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Found 9 results

  1. When we saw this tank at the Pet Expo recently showing off its stylish design we just had to take it home and is now on display in the store. The planted layout was designed by John Bailey from R&J Aquatics and Pets specifically for the trade show, some may recognise the name as the previous owner of the forum. Unfortunately we had to transport it so it had to be dismantled and we have redone the scape adding a few extra plants. The Glossy tanks will be available through us and ordered in as required and comes with the tank stand and as well as the LED light - the lighting is what sets this tank apart from other planted tanks as the LED is in a tube style allowing the twin LED light modules to be directed highlighting specific area's. If you are looking at a Elegant Display planted tank - pop on in and see the tank - the pictures just do not do the tank justice. Aquael Glossy 4ft with LED Lighting
  2. So, I was asked by my wife to pick a mothers day song for her class, I failed...... please help, film clips needed. I now cannot convince her that the QCG auction is a romantic outing.......
  3. If you could buy just one bn log from the tec den, what would you buy? The most versatile..... Cant bloody decide on 10 for my peps, os, lf albino and commons Go! Need help choosing!!
  4. Hey everyone, in the past 6 days i've lost 3 of my marbled longfin bristlenose They're about 6cm total and i've found them with the colour drained out but no sign of disease or parasites, their bodies are still firm aswell The water params are 0 amm, 0 nitrite, 30 nitrate, 6.6-6.8pH, 25C. 2 foot tank filtered by a fluval 205 Any ideas? I've only got 9 left :/
  5. The Perfect Christmas Gift. Introducing the Ecotech Coral Propagation Kit. Designed with usability and quality as top priorities. EcoTech Marine`s Coral Propagation Kit is a comprehensive kit of precision-crafted German stainless steel tools, frag plugs and Coral Glue that enables reef enthusiasts to fragment, affix and propagate hard and soft coral. Contents of the EcoTech Elements Coral Propagation Kit include: Exclusively designed kiln-fired ceramic coral frag plugs (18pcs) 3 colors Coral glue, 75ml (1pc) Tweezers, 160mm (1pc) Scissors, 150mm (1pc) Bone cutting forceps, 190mm (1pc) Soft coral clamps 255mm (1pc) The tools fit neatly inside a heavy-duty bamboo case that doubles as a cutting board and is secured with magnetic clasps. Priced at $129.00 per kit. Limited stock so please order early. Link - http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6872'>http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=6872
  6. Of coarse i think he is perfect............ he's mine Have a colony of Dfishkeepers yellows now as well going to let this guy loose in there soon should get some top class fish !!! CHEERS MARK .
  7. Miracle Mud Now Available in a 900gm Tray. Perfect for someone looking to start off with a refugium / Nano tank / Converting Hang on filters to Mini Refugiums the potential for this is endless. Priced at $29.95 per tray. Available in both the Marine & Freshwater Version. Link - Age of Aquariums - EcoSystem Miracle Mud 900gm ( Marine ) Ben
  8. Hi All, Great for anyone with existing Fluval Flora or Ebi Tanks. Suitable for 15 - 30 litres. Link, Age of Aquariums - Fluval Mini Compact Light 11w Ben
  9. Hey guys, i recently brought a red devil about a week ago now, he/her is about 15cm big. Basicly i wont whats best for my fish and would like as much input i can get on how and whats the best ways to go about it, links on pumps items etc would be great!!!!.... currently i have running 1800litre a hour aquaone pump a heater sitting on 25 only a 2foot light due to not liking light?? a pot to hide in, abit of drift wood in teh middle with some plant 2 brizzle nose suckers a couple of feeder fish another note, i had a cave made out of rock for him, over night hte cave collapsed due to him/her moving all the rock, so i went down to bunnings and brought a pot as i didnt want to rebuild the cave and have a rock fall on him. but ever since i have put that pot in he hasnt been the same, hasnt ate for the past 2 days and havent seen him moved since!!! any help there would be great. also sorry about the spelling it is 11 thanks Adam.
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