellows they breed amazingly Tonnes of Fan Tail guppies and Platy's Bristlenose X 2 Kuku Catfish X 3 Electric Blue X 2 A few Acei's Few Zebra's Mollies Peacocks and some other stuff I forget the name of haha next up is my personal favourite, the native tank !: it's got quite a few rainbows (we all know what they look like ) A Mussle : and a Snakeheaded gudgeon: now my first Saltwater tank, this is my second favourite tank: in it is a Parrot: a nice little angel: A Moray Eel!: and now I need your help! WHAT IS THIS FISH it has sharp teeth and when I try to feed the eel a prawn on a metal rod it takes a few chunks out of it,it also eats pellets but doesn't have a go at any of the other fish it has got me stumped if any one could help it would be greatly appreicated:
  21. how nice are these guys does anyone know where i can get some i saw ones called parrot cichlids at the pet barn at nerang but i dont know if it was them
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