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Found 41 results

  1. Hi just wondering if lemon jakes are any harder to breed then other species of peacock and if so any info on how to get them to start would be good as I have acquired a colony of them thanks!
  2. As the tiltle says... Show off ur Dragon Blood/Firefish/Strawberry Peacocks
  3. .Hey guys, I'm currently stocking my cichlid tank and am curious as to whether I can possibly keep t. ikola with peacocks? I've done research which says obviously I should keep peacocks with only peacocks or yellow labs but there is mixed opinions on the aggressiveness of tropheus ikola, does anyone knows how they might be? thanks for your replies
  4. Hi All, I have a colony of WC Aulonocara stuargranti mbenji. 1M 6F in a 3 x 1.5 x 1.5. They are usually a little rough at breeding time, but I have about 6 batches of fry on the go and nothing more serious than nipped fins. I came home today to find the male has killed a female and the the other 5 females look like they gone through a turbine. They have plenty of hides (which they don't seem to be using). And I considered the ratio adequate. Any out of the box ideas to stop the aggression before I need to dig some more 5" graves? thanks, Dan
  5. Hey Guys and Girls.. In my 4x2.5x2 ft tank i have 5 Dragon Blood Peacocks and 5 Venustus.. They are both breeding at the same time in the tank.. What should I do.. Do I seperate them or let them just go at it.. they are breeding with their own species..
  6. hi..just wondering..the ob peacocks..do they seem to colour up..blue.. as the age..i have 5 of them ranging from 4cm/6cm..but yet no blue at all or is it the luck of the draw when u buy them..most of these came from a very reputable fish aqauarium..who i was told wood colour up any suggestions..ty
  7. Has anybody seen any male lwanda peacocks for sale lately?
  8. I have a nice colony of normal obs and in the last mouthful there was one lonely albino. So I was wondering if this happens often ?? Who has one that they can share a photo of. Or do they look like the ones on goggle.
  9. a few more pics of old and new mixed display males:laser:
  10. Are these good quility OB Peacocks? I want to breed OB's but dont want crap breeders. Would you buy these or recommend the fry to friends?
  11. I'm setting up an all male display, the tank is 120x45x50, so far I have a maleri good, Ruben red, dragons blood and two OB throwbacks. Planning on getting a white knight, electric blue and I would love a lemon peacock as well. Sorry for the quality of the photos. Rubin red Maleri gold, can't wait for this guy to colour up. Dragons blood
  12. So I finally bit the bullet and decided to give breeding a go again, it's been about ten years since I've bred anything and even when I have in the past it was nothing planned and I ended up having to cull a lot fish due to them coming from a community tank of cichlids. This time I want to give it a good go and maybe expand to a few different colonies in the future. So I guess the point of this post is to ask for any tips to be successful with these new fish. the details 5x bicolour peacocks 1m 4f have bread in the past for previous owner tank is a 2x1.5x1.5 filtration large sponge filter Questions what sort decor ATM I just have a few rocks and a couple of plants best food to ensure quality fry or does this not matter once I get a mouthful is it best to leave them or strip them one other question I have is the tank is in my garage which sees a fair bit of traffic will these spook the fish to much thanks sorry for the long post
  13. Very happy with the arrival of my new aqua buds today....here to keep those smaller pretty malawi boys in check...the champsochromis caeruleus..... one of the biggest malawi going and likes a colourful snack ...not much to them now but give them a little time... and how the boys will end up....
  14. my 2 new additions to my breeding colonies. i have girls waiting
  15. Ive never had Africans, or know much about them at all.. So how are OB Peacocks made/created? Cheers Mat
  16. I want to keep a colony of Sciaenochromis fryeri with some Aulonocara & Copadichromis during the winter months. Will the elecy blues give the other males too much of a hard time? (6ft tank, about 10 of each with a colony of saulosi in there too.) Thanks
  17. Hi All, Just back to the hobby after 7 years out. display tank now set up and Looking for a colony of Peacocks, who has what varieties are out there, looking for something very special and ideally not that common. had Ngara flametails before and loved them. the Dragon Bloods look good.
  18. With all the posts about ob peacocks in the for sale and african section thought I would try the poll function to see everyones view on them.
  19. I stripped my peacocks yesterday and got everything from eggs to fully developed fry. The females are looking a bit skinny so was looking around for food to build them up quickly as the males are already hounding them. I threw in some compost worms and they went absolutely nuts over them. I've read that it's ok to give Peacocks protein. Would feeding the worms once a day be a problem? Just want to condition the poor girls up as quickly as possible before they're holding again.
  20. Hey all So im looking to start a big breading colony of peacocks in the comming weeks. just wondering what peoples favourite varient is and were to get some? also picture would be awsome. thanks guys Ben
  21. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if I could keep an all male peacock tank in a 90x40x40 tank, if so could I keep the following? not all just a list of ones I like. dragons blood maleri gold white night rubin red ngara flametail This is horrible, I can't remember species I like, its only been like 9 months Any recomedations please?
  22. hi everyone i was chasing some female ngara or bi colour peacocks if anyone can help in the Toowoomba Ipswitch Brisbane area cheers Justin..
  23. hi everyone i was chasing some female ngara or bi colour peacocks if anyone can help in the toowoomba ipswitch brisbane area cheers Justin..
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