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Found 18 results

  1. Hello This is one of my first posts on here I think... But I have been searching for the 2 named species in the title of the thread for a while now. Located in Brisbane so if anyone has any tips of what LFS might be a good bet, please let me know. Size of 2inch to 4inch is what I would be seeking for both species. Cheers!
  2. Just found this browsing gumtree, thought i'd throw it up here for anyone interested in a bucket full of silver perch, maybe dams , ponds, feeders, local creeks? Silver Perch Fish for sale | Fish | Gumtree Australia Noosa Area - Cooroy | 1081133891
  3. Did anybody read the the article on CNN ( website) about climbing perch making their way from New Guinea to Australia ? They are apparently a threat to "Barra" and native birds . no link as I am not sure if it is permitted I will put the link in if it is a problem , I will edit and remove it . link - http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/06/03/orig-australia-walking-fish.cnn
  4. Bloody hell we don't want these here. Aggressive walking fish hitching to Australia from Papua New Guinea
  5. .hello everyone --- I have a question from a neighbour of mine whom has an icb or ibc tank not sure how to spell it ---- he has jade perch of breeding size and would like to know if anyone can advise what has to be done to breed this species?
  6. Hey guys Just wondering how many of you have kept spangled perch and that can tell me what there like. As I've got a new tank and wanting to put a few in there. Thank you
  7. Hey guys Just wondering where some spots are in the northside of Brisbane where I can go and catch a few spangled perch? I used to go down to a tiny creek and catch them on yabbies when I was a kid and with the long weekend here thought I might go and give it another crack. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  8. Are these able to be purchased from aquariums or are they a no go? If so where's my best bet and the price I'd roughly be looking at? Alternatively does anyone here in Brisbane happen to have one there willing to part with?? Any helps appriciated guys, Thanks in advance, Andrew
  9. I have a 30cm Jungle Perch in a 6x2.5x2 with a 15cm Bullrout and a few very large peppermints. Im looking for other native fish but also something that can hold its own with the JP. Cheers Matthew
  10. Hi everyone, I've got a 5cm golden perch purchased from a pet shop a few weeks ago who doesn't seem to eat much if anything. So far I've tried pellets, flakes, various meats and vegetables and dead pieces of guppies. The only piece I've seen him pick at is a little piece of beef sausage. I'm assuming he's not gunna eat much due to his size, otherwise he seems perfectly happy and healthy. The other natives I've owned have been bought at at least 10cms and were eating livies or pellets within days. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. Hey guys i'm just looking for a little bit of information on what I could be feeding my jungle perch. At the moment he is about 30cm long and is in a pond by himself. At present his diet consists or feeders, meal worms and sometimes prawn. Cheers.
  12. Hi all, I have a Jade perch & im looking to add a few tankmates, he is about 3-4 inches long. What do you think would go alright in the tank with him. The tank is a Aqua one 620T Cheers
  13. was just wondering if it were possible to convert moses perch to freshwater cheers
  14. My 2 big guys, had them for 2-3years, i just bought a new camcorder so thought id make a vid lol Seph
  15. My favourite little shark like creature. Anyone seen any around lately? http://www.fishbase.org/summary/speciessummary.php?id=4458 They bicker with each other non stop when they are young but when they mature, they school together.... actually quite menacing for their size. and just like the larger sharks they get pot bellys heh heh
  16. Just thought I'd share my latest additions. Will probably throw some regular JP in just so the contrast between the two species shows more clearly. Obviously these guys have red on the fins, are much faster and the black scale edges give way to spots halfway down the body. Bit stressed but once settled they should colour up nicely. They are about 4", the gar was paying them very close attention at first but is now ignoring them. They are too big for him to swallow but he has chewed on fish before that he couldn't finish off so he will be watched. You will have to excuse the poor pics and BBA, it has taken over since I moved up to Cairns. About to tear down the tank and start again.
  17. Wondering what place has these fingerlings cheap? Not the ones who obtain from the breeding farm and then sell on for a profit. Want the breeding farm and cut out the middle man if possible.
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