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  1. My cf1000 has leaky taps, they were only replaced about 8-9months ago and up untill the last filter clean was all good but when i put it all back together it was leaking like crazy from the taps. Im out of work currently so would prefer it if i didnt have to replace them again. Any suggestions? Have tried thread seal tape but still getting a steady drip
  2. Need a new impeller by the looks. Pretty pricey. Anybody got a good online supplier? Don't care if its ex. O.S Thanks guys
  3. Is there anywhere in Brisbane I can get a Eheim 2213(250) Impeller shaft? I'll take on-line places too. Cleaned the filter for the 1st time today and tonight it was making this grinding noise and when I pulled it apart, the impeller shaft came out in 2 pieces. I have put in something to steady it, but would really like to replace it asap. All places I have checked have been out of stock.
  4. Wondering in anyone knows if someone in aus stocks parts for the pictured pump I believe it is a Schwarzer Precision SP 802 it slowly got weaker over the last week till it's out put stopped, I haven't pulled apart yet but guess the diaphragm has worn out as it still sounds like it's running ok just no air. SLR Sent from my who cares using Tapatalk
  5. Hi all I have a 3 year old eheim 200 air pump that has stopped working, after opening it up I found that both the arms that operate the diaphragm, the plastic has shattered causing the magnets to come lose. anyway I'm after 2 new arms for the pump, but can't find them anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction or possibly have a set? Thank you Jacob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Does anyone know if you can get replacement end cap covers(not the wired in part just the screw on cover) for the Hagen Glo T5 HO lights mine are getting brittle and starting to crack. Have rung a few local shops but none carry any spares for the lights. Also need to grab a few of the clips that hold the tubes a few of them are broken too.
  7. Just got given a 5 foot tank as a freebie... score! Will need to make a nice new stand and hood in the coming month or two, when I can afford it. For now I need some help with replacing a few parts on the filter, I know the bits I need to replace, being new to the aquarium world I just don't know what the parts are called so I can ask for them. It's the bits that go over the tank to hold the hoses etc... One of them have a very slow leak. I'll throw some photos up, if someone would be so kind as to help me with the names The lighting in the prebuilt hood is stuffed as well, all the wires need to be cut, redone and sealed, will try do that next week so I can get some proper lighting happening. Once I build a new hood I'll transfer them across hopefully. Thanks,
  8. I use Otto internals as air flow and cause I can in all my tanks, on top of canisters. German made built like a brick house, works fine but a few sponges getting old now ( 7 yrs old) anyone sell just the sponges?? Sponser's preferred obviously, just can't find them by myself. Cheers
  9. Anyone else had to buy parts for a Fluval 405 canister filter or media for them and where's the cheapest place any help would be good cheers Yellows
  10. Got a good deal off another member (Thanks!) and also picked up a hailea hap-100 off him. Wanted to replace the 2 diaphrams from a local shop rather then shipping but I seem to be unlucky in finding the right store from the usual suspects. Anyone able to point me in the right direction saving me from calling every store in brissy? Cheers Dan
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. hey guys i got given a 4ft tanks pretty sure its a aqua one (120)? but has not light or overhead fliter. basically the tank and the stand. would it be worth while to get the proper light and filter for it or buy an external filter and another light and make a hood for it (my parnters dad is a cabinet maker) will try to get a photo of it. and not sure what i will be stocking in the tank maybe just a grow out or display
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. like everybody else i have spare parts for various filters, heaters or whatever basically does anybody else think a spare parts section or registry is a idea u would have to categorize alphabetically or have some kind of order because the down side to this would be the amount of pages ud end up with.most o-rings or anything small is stored for years in a exact place then magically lost the second you need it do u think it will work
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. does anyone know where i can get spare parts for Sun Sun products, i have a HEL-1200 light and looking for a replacement plastic side cover, my other one got brittle and has broken, anyhelp would be great as i dont want to have to get rid of this light,
  17. I have been wearing out the soles on my shoes trying to track down the suction cup clips that hold the spray bar and suction tubes to glass. As most are aware the suction cups get hard after about 12 months in the water. Most of the aquariums that I have been to acknowledge their knowledge of the part but do not hold stock nor advise when in or available. I run Ehiem 2226 and 2228, both have the same size tubes. In the mean time my tubes are hanging in the breeze (or should I say current) Can anyone point me in the direction of an on line seller. Thanks GS
  18. Hi all, Im after some parts for my undergravel filters. I need the part that fits on to the bottom of the filter and the tubing that joins from it. If anyone can help, I would be much appreciated.
  19. I am going to buy my plumbing for my tank today and I just thought I'd see if there was anywhere i could compare prices. I have quotes from Tony Powell at geebung which sound cheap enough but there's no harm in shopping around to make sure you already have the best price. Where has everyone else bought their Bulkheads and plumbing pieces from? Thanks in Advance
  20. I set up my canister filter this afternoon and found that the supplied outlet was the incorrect size for the hose supplied (only one out of the 4 mind you) Where should I start looking for replacement intakes/out-takes to fit a 19mm ID (22mm OD) hose? Take a look at the photos. Photo 1 is the correct sized one (this is the 'out' section that goes to the spray bar) Photo 2 is the incorrect one. The hose is 19mm ID, the 'in' tube that draws dirty water out of the tank into the canister is 14mm!!
  21. Does anyone know the best place to get fx5 consumable in bris , I'm not really concerned on price mainly on shelf availability.
  22. Does anyone know the cheapest way I can get hold of the main 'O' ring for an Eheim 2213? Am on the sunshine coast! Thanks in advance:
  23. Hey all. Anyone know of a place that stocks O-Rings for the AquaNova NCF range??? Found only 1 place selling them on ebay, seems to be the cheapest i can find online. Any other suggestions?? Possibly a forum sponsor??? Was hoping to get a bag/kit with all the O-rings, as it was a second hand filter when i got it and it hasn't been used for about a year. So im guessing if one seal is gone, they probably all are. Cheers Jesse
  24. Does anyone know where I can aquire spare parts for these filters. I have the prime 30 external cannister and I need to get a new bucket for it as it has been cracked and also need the priming button that goes in the top. any help would be appreciated.
  25. Came home to a puddle forming under my 3' tank. Looks like I need some bits for my AquaNova NCF-1000. Does anyone know if there is a LFS near Browns Plains that has spares and is open tomorrow? Thanks Rob
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