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  1. Can anyone tell me what types of peacocks are considering hybrid and which types are not hybrid? Marble peacock? Dragon Blood Peacock? Tangerine Peacock? Blue Peacock? Sunshine/Yellow Peacock? Eureka Peacock? Ruby red peacock? Maybe more than that I listed as above but I seen some breeder sold D.B peacock on this site before and now I heard that we can't sell D.B peacock. Cheer
  2. Hi guys, I woke up thos morning to find my benga peacock has a cloudy eye and what seems like a bit of scale damage on the same side. I also noticed my mono sebae has a slightly cloudy eye on one side too but not other damage. One of my big ob's has a stringy thing coming from his lower lip. Would it just be a bit of aggression? Or should I start treating the tank with some pima and or mela? I'm about to do a water change as the nitrate is around 40ppm. I just cleaned the fx5 on Thursday night (rinsed sponges and media in tank water and replaced macropore). Amonia and nitrite are both zero and ph is around 7.8 which I don't really understand as the tank has about 60kg of holey rock in it and crushed coral substrate. Also I forgot to mention I had a dead Azureus last night for no apparent reason. He was not beat up that I could notice. I don't want to loose any more fish!
  3. Looking to buy this weekend a couple or few peacock bass around the 7-15cm mark. Decent pricing please genuine buyer. Im in ipswich but happy to travel to most brisbane suburbs. Thanks
  4. I have a planted semi SA biotope (corays, Rummynose, Discus, Blue rams, and an angel) the tank is approx 300liters, would i be able to add a couple of the more docile african peacocks (males)? water quality shouldnt be an issue (40% water changes every 2 days) the nitrate is always <5ppm.
  5. Hi, i am setting up a 300 liter freshwater aquarium and am looking into peacock Cichlids. Has anyone had success in keeping them with live plants? I have a co2 system setup and really want to have a planted tank.
  6. Bought from the assorted peacock tank at smith's a while ago, is it dragon's blood? Thanks
  7. Could anybody out there tell me how many different species of peacock bass there are in Australia? I am looking for Cichla temensis young ones. If anybody could help out. Thanks
  8. Keen on stocking my 8x2x2 with some P Bass Juvies. What tank mates do you all suggest? Im new to any thing other then Africans, any info and suggestions appreciated
  9. Hey Guys, lately i've notice my 2 peacock bass cleaning one of the flat rocks in the tank and I thought they might be breeding. A couple days later and ive noticed about 200 little eggs on the rock. please help I need to know what to do. Do I take them out of the tank? Will the parents eat them? What to feed them,how when etc?
  10. Jack is about 12cm $150 Barra 20cm $25 Peacock bass 15cm $50 The jack probably won't be able to be with any other fish Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  11. Who else has a peacock display tank that they're pretty proud of? Here are a couple of pics of the some of the boys in ours, also big thanks [MENTION=91]Munruben1[/MENTION] for a few of these guys they look stunning under lights! Will have to try and get some decent pics with a camera at the moment just using my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Approx 250mm long. I believe both male.... Dominant male already has pea sized red nuchal Pick up Samford Cheers Gary 0409890910
  13. so my question is and i think i already know the answer but just making sure, can i house my bristlenose catfish with my peacock bass or will my bass eat them?
  14. Hey guys just recently bought 10 peacock bass at around 5 cm and thought id do a thread on their growth rate, I have raised fry before so I know they grow quick but this time I'm doing it a little different. Different diet and bigger tank. I will update each month with some pics and just and update on their diet and behavior. Currently in an 8ft with water temp at 28 degrees , ph is 7.4 and I've added a nice big peice of drift wood with Anubis as I found last time it brought the green out more and just somewhere for them to hide Their current behavior is standard for bass this size and they just hide and sook until feeding time. I've also attached a photo of the father as he has beautiful colors Their diet for this first week has been brine shrimp and bloodworms , will be moving them onto new era very soon as it's a softer pellet for them to start with.
  15. .Looking for peacock bass breeders around brisbane any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi All, I have a colony of WC Aulonocara stuargranti mbenji. 1M 6F in a 3 x 1.5 x 1.5. They are usually a little rough at breeding time, but I have about 6 batches of fry on the go and nothing more serious than nipped fins. I came home today to find the male has killed a female and the the other 5 females look like they gone through a turbine. They have plenty of hides (which they don't seem to be using). And I considered the ratio adequate. Any out of the box ideas to stop the aggression before I need to dig some more 5" graves? thanks, Dan
  17. .Hey guys I brought myself a peacock bass today at a local pet shop it is only small, once I put it in my tank it has just sat at the bottom of the tank and has not moved. I even tried putting a few blood worms in to entice it but didn't budge. Any ideas ? thanks
  18. Both male haha they might have been displaying for the girls there were a batch of eggs a few days later Both
  19. Hey every one I need some help with my peacock bass so I purchased 12 p bass about a month and a half ago and had the intention of selling on about half of them down the track. So about 3 weeks ago I lost one and the week after another and just today I noticed another resting on the bottom breather heavy and darker in colour and can't for the life of me figure out what's happening I did feed them some live gudgeons about a week before I lost the first one which might point towards parasites or worms 5x2x2 tank with 700mm sump/ internal filter 2x jäger 300w Size. 10-12cm Tank mates. Large gold spot Have been doing frequent water changes every 2-3 days at the moment. I have been using water out of my laundry tub mixer and bringing it to around 26/27 degrees for the water changes Feeding carnivore and hikari koi pellets more carnivore pellets at the moment Ammonia. Very little to none Nitrite. Very little to none Nitrate. 10-20 ppm Ph. 7.2-7.6 Any advice will be much appreciated
  20. Hey can these 3 fish live in the same tank without interbreding.. I have looked over the net and they said they would bred together to create a hybrid.. But woulod the Venustus bred with a livingstonii
  21. Hey fish friends.. I have Venustus and Dragon Blood Peacock's in the same tank.. I have 1 male DBP and 2 females I have 1 male Ven and 4 females.. Now i have been noticing that my DBP male is 'dancing' with my female venustus.. What should i do as I dont really want a cross hybrid but i only have the one tank and want to keep both colonies.. Please help..
  22. I've recently picked up a bunch of Peacock Bass which are roughly at the 5 cm mark. I've been feeding them bloodworm and some small cichlid pellets which I had sitting around although they won't eat the pellet. I did a little research into which pellet would suit them better but I still wouldn't mind some advice from some people who keep them. Cheers
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