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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I have an issue that I have tried fixing on good advice but it has come back - it's a long story so thanks for reading until the end. I have a 600L bay full of tetra, angelfish, catfish and gourami that is giving me strife. In the past two weeks there have been at least 20 neon deaths, roughly the same in baby bristlenose and I've lost about four angelfish and three larger bristlenose. The test results from today are below: pH - 7.7 kH - 1-2° gH - 13° Ammonia - 0.0 Nitrite - 0.0 Nitrate - 0.0 Normally the pH would be between 6.5 - 7 and the gH sitting no higher than 7° I was told that the initial problem causing my deaths was from a pH crash because the kH value was so low and the pH did drop down to 4.3 for a couple of hours. I dosed the tank slowly with Seachem's Alkaline buffer and it took my kH to 6-7° and the pH stayed around 7.6-7.8, then I tried to bring it down a bit using the same brand's Acid Buffer (very slowly) and I had the pH sitting at 6.5 again and I was happy. I came in today after my weekend to find at least another 5 deaths of both neons and baby bristlenose, two angelfish and a couple of other tetra. I tested the water straight away and the results are those listed above. I'm not sure what other steps to take, my kH keeps going down and the only thing I can attribute the deaths to would be pH fluctuations or the fact that the gH is now a little high... but for that many deaths it just makes me feel I might not be doing enough, I should be doing more - I hate it when fish die :-( Can anybody give me any advice? If you need any more info I'll gladly try to provide it. Thank-you EDIT: sorry, here is the rest of the template filled out Temperature is 27°C Been running for about 3 years. Filtration is through a sump with bio-noods, coarse & fine foam, pillow softeners & carbon. Fish in tank are mentioned above. Plants in tank are a couple of small anubias on driftwood. Feeding - a variety of foods, once every two days (frozen bloodworm, granules, micro pellets, cucumber..) Recent medication/treatments - no medications or treatments, only stressguard & stability added. Last water change & gravel vacc was on Monday (due again tomorrow)
  2. Hi all, Hoping somebody can help me. My tank has been plauged by some sort of as yet unidenified parasite for about 9 months now, ( 6ft tank,sumped with a dozen big americans ). All my water parameters are spot on, I check it regularly with a test kit and do a 40% w/c per week. I originally treated with Trichlorfon and then a follow up treatment as per directions. That calmed things down for a month or two, then the problem returned.... so repeat of the above treatment. A couple of months back, i found a worm in the gills of one of my big severums, this time I treated with Praziquantel, and a follow up treatment.... all quiet for a month. However, yesterday they have started flashing again ( moderatley ). I know its the return of the same issue. I am at wits end :mad: I have never lost a fish to this parasite, but feel i'm only keeping it under control an I want to SMASH the little sucker. :mad: Please, anybody with experience out there able to give me some advice ?? Thanks Brendan
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