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Found 7 results

  1. Hey would just like people's opinions what do you think is better side drilling a tank or bottom drilling?
  2. Hey, I've recently had to downgrade my large display aquaria cos I moved. I still have the empty tanks in storage but til we build more space I'm delving into nano's and betta for a bit. Quite a different kettle of fish, for me, lol. Big dispays are so easy! I've been pretty surprised at the lack of range regarding affordable proper nano lighting, though now am happy to report I found a great range of little LED's from Aqua One. They are STRONG (unlike those I got on ebay) and although I cringe a bit at straight "yellow" kinda spectrum, my plants n fish seem to love it. Heating. Where I couldn't use little 25 W standard aquarium heaters.. I tried a 7W internal round black pad (brand, can't remember!) but it blew up.. fault in the rubber seal I think. Then I was put onto external heating pads from Premier Pet.. 5W ... waterproof but are reccomended to keep under the vase/bowls. First 2 days the temp didn't go over 18 deg. This is was sad.. my HM and dragon super delta were less than impressed.... I was however told of a trick.. place the heat pad sideways between the two vases. Sounds so logical n simple yet I never considered it. Both 9 L vases have been on 24-25 since (I've never been home to check how warm in the middle of the day). So .. i'm happy with that. Just thought I'd pass on my experiences. Hope it helps someone P.S. Am soooo excited I'm picking up my Mustard Gas HM today from City Farmers Underwood He's paler than the show grade ones u see on Google search but beautiful.
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  5. I never really had much interest in "scapes" till I started visiting qldaf and reading the odd thread that pops up. Now I find myself daydreaming about having a go at one. Ultimatley I would like a setup like this but until I win the lotto it's not gonna happen!! Enjoy....
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  7. Ok we have all stories about the silly things we have done to our fish, now lets hear about your personal injuries that have happened in direct link to fish keeping Eg . Bryan bangs his bald head on the beam above the fish tanks every day and always has cuts and lumps :laugh: There must be some good stories out there
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