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Found 19 results

  1. Just Arrived- SAIKOH Goldfish and Koi pellets! This floating food contains colour enhancers and will not cloud your water. The pellets also contain extra vitamins and minerals for the overall good health of your fishy friends. Available in Mini, Medium and Large pellets. 500g - $9.90 1kg - $16.95 5kg - $55.00 And dont forget your QLDAF discount as well!!! Click on the link below to check out our newest Goldfish and Koi food today! http://www.thetechden.com.au/searchresults.asp?Search=saikoh
  2. We had the Eheim range of foods arrive on Friday and have a good selection of green foods for herbivores and also something for the omnivores. Eheim Professional Fish Food - for Freshwater, Marine Fish and Shrimp Eheim Professional Fish Food - has been made mainly of natural and fresh ingredients. It is more digestible, less pollutants, less waste and contains proteins, fatty acids and vitamins to make your fish look their best. Eheim food come in both pellets and flake with their range catering for all types of fish including Tropical, Native, Cichlids, Catfish and Shrimp as well as Marine fish as well. Here is a link to click on and check out. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Fish_Food_s/2321.htm
  3. Hey all, Just curious. What do people think about feeding bettas, discus pellets. In the sense where a betta was show material. More beneficial? Works same as special pellets for bettas? I can see that maybe discus and betta have different needs, but are the differences that BIG? What are your thoughts?
  4. I was just feeding my fish ( NLS Spectrum Small fish formula ) pellets an sat down to watch the fish eat and low and behold a large creamy coloured Gecko pops out to pick up the pellets that I left around the feeding hole ( I am a little clutsy lately) . Firstly , my knowledge of reptiles would fit on a postage stamp in # 10 Helvetica but I thought lizards only ate live food ? Seconly - will the pellets harm the gecko ? It often comes out at night to get bugs attracted by my aquarium lights - but very surprised to see it eat pellets . My room is unscreened - with a ceiling fan ( old school ) so no chance of keeping bugs or lizard out !
  5. New Era Shrimp Pellets have arrived in Australia and we currently have them in stock. High Algae content specifically designed for shrimps Just $9.90 for a 60g tub less your discount. http://www.thetechden.com.au/New_Era_Shrimp_Pellets_60g_1mm_p/505000.htm Composition Fish and Fish Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Algae, Oils and Fats, Minerals, Molluscs and Crustaceans and Vitamins.
  6. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has seen these in their local shops? I was buying them from City Farmers at Browns Plains but they are no longer stocking them. My clown loaches and blind cave tetras love them and pretty much ignore all other foods. I've just managed to grab two online but it was hard to find someone that still sells these in Australia. Anyone seen them locally??
  7. I recently bought a couple of buckets of New Era discus pellets and Plec pellets. I normally feed New life Spectrum Thera A, Surface feeder, cichlid pellets, and H2O wafers, but as my bucket of wafers was almost empty, I thought I'd try something else. I'd heard a lot of great stuff about New Era, so I jumped right in, buying the buckets :-/ Is it normal for this food to disintegrate and foul the water? It's already a very moist food (the discus pellets are kind of stuck together in a huge clump in the bucket) but the sales pitch was that it is LESS messy than other foods, so ideal for messy eaters like discus. My plecos don't like the plec pellets at all. My shrimp don't mind them :-/ My cichlids are unimpressed and insisted I give them their nls pellets. After large water changes last night I was admiring the crystal clear water in my tanks. (I like the water to still be as clear as glass when looking through the end of the tank as when looking through the front) Then I fed New Era :'( The water is cloudy and there is fine particulate matter on the driftwood. Yuk. Is this normal for this food? Have I got a bad batch? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. New Era Plec Pellets 1.8kg Buckets. Bargain price of $79.95 Today only !!!. Link - Age of Aquariums - New Era Plec Pellets - Medium ( 8mm ) 1.8kg Ben
  9. hi, got some new display males and the largest 14cm sunshine peacock wouldnt eat pellet food with the others (30 males in tank) so i threw a pea in and he smashed it like theres no tomorrow!! any tricks or tips to get him to eat pellets? as the veges make a mess of the tank.. cheers
  10. Does anyone have Barra pellets for sale on Brisbane Northside, or know of anywhere who sells them ??? I'm after 2mm and 4mm size pellets... 500grams - 1kg of each. Cheers
  11. hi guys just bought a 380g sealed bag of hikari massivore delite and did not pay much attention to the expiry date. after i opened it i thought to myself....i better check the expiry date.. it had expired last year in june. is it still good or can i take it back to the shop for an exchange or refund even though i opened it already? need answers asap!!!!! it cost me $60 thanks
  12. Just chasing some stats on the pellets sold at the tech den. Americanlover put me onto/gave me some of the catfish fry crumbs, and i see there is also pellets avail. It seems the price is great, am just wondering if they are as nutritionaly sound as hiraki pellets ... the price really is good Anyone want to shoot me some protein etc stats or just let me know how good they are. Muchy appreciated. And the tech den your more then welcome to answer too :-) just want some consumer answers too.
  13. As above I'm in Byron bay so shipping would be required if past gold coast. Also chassing "super worms" if any one knows where to get some from? Any help would be appreciated thanks sam
  14. I have a little striped gudgeon that was creek caught. He's a beautiful little fish and I'd love to keep him but I just CANNOT get him onto pellets. Sinking or otherwise. He will though eat feeder fish like it's going out of style. I have two purple-spots as well, one captive bred (eats like a horse) and he's done well teaching my wild-caught purple-spot of the same size to eat sinking pellets, but I'm finding the striped gudgeon is much more 'unmoving' and refuses to free swim around the tank or some up at feeding time. Any suggestions? Alternately, I'm happy to drive him back to the creek and release him if people think that is best, or he is free to a good home if people think they can get him eating better than I do (or already have plenty of feeders around).
  15. Hi there, just got my hands on a mangrove jack (name is King Leonidas) around 5cm and I need some tips and ideas on how I can get him to start eating pellets. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  16. does anyone know where i can get Hikari Sinking Carnivore Pellets need it for my little motoro also i would prefer to buy it bulk (he is a little eating machine) anyone know of any online stores that stock this item and sell bulk if not just a shop in logan for small amounts will do for now cheers Rob
  17. Just wonder how to convert some wild caught fish to pellets instead of having to go get shrimp and small fish for them all the time its a bit annoying have to drive to the creek every weeks. so any ideas would help heaps thanks. Cheers David
  18. Could everyone that I gave samples of Aqua One Colour Enhancer Pellets to please leave there feedback here so we can have a general discussion about it. I have confirmed with the importer that it is not White Crane rebranded and that it does not contain hormones. As they said, at the low price it is sold for they could not afford to add hormones. Anyway, I am keen to hear your opinions. So far we have been quite happy with it. We have been getting good colour results and no signs of extra aggression. Remember, a colour enhancing food should always be used in addition to a good mix of good quality foods and not as the sole food source for your fish. All of our experimenting with this food has been on that basis. Russ
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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