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Found 72 results

  1. Hello guys, I am liking the forums here so decided I'll get involved so here it is my first post! I am currently cycling a 120cm x 45cm x 35cm what I plan to be moderately planted tank. It has a eheim 2217 filter as well. My stock I plan on keeping is so far: 2 Pearl Gourami (Most likely) 6-10 Sterbai Corydoras (Definitely) 2 or 4 Common Bristlenose and/or Peppermint Bristlenose (Definitely) 6 Praecox Rainbows (Unsure) 8-10 Cherry Barbs (Most likely) 2 German Blue Rams (Unsure) 8-10 Some larger schooling fish like black skirt tetra (no idea) If any of you could comment on this stock for my 200 liter tank I would greatly appreciate it! My main issue is this: I really like the bristlenose catfish and personally I quite like the look of the peppermint bristlenose over the common bristlenose. Is my 4ft tank which will be loaded with rocks, driftwood and caves adequate to house 4 of these catfish? ie either 4 common bristlenose or a combination of 2 common and 2 peppermint. Does the combination (2 common 2 pepp) even work? If I raise them up will they comfortably be able to breed in there without fighting and then move the young into a separate tank? What size do each grow in australia (I have read heaps of conflicting information on this so far)? What are the behavioural differences between the two species? Cheers guys, really appreciate it as I don't want to unknowingly cause disruptions when I get the tank stocked.
  2. Took some photos of my fish man! He is soo gorgeous! and HUGE! This is when he was sitting out the front of his log, calling over his ladies
  3. Ok so ive kept all types of plecos over the years and after going from freshwater to reef then back to freshwater. Ive decided to do a small side project of my 1st time breeding peppermint bristlenose and possibly others. Going to post my ideas and progress on this thread so i can keep track and see the great ideaa from all you plecoheads!! At this point in time i have convinced the missus to set up a small breeding rack in the study. Was looking at something easy and sturdy found this on masters online store(pic is in attachments). Would take out the middle shelf. That way i could have 4 tanks from 2ft-2.5ft , top 2 would be breeders bottom 2 would be fry grow out. Will paint back and bottom black on all tanks. Going to get a 8 outlet resun air pump and run 2 sponge filters per tanks. Bare bottom. And just wood and caves. Things i want to ask are. 1. Egg tumblers. Where can i buy or how can i make? 2. Ive read they like to chew on soft wood. What woods from lfs would be classifed as soft wood. 3. Should i feed a mixture of fresh zucchini and algae pellets? 4.what tips and tricks should i know about breeding peps and what am i missing for my setup. EDIT: could i keep 1m 2f in a 2-2.5ft? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers sean.
  4. G'day, New member here. I am upgrading from a 2' tank to a 4'×16"×20" in the next week. Currently have a breeding pair of common bristlenose in the established 2'. Once established, i would like to add a peppermint bristlenose (probably female to not risk agression between males) to the new tank. I am just wondering if it would get along with the existing 2 common bn? Also would a peppermint female breed with the common male or is it not possible for the 2 varieties to spawn? No real intention of crossbreeding them but just curious about what may happen if i decide to add the peppermint bn. Hoping someone with more experience in the species can share some knowledge
  5. I have what i believe to be a rare fish. A purebreed White Peppermint, and no its NOT an Albino. About 8 months ago i was doing a regular water change and noticed a strange looking peppermint. A white one. I automatically checked the eyes as i thought it was an albino and to my surprise it had normal coloured eyes. Then i thought it might be sick so i monitored it for a while (when i could see it that is lol) and no it wasnt sick. Ok i was stumped. A white peppermint. I have breeding peppermint bristlenose for a while now and when the LFSs stopped buying them off me i was stuck with heaps of peppermints. Rather than sell them privately i just got lazy and kept all peppermints from that point on. At one stage i probably had 200+ peppermints at various stages of growth in a 6x2x2. I had one massive sell of and then let the rest go for it again. It is at the stage again where i have got at least an estimated 80+ peps and need to have another massive cut back. Anyways back to the white peppermint. It is a female of breeding age or atleast close to it. It is almost exactly the same colour as an albino bristlenose. The white spots are visable on majority of the fins. The white spots are hardly visable on the body. They are there just very very difficult to see even when the water clarity is 100%. There is no chance of it being a cross breed. The other L numbers in this tank are 1 adult female common pleco (18/19 yr old), 1 adult male gibby, and one male royal panaque. I cant forget to mention the 20+ tiger endlers aswell. So definatly not a cross breed. So there you have it. A rare white peppermint, and NO its NOT for sale. Either are any of the other peppermints at this stage. Thanks and please enjoy. Ted. (crappy pics but i hope you at least get a pretty good idea).
  6. Hi again guys, one of my peps keeps kicking his eggs out of the cave. He has done it twice in two days. He has bred and successfully raised twice before. Yesterday i noticed he had kicked them out, before I had chance to nock up a tumbler the eggs had disappeared....I thought they had been eaten. This morning he kicked them out again so I know they were not eaten but they are gone again now.... Either taken back in by him or eaten by the others? I don't want to move the cave while he is seemingly so skittish. Have never bred these guys before and don't know if this is common? The he tank houses only the adult peps and some juveniles, long fins and blue eyed lemon juvies. I have put a blanket over the tank on the cave end (it's an L shape corner tank) as its in our living room. any suggestions on what I should do if he continues doing it?
  7. Just wondering How you measure ( I know with a Ruler or Tape Measure ) Peppermint Bristle Nose or any Bristle Nose is it from the tip of the snout to tip of the Bottom Fin on there tail or where there spots end before the tail
  8. Hi Guys, New to the forum. I bought some peppermint Bristlenose about 8 months ago 5 in total for my tank. Four of the Peppermints are jet black but one is permanently discoloured. They were all black when i bought them but one has progressively lost his colour! I have read that they become "washed out" when stressed but I don't believe this to be the issue as they all seem to get along great and with no fights. He feeds really well on a varied diet and looks healthy. Just after some advice as to why he is like this? Is he some type of hybrid or inbred? He has white lips white around his fins. He is almost grey! Thanks Pepper.
  9. Hey guys i've got a colony of 2 males and 5 females with all of them being around the 10-13cm mark and I was wondering what they would be worth. Cheers
  10. I dont have time to look after my peppermints any more they need a good home They are a true breeding pair they are huge Bought from a breeder for $500 a few years ago when really rare I want $300 for the pair no offers May seem like a lot but the female has over 100 babies at a time and they can be sold for $10 each at around 4 weeks old Pick up from Beenleigh Call 0458943480 No pix sorry cos they hide during the day
  11. Hi, i got what looks like 2 pep females 1.5yrs old, approx 8-9cm & a large non related male approx 3yrs 12-13cm (big & a face full of bristles) in my fish display tank.. Wondering if i put them in there own wood, cave tank is there a chance there old enuf to breed yet? Cheers
  12. gday guys just wondering is there such a fish as a peppermint longfin and if so how do i get some cheers pete
  13. .Hey Fish Mates.. Can you put common bristle nose catfish in with peppermint bristlenose catfish ?? Would they still breed ?? are they aggressive against eachother ?? please help..
  14. my 12cm male pep, thought he looks like hes lying in the snow ,,
  15. Their home (3 female and 3 male adults) My largest male Finally these guys have got their groove on....Got 1cm fry, Eggs with tails and a pair spawning in their cave....I'm beyond rapt!! Pep fry (about 1cm long) A different view Eggs with eyes and a tail
  16. I have 2 peppermint bn and i was wondering if they are both girls one is 9cm and one 10cm but not many bristles at all . Just dont wanna waste money on a male if i dont have to thanks! Both of them look like the photo attached
  17. Hey guys, I've got a large beautiful Peppermint bristlenose - Male 15cm. yesterday I noticed he is looking a bit pale on top. Now I know BNC's can change their colour to match their surroundings - he lives in a white PVC tube - so it makes sense that he should be lighter, but it's really inconsistant and patchy. Tank Conditions about 120L for two Peppermints Ehiem 2217 - heaps of filter, with carbon normally really dark (a small light in one corner) - but i let some light in for photos Ph- 7.5 amm -0 nitrite -0 nitrate -0 27 degrees C Have a look at these images and let me know what you think. - I'm hoping it's not a sickness notice how it's symmetrical? This is where he lives - he has a female in the ceramic log beside him
  18. Hi guys was cleaning my pep fry tank today and noticed this guy. It looks like it is half a different colour when all the rest are fine normal black and white dots.
  19. Just picked up an absolute bargain on a pair of absolutely massive pepp bns. Anyone have any hints on breeding ? I have them in a 1.5 ft tank with sponge filter and 2 logs. Thanks
  20. Hello all I'm not an expert in catfish but did successfully breed albino, common BN and marble BN. What I want to know is if you put a male Albino BN in with peppermint would they cross breed? not that I want them to cross breed but running out of tanks. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ryan
  21. i need help how much should i pay for these fish. im looking at buying 2 peppermints there size is 10cm each sex is male and female. the l202 size's are 2 at 6cm and 2 at 8cm 1 male 3 females.
  22. does any body know if there are any peppermint longfin bristlenose available on brisbane south side. if so can you please give me some contact details. thank you troy
  23. hey guys was interested in some peppermints, marble bn and orange spot pairs but first of all what is the cost of some of these as pairs thanks Anthony
  24. I have placed my breeders and smaller ones in there new furnished home that I have made up for them. Tank is 3x15x18, I'm running just a sponge filter as I don't want fry sucked up with a powerhead filter, using some almond leaves for water chemistry ph sits around 5.8 to 6 range and temp is about 24 deg at the moment and yes that is one plant LOL my question is do you guys have more success with just a pair/trio of peps or colony bred with multiple fish there are some fry with them at the moment. here are somne pics and just fun I have placed a photo of all to see who guess how many females and males their are.
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