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Found 6 results

  1. just wondering wat a male pepermint is worth these days ..got females just gotta work out if i wanna put a male in there I WONT SELL FEMALES THEY ARE MY TANK CLEANERS SO PLEASE DONT PM ME BOUT EM
  2. I have recently set up 10 2 foot tanks connected to a sump system to house my bristlenose pairs. However, to make room for this system i had to close down several tanks which led to 10-15 pairs of bristlenose in a single 4x2x2 tank. it was only for about 4 days but my most prized fish came off worse for wear. I have a 11cm longfin pepermint male but as hes a bit more fragile then the other bn his fins have been damaged. he doesnt look to stressed at present but was wondering what i can do to improve the fin repair times. Anyway advice appreciated.
  3. I just put 3 pepermint b/n with deformed tails in a tank and they seem to be floating but they are still breathing (a bit heavily) do I put them in the tank they were previously in?
  4. Hi all I am looking to bread peppermint BN as a hobby now and i was wondering if any one could post some pics of there breading tanks / setup's so i could get and idea on it chears ned
  5. Hey, this might be a stupid question but its on my mind. Im going to be getting some pep trios and i was told to make them breed cold water imitating rain sometimes works. I thought about having the spraybay outside the water for them to think its raining but then it would be the same temp as the tank. What i was thinkin is i have an old chest freezer, what if i was to set up the spray bar hose to coil through the freezer and back into the tank? Would this work?? or am i thinking stupidly? Any help would b awesome NICK
  6. Whats the difference between the pepermints everyone raves about compared to this male caught in the wild? http://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/im ... ge_id=5558 Regards Marc
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