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Found 4 results

  1. One of the best heaters at one of the best prices. Too good to run for a day or week - available for the whole month of July.... And you still get your QLDAF discount off the special price which means you pay only...$359.10 http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp Deal of the Day Click Here
  2. I thought I would get this done a little early and give you guys a heads up on whats on the weekend! (As always Club Only, NFD etc, etc) (Also please remember these are this weekend only, if you miss out its back to normal price. I do these as a way to clear our tanks for the new orders on Monday, not because I need to make a sale!) Apistos (Since we have new ones on orders) Macmasteri Super Reds $25 Juruensis $35 Viejita Rednecks $20 Blue Heads (Steel Blues) $10 Cacatuoides $15 Borelli Yellow Blue $15 Algondon II $35 Elizabethae $85 White Seam Agassizi $27.95 Arua $24 Dwarf Cichlids Neon Blue Rams $25 Neon Balloon Rams $25 Kribs (Normals) $8 Cattie Sale Dianema Flagtails $40 Upside Down Cats $15 L144 Blue Eyes $500.00 Pictus Cats $15 Farlowella $15 S. Multipunctatus -Wild Caughts $75 S. Petricola $35 S. Decorus $30 Pimelodus Ornatus $100
  3. I just got this picture of my female electric yellow that is currently holding and I thought I might share it with everyone If you look carefully, you can see one of the fry with it's eyes starting to develop
  4. Hey Guys last weekend i was inspired to rescape my nano tanks. Spent most of my weekend Cleaning/Planting/Shopping. Have only completed the one so-far hope to get the 2nd one done tonight. First one is an Island Scene 2nd one Will Be Bonsai Please feel free to comment as im still VERY new to this! Cheers, Scotty Ok so it started about 6 mths ago as this: -yes very boring lame etc LOL Then I let it go as i had other projects on the go and it looked very neglected, this is how it looked Sunday Morning: Yuck Right! So after some inspiration from here and PFK magazine I decided to go for an Island theme in one tank and a bonsai theme in the other so Off to Fishchicks i went (Thanks Jodi-Lea!)
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