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Found 16 results

  1. Tank is 58 Gallon 130x38x45cm 222L empty, so will be less with Sub and planted. How many Angelfish and Pearl Gouramis fit? 1x Angel 3x Pearl 1M/2F Or 2 -4 Angel 2x pearl with 1x Pictus Catfish 5x Julii Cory 5 x Kuhli loach maybe some Glass shrimp?? Happy to loose the loachs if needed.... and shrimp (i know the angels may eat them) Cheers
  2. Just sharing my new boy... he's a beast. about 20cm and still growing Your comments are welcomed 20150730-IMG_8234 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr 20150730-IMG_8237 by mattzilla5000, on Flickr Cheers Matt
  3. King pearl flowerhorns with (big Kok gene) for sale, 40-50mm, $30 each or 4 for $100, crazy pearling and colours already, shipping available, . And before you get a chance @mbunamad I know this is general aquarium discussion, I don't need your input every time thanks. Just Wunna give people a chance too look that don't realise there is a hybrid section,there posted there also.
  4. I have two Pearl (or Pearl Lace) Goramies in my tank along with two Dwarf Gouramies. Yesterday my Pearls were facing each other and "kissing" - they were having a go at each other head on. Then one of them turned away and went into the Wisteria, and it seemed to be all over. I noticed that their throats seemed very ruddy, very blushed, compared to previous obsevation. Have I got two males??? The Dwarfs chase each other around, but I haven't observed any 'face-to-face' standoff to date. Snaps taken with my Samsung Galaxy -
  5. Heres a little thread i've wanted to get going for awhile .. So this might stir up some opinions but I think we are wrongfully crossing our black calvus varieties not aware of the differences...seems people arent really aware of the yellow faced type but I believe its a true variant and I think we have some real deals lurking in oz(I myself vaguely remember seeing the odd black calvus around with a yellow streak down the front of the face).... The yellow body colouring seems to fade with aging(as is happening with stock overseas)...and certain fish genetically carry stronger colouration...i know some here in oz have mentioned it could be from cross breeding etc but I beg to differ...having seen images of wild caughts in the US with this colour pattern and also and how the yellow can fade with generations,crossbreeding etc has me thinking the natural occurring variety does display a strong yellow band down the face...this is apparently much stronger on the boys and a very reputable breeder by the name of Russ(Razzo) in the US had a beautiful boy with a super strong marking thus making his fry some of the most sought after calvus in the US as they were throwing heavy yellow facial markings..unfortunately he no longer breeds this variety(concentrating on frontosa I last read)but I have supplied a bunch of his great images and would love to hear thoughts etc on this variant or on the state of our own black calvus...seems we might be crossing variants and inturn trying to destroy different variants all unknowingly..if this is the case...maybe we should be trying to breed back towards the yellow pattern on the front of the face plus other visible features to save this type of variant!!!...I personally think if it was the result of crossbreeding it would also affect a much more wider or random area of colouring/patterning(as I have now seen in some potential hybrids).... So some calvus eye candy...some beautiful patterning on these F1 juvies... And so now some of the adults....... Could put pics up of these guys all day long...beautiful fish if you ask me
  6. Hey guys a few weeks ago i got the girlfriend some goldfish so while i was at it i grabbed myself a little pearl scale goldfish, anyway its been raining a fair bit and the ibcs are starting to overflow so at lunch i through a siphon in there. was at work doing what i do when it hit me i left it in. so i ducked off home to check it when i got there i found my little pearl scale had been sucked up cos hes to fat and slow. its alive and all but its mouth as been pulled out and is now stuck at full extension. what im wondering is if anyone whos kept goldfish before has seen this before and will it go back to normal or should i try and put it back? kinda like how comps and calvus get a dislocated jaw? any help would be appreciated cheers adam
  7. One of world's most invasive species found in river | Warwick Daily News
  8. I've recently bought two small Pearl Gouramis - male and female. They're alone in a 50L planted tank. They seem to get along and swim around the tank together. They haven't really shown any real aggression. There is also no sign of a bubble nest because there is a slight current in the water. I've started noticing the male occasionally nibbles the female between her ventral fins and on her anal fin. The female doesn't back off and doesn't seem to mind at all as they continue to swim around together. There is no signs of any damage on the female. Does anyone know why he's doing this?
  9. Just curious on all your guys thoughts on how overseas they get that thick pearling on there fh do you think it was just a morph of the pearl from line breeding or what didnthey use to create it
  10. Wow..... : World records fall as giant alien fish threaten WA waterways | Murdoch University
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. hey everyone just wondering how you can tell if my pearl gouramis have laid eggs as my pair has maid a bubble nest two nights in a row so just wondering what to look out for after that? thanks in advance tyler
  13. I got a rather thin looking pearl gourami and it's got a droopy tail fin. He's still got it appetite though...has it got a parasite? The other two are fine and healthy, so dunno what to do! Any got any idea on this?
  14. Industry and Investment NSW Aquatic Biosecurity and Risk Management acting manager Melissa Walker said pearl cichlids or pearl eartheaters (Geophagus braziliensis), were reported in Murwillumbah and Uki in late 2008. “In recent months we’ve received new reports of the pest fish being spotted near Dum Dum on the Tweed River and again at Doon Doon Creek, below Clarrie Hall Dam, on a tributary of the Tweed River.” Ms Walker said there were concerns about the impacts the pearl cichlid would have if it became more widespread in the river system. “If you catch one while fishing, the best thing is to take a photo, freeze (the fish), and record exactly where you caught it, then call to let us know,” Ms Walker said. The species, which is a native of South America, is a popular aquarium fish, with a pattern of pearly spots over a grey-green body with red-edged fins. When breeding, a pair cleans a nesting site and guards the eggs, and may be very aggressive to other fish which enter their territory.
  15. Has anyone had experience with breeding Pearl Gouramis? I have a few in my community tank, two of them are big boys with beautiful long fins, and there's two smaller ones, I believe I have one female. lol I guess I would have to move them to a separate tank to breed because I have a decent current in the community tank for my plecs and that wouldn't be suitable for bubble nests. This is something I would be considering in the future (and I hear that Gouramis may be a good investment at the moment) so I am just trying to gather ideas on what I might need if I wanted to give these guys a go and maybe some other varieties down the track. Looking forward to any advice you have to offer Caitlyn
  16. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has any tips/ideas. My male & female pearl guaramis are in a separate tank to breed, ( almost no water disturbance.) He's turned bright red and she has a fat belly & he's often 'dancing' for her, but hasn't built a BUBBLE NEST! Any ideas how I can prompt him to build one? Thanks heaps!
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