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Found 26 results

  1. Ok so i finally got myself a nice colony going with heaps of different bloodlines. So far they are still quite small, say 3cm-5cm aprox. I have 14 all up so i should def get a breeding pair trio. They are currently in my two foot tank but this weekend will be moved to my 4x18x18 once i catch and sell all my normal bn. So in the four foot i have five guppys, a male fighter, seven rummynose tetras and four corys. So nothing to eat or harm my peps. I may sell or move these fish but id like something to look at other then my shy peps I will post pics and update this like a blog, so if anyone else is contemplating breeding peps they can follow me. So thats where im at atm. I may move house yet but i will endeaver to not kill my peps in the process. Ill use as many pics and little words as possible to keep it interesting. Cheers Angel
  2. Would a space of 50x45cm be enough for 3-5 peppermints or longfin to breed in? Thinking of splitting my old 5ft to do so or would 75x45cm be better by just halving it?
  3. As title says just wanting to know if that is a good deal? Thanks mike
  4. Hi all I had 4 pep eggs hatch this morning, while the other 20 odd in the bunch are still nice and orange and I can see a dark backbone, they have not hatched. Any tips do I ditch them or leave them in the tumbler ??
  5. Hi all today when was moving my frontosa fry into the grow tank I stumbled on my male peppermint fanning eggs (have a trio in there it is their first ever spawn) i have moved him and his cave (large piece of larva rock) into its own tank with taking the same water and have set the tank to the same temp Have never had or try ed to breed them as have been concentrating on my fronts so a few questions # should i take the eggs out and tumble them # do they take around the the seven day mark to get heads and tales (like fronts) # If they get pushed out should i tumble them # best food for the fry Any feedback, suggestions and experiences would be appreciated as am new to them Thanks in advance Clint
  6. If I had a peppermint bn pair in with a sf bn pair would there be any chance of cross breeding? Also ive been breeding sf bn cats for years, how hard are peps vs sf bn cats? Do they breed as easily? Also any other tips appreciated. Would like to move away from short fin bn cats for a while and long fin and albino dont really apeal to me for some reason. Thanks and cheers!
  7. Ok so I have a 4 tank system all sumped together. Now i have a trio of peps who have been breeding for me and the first batch was about 95% survival out of 60 and they are now 3cm. I have the parents in 1 tank and a batch of fry in each. It seems to me that the more batches 1 have the more fish I have die. I came out this morning and the newest peps were out of the cage with about 40 already dead. Still have small egg sacks so its not food. What im wondering is if any1 else has problems with keeping adults and fry in the same system as its as if the older fry are putting out something in the water killing the young fry. Just one of ym theories so if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance Regy227
  8. hi everyone im pretty rapped have just discoverd pep eggs in the cave male is fanning on them like he should be. funny thing is i have only had the pair together for just under 2 weeks they must have got busy quick. and also just wondering are they harder to raise then commons and albinos as i breed them and raise there fry rather successfully? cheers olly
  9. This happened to my female bristlenose about 3 weeks ago and died, now my Pep has it and I don't know what to do, most likely going to die by morning. Also fins are all damaged, Fight wounds? All other fish are fine.
  10. Very pleased with them. Thanks Steve!
  11. Just wondering how to properly sex peppermint bn. Have about 13 have has growing up for a while and considering selling them but wanted to get ratio first. Any help is grateful thank you.
  12. My male peppermint BN was posing. He's very comfy in the new tank as normally you never see him. He's approx 15cm long
  13. hey all, just wondering if u think it would be ok to have 2 pairs (2m 2f) in a 780 x 350 x 350 tank with 3 clay logs and a hollow driftwood log around 15cm long and another small peice of driftwood? do you think they will fight? am i best to seperate the tank somehow? thanks all
  14. one of me pep die from small patch of pale white on the head and spread the whole body white n die any1 know what cause it?? cheers
  15. Do only males fight? Do males get a lot of bristles all over like other species? who has the flat rounded heads, males or females? do these things crap a lot or not? do they need a cave or something to breed in? will they breed with out? a photo of a female and male would be appreciated.
  16. hi what do you think??? pep.jpg[/attachment:31ve032c]
  17. i got a few pepp bn off one of the guys from the forum so i thougth i would pop up a pic of him hes only small i only could get a pic of him but the other s look the same so yu get the point lol
  18. Hi all, What does the expert say on the sex in these two groups of Peppermint BN? All of them don't have the bristle/jelly run up there nose & suspected to be female, except for top left one in the 2nd pic. Let me know what you guys think. mini-Pep Group1-1.JPG[/attachment:ukv7r8l6] mini-Pep Group 2-1.JPG[/attachment:ukv7r8l6] Regards, Ken ps I am a crappy photographer.
  19. hey guys i currently have quite a few breeding bn in my tank and i just put a male pep in there and was wondering if a male pep will breed with a female common or albino and if they do would that be bad cause if so i will have to put him in my other tank cheers pete
  20. hey just thinking of gettin some pep fry but wouldnt mind getting from 2 sorces whats the chance of say if i got20 all up what would the m/f ratio be on average more male / more females? and how long before ya can tell the sex is it like common bn
  21. just bort some peppermint bn and was woundering wat size/age do they start breading?? thanks. josh
  22. Whenever i try feeding my peppermint bristlenose the veggie wafers my albino auratus attacks it and doesnt let it near the food. How can i feed the pep without the auratus attacking it? I have another bristlenose of the same size yet the auratus doesn't seem to bother it. I have tried putting half the wafer at one end of the tank and half at the other but that only seemed to work a few times. I dont really want to have to get rid of the auratus but its making a mess of my peps tail. Any advise will be greatly appreciated as i am a complete novice. Thanks heaps Lily
  23. hi my male is sitting on eggs from 1 female and the other today was trying to get in but i noticed her tail was weird looking it is like this both sides, any suggestion as to what it is or how i can treat it. thanks. there is an image in my gallery it is the last photo thanks.
  24. hi my peppermint bn bred yesterday but the male kicked out the eggs. i have got a seive above an airstone but i am scared about fungus. can i add some multicure to the tank to stop this or will it harm the adults and 100 + fry already in the tank. any help would be really good thanks.
  25. hi everyone i just had my same trio spawn their 3rd batch of eggs in less then 50 days. 2 sundays ago there was a clump of eggs that the male kicked out and again today another different large clump of eggs. the first spawn happened 40 days from last sunday and that was only with the pair then i put in the extra female last friday and they spawned and again today. i cant wait to grow them up and get some more adults to add to my 3 pairs and 2 trios i already have. thanks.
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