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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have a couple of 10 inch male Peacock Bass is anyone willing to swap for some Blood Parrot Juvies?.. Just putting it out there... If you don't ask you dont know! cheers Gary 0409 890 910
  2. Hi Guys, Would like to by a Peacock Bass around the 12-15 cm mark if thats possible. Please let me know if you have any or have seen some at any of your LFS's cheers Gary
  3. Just got my new baby pbass home, there only tiny but still awesome, now to grow them out enough to put in the display.
  4. both have a descent hump on them at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. she laid today. Spun me right out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Just a pic of my bass.. Big thanks to ?.. You no who you are hihihi... sorry about the ****py pic just a good old phone pic and there so quick.. Cheers Shaun
  7. hey guys im after some juvie pbass about 6 doesn't matter about what variant . plz pm me some info and prices please and cheers
  8. Decommissioning the pool over the next week, I like bbq's and pool parties more than I like battling toads for control of the pool pond. So I have three breeding pairs of cichla ocellaris plus one extra and two good sized yellow flagtails I will be selling plus pbass fry about 5cm. What's a reasonable price for these guys? Bought the bass from Melbourne last year for 45 each at 1". Bass are all in the 25cm range I would say, hard to gauge cos they have 60k litres to zoom around in. Flaggies bout same size.
  9. Moved the pbass into the pool today before I take off up Cape York on Monday for 10 days. Their new digs, need to put in more lillies and reeds. The 90% finished biofilter/gar pond The gars
  10. I have had these guys less than a year. Noticed they were all flaring up at each other yesterday and this is what i woke up to Check out the hump on my little male!! He is around 23-4cms
  11. i was just wondering what fish you guys keep with your peacock bass?
  12. Hey Guys, Firstly I have to throw a massive thank you out to Brent Smith Photography (GreenTerror) for doing such a sensational job on the below photos. I recommend him to anybody wanting to get their pride and joy captured! Here's a few details for those who haven't seen the tank: Tank: 4" x 2" x 2" soon to be transferred to a custom eurobraced 6" x 3" x 2.5 " Filtration: 1 x Odyssea CFS700 2600lph Canister Filters (mechanical and UV) 3" sump with Purigen, matrix, aqua clay and jap mat. Pump: 2500ltr's sump pump Lighting:2x Commercial Twin T8 Fluoro Holders Stocking: 4 x 12cm Monoculus Peacock Bass 3 x 8-9cm Peasei 3 x 8-10 Gold Saums All fish fed on massivore
  13. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has experience keeping these monsters together. I want a mono and male dovii but dont want a dead pbass... Cheers.
  14. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has experience keeping a Peacock bass and a jardini in the same tank? cheers.
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